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Sunday, March 21, 2010

my favourite miracles

It's my personal top ten miracles folks. In no particular order.

1. My Aunty Mary was walking on main street with her toddler Laura. Suddenly without any conscious decision, Aunty Mary picked up Laura and ran. Behind her she heard a crash and looked back. A trailer had broken free from a car and careened onto the footpath colliding with a wall where she'd been standing moments before with Laura.

2. My cousin Mycroft nearly drowned when she was thirteen. She was given back to us. It was that close.

3. Uncle Scutch nearly drowned in Australia. Same deal.

4. Kitty Reid in Kilcullen was sick in hospital. Her family were informed that there was no hope. They were brought up to the hospital bedroom to say goodbye to her. I am told they prayed to Jesus for a miracle through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio. She made a complete recovery.

5. My cousin Vinnie crashed a car out the Logstown Road. He was unhurt. The next day his father and a neighbour were looking at what was left of the car. "How did anyone get out of that alive?" said the neighbour. At that moment they saw a Medjugorje medal, ie a medal with the image of Our Lady Of Medjugorje imprinted on it, glinting in the wreckage. Vinnie's mother Aunty Pat was in the habit of secreting such medals in his coat pocket when he went out at night.

6. My dog Jess went missing at Halloween. I found her two miles out the road in pitch darkness in an old graveyard. I think I was guided to her.

7. My friend Vivian Clarke, proprietor of Clarkes Menswear in Newbridge, was knocked down by a car in Spain. Even though he couldn't see what had happened, he knew it was bad. While he was unconscious he prayed: "Please God. I don't mind if I'm in a wheelchair. I'll have no problem with that. Just let me live." He lived and is to be seen everyday hurrying from customer to customer in his shop in Newbridge.

8. While I was in America one Summer, every now and then I would send greetings to a friend in Ireland through my guardian angel. When I got back the friend told me: "It was so strange. You kept popping into my head at the oddest moments."

9. When I first came across the spiritual writings of Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, I formed the notion that I would like to meet him. I wondered was he dead since the period he'd written about was the 1960's. The thought came to me very clearly that I would know when Richard Wurmbrand died. A few years later I picked up a copy of the anti Catholic Guardian newspaper in a cafe. I don't normally read it or pick it up. It contained an obituary for Richard Wurmbrand.

10. Depressed by my recurrent watching of pornography, feeling utterly defeated, I fell asleep one night and dreamed I was being uplifted by angels. I understood in the dream that even if I was totally defeated, the angels would come to uplift me. The next day I found myself smiling all the time. I realised I was smiling because the dream had an unusually real quality and for the first time in my adult life I was no longer afraid of death.


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