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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

al jazeera tries to do a south park

Al Jazeera the Muslim Nazi channel tried to do a South Park tonight.
The brightest minds of the Muslim world got together and devised a cartoon which was deliberately intended to be insulting to Catholics.
How daring of them.
What brave Jihadi's they are.
They must have gotten tired of getting their arses kicked by the American army and decided to take up a new hobby.
When the peaceloving religion of Islam turns its attention to the problems of sex abuse, surely a solution must be close at hand.
The Muslims will solve this one as quickly as they've solved every other problem they've faced.
As quickly as they've constructed civil societies, free elections, human rights and sexual dignity in their own cultures.
Everything's gonna be coming up roses now that the Allah U Marsbar brigade is in town.
Or maybe not.
The cartoon (by something called Moonbeam Films) was broadcast between David Frost's Frostie The Snow Muslim Show and Riz Khan's I'm A Tame Muslim Get Me Out Of Here.
The production was laced with a fine sledge hammer subtle Islamic sense of humour.
The cartoon showed priests intoning excuses for child abuse around a haggard depiction of the Pope whilst a choir sang further accusations in the background.
Seriously though.
They're absolutely hilarious.
It was odd to me that Muslims would even pretend for a moment to be concerned about child abuse.
How do we square such a posture with Muslims throwing acid into the faces of little school girls in Afghanistan? Forcing females to wear sacks in public? Murdering infants, teenagers and adult women under the guise of honour killings? Not to mention forcing millions of children into arranged Muslim marriages and never ever under any circumstances allowing those children the freedom to choose, say, their own religion?
How do we square such a posture with the grand total of nought functioning Muslim democracies?
How do we square such a posture with the mayhem Muslims are inflicting on the world at present as they attempt to subjugate the human race?
There's more.
Muslim tradition states that the prophet Muhammed was himself "married" to a nine year old girl.
It may be a while before we see a cartoon version of that on Al Jazeera.


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