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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

jihadi central

So the truth is out.
The latest Al Qaeda attack on New York was about blowing up Viacom the makers of South Park.
That's it.
That's why the Jihadi's tried to kill a street full of people.
And all that talk about a white man emerging from the car bomb and running away... Pure horseshit.
It was a smirking Paki Al Qaeda assassin called Faisal Shazid.
Of course Faisal Shazid had American citizenship.
How very nice for him.
But who gave it to him?
Who signed off on this piece of Pakistani crap being allowed to live among us?
And of course Barack's politically correct intelligence agencies nearly let him go.
They did their level best to let him flee the country.
By leaking to the press his name and the fact that he was the number one suspect, Barack's henchmen tipped off the terrorist.
The whole thing beggars belief.
Young smirking Faisal was arrested on an Emirates passenger jet tonight as it was about to taxi onto the runway at La Guardia airport for take off.
In spite of Faisal's presence on the No Fly list, the Emirates airline was endeavouring to help him escape.
Neither Faisal's family nor his Al Qaeda associates in the US, nor Emirates airlines, need fear any reprisals from this Administration.
They will retain their liberty.
Perhaps next time their bombs will detonate.
The one thing they know is that under Barack, there will be a next time.
And another.
And another.
Because Barack Obama is more intent on criminalising President Bush's heroic actions against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, than in recognising the ongoing threat from the Muslim terror armies which menace the world.
This evening, Barack's intelligence agents allowed smirking Faisal's two travelling companions, ie his accomplices, to continue with their journey and flee the United States.
Barack himself went on television to deliver his usual platitudinous speech in ringing tones about America's enemies.
Lots of nonsense talk about the law running its course.
He didn't mention Al Qaeda.
Barack probably thinks Faisal Shazid is a member of a Christian militia.
The cosmic incompetencies pile up.
New York's dud mayor Michael Bloomberg, the one who on Saturday called the bomb amateurish in order to diminish the seriousness of the attack, good ole liberal billionaire Mick was back on air tonight warning New Yorkers that he, Mike Bloomberg, would tolerate no backlash against Pakistanis.
You're a big man Mike.
The question is: How long will New Yorkers and America tolerate YOU?


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