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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sesame heelers

Kermit the frog is hosting Sesame Street's popular guessing game.
The viewer has to pick the odd one out.
The television screen is divided in four.
In the top left compartment of the television screen you see Judge Brian Curtin sitting smiling in front of a computer screen.
Judge Brian Curtin is an Irish Judge who was caught by Interpol paying to see children being raped on the internet.
Corrupt Irish Police Officers deliberately enacted a search warrant a day later than the warrant was dated in order to help him beat the rap.
Corrupt Irish Judges played along and let Judge Brian Curtin away scot free.
There has been no follow up media coverage of Judge Brian Curtin's escape from justice.
Hilarious no.
In the top right compartment of the television screen we see an Irish Times journalist who was recently caught having sex with children in Dublin.
The Irish Times journalist groomed his victims for sex by befriending them through his voluntary work at a Dublin sports club.
As we meet him on Sesame Street, the Irish Times journalist is sitting in a bed playing dead.
The Police and Courts have taken no action against the Irish Times journalist, claiming that every time they go to speak to him he attempts suicide.
There have been at least two claimed suicide attempts by the Irish Times child rapist so far.
Of course these staged suicide attempts have given the perfect excuse to the Police, the Courts, and the Media to abandon all action and indeed all reportage regarding the case against the Irish Times child rapist.
Even the football club where he groomed his victims remains unidentified.
There has been no follow up Media coverage of this Irish Times child rapist's continuing evasion of justice.
I kid you not.
In the bottom left hand corner of the television screen, we see Lorcan Bale crucifying a child.
As a 16 year old teenager in 1973 Lorcan Bale slaughtered a young child called John Horgan as part of a Satanic ritual which Lorcan Bale carried out in the attic of the Bale family home.
The Bale family were never detained by the Police.
The Bale family were never exposed to the Irish Public.
The Bale family were permitted to move to a new house without their neighbours being informed of the family history.
Lorcan Bale never faced charges of murder in Open Court.
After a year and a half in minimum security detention, Lorcan Bale was facilitated with a new identity and helped start a new life in England.
Our law enforcement professionals and our Judiciary and our politicians turned him loose in Britain.
Nice isn't it.
Let the Brits take their chances with our teenage devil worshipping child murderers.
I don't consent to this anyway.
The rest of you can make up your own minds.
Irish newspapers never reported the murder.
They simply looked the other way.
The cover up was rancid and foul.
A single mendacious reference to the case occurred in the Irish Independent.
Lorcan Bale's crucifixion of little John Horgan in a satanic ritual in the Bale family home was reported in the Irish Independent as follows: "John Horgan is believed to have died in an accident."
For thirty eight years Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan has never so much as been mentioned on RTE television.
It is interesting to note that Cathal Goan, former Director General at RTE, was at one stage a colleague of Lorcan Bale's father in the Irish Civil Service.
The inquest into Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan was continually adjourned over the past three decades.
The Judges, the Courts, the Police, the Media, and the Political elites of Ireland colluded for nearly forty years to prevent the Irish people knowing that Lorcan Bale murdered a little boy called John Horgan in a satanic ritual in the Bale family home in Dublin in 1973.
There has never been a cover up like this in the history of our nation.
Now consider this.
In the bottom right hand corner of your TV screen, you see a character called Father D.
Father D is a priest of the Catholic Church.
Father D faced charges in an Irish Court early this Summer, asserting that twenty years ago he attempted to kiss a teenage girl.
That is the sum total of the charges Father D faced.
The girl may have been fifteen or she may have been nineteen.
She was unwilling to state what age she was when she claims the priest tried to kiss her.
She stated that the priest lunged at her.
She said she had not been afraid.
She said she had hit him and told him to f--- off.
She said she had then left the room and had never seen him again.
For this she brought Father D to court twenty years later.
For a full week this Summer, Father D's name and photograph was in every newspaper in Ireland.
Personally I thought he did it.
I thought the press coverage was cruel on his family, and unfair to him, but I still didn't write anything in his favour in my humble little left wing blog.
At the end of a week during which the newspapers of Ireland hyped to the stratosphere the almost cosmically slight accusation against Father D, at the end of a week during which he was exposed to public opprobrium for the crime of being accused of trying to kiss a teenage girl, at the end of that week I say, the Judge threw out the case.
It had emerged in court that the girl, now a woman in her forties, had made approaches to Father D, seeking to blackmail him.
She was looking for cash.
Kermit the Frog sings.
Kermit sings as follows.
"Three of these guys are into paedophilia.
Three of these guys are kind of insane.
Only one of these guys was excoriated by the media.
Can you guess his name?
It's time to play our game.
Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner."


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