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Thursday, October 25, 2012

the reputation of the bankrupt irish times newspaper versus the reputation of jimmy savile

Today's editorial in the Irish Times without evidence asserts the following: "The revelation that the late Jimmy Savile was a serial child predator and sexual abuser has not only destroyed his reputation, implicated, the BBC says, nine other current or former staff members or contributors and forced the closure of his charities, but has also raised serious questions about the BBC itself. How large hierarchical institutions have dealth with the emergence of child abusers among their employees, and the extent to which they tend to be more preoccupied with their reputation or their own agenda than with victims, is a story we are now rather familiar with. Indeed the BBC's initial denials and subsequent scrambled attempts to investigate the scale of Savile's abuse and the culture that turned a blind eye to it have remarkable echoes of the Catholic Church's conduct here."

This afternoon James Healy replied to the above quoted Irish Times editorial thusly: "Hmmm. I'll have to ask for a judge's ruling on this one. The Irish Times continues to conceal the rape of children in Dublin by one of its senior sports writers. The Irish Times continues to conceal this story simply by not reporting it. The Irish Times continues to conceal the emergence of other victims who were raped by one of the Irish Times senior sports writers. The Irish Times continues to conceal police inactivity on the case of the Irish Times child rapist. The Irish Times continues to conceal the fact that the child raping Irish Times sports writer has headed off police investigations into his child rapes by staging suicide attempts on the few occasions when the police have gone through the motions of trying to contact him. The Irish Times continues to militate against public awareness of the this story and the scandalous circumstance surrounding it by keeping the salient details out of print. The Irish Times ongoing cover up of child rapes committed by one of its senior sports writers gives the lie to the Irish Times posture on child abuse. The Irish Times ongoing concealment of child rapes committed by its sports writer is dwarfed however by the Irish Times ongoing concealment of devil worshipper Lorcan Bale's murder of a little boy called John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home in 1973. Lorcan Bale crucified the little boy. The cover up of Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan has continued at the Irish Times, in other Irish media groups, in the Judiciary, in the police, and in Ireland's parliament for forty years. Lorcan Bale was 16 years old when he murdered John Horgan. The only reportage of Lorcan Bale's murder of John Horgan up until recently came in a single paragraph report at the time of the murder when the Irish Independent falsely and misleadingly asserted that John Horgan was believed to have died of natural causes. No journalist, no police officer, no judge, no doctor, no social worker, no politician, could ever really have believed that death by crucifixion amounted to natural causes. The Irish Times, its media, judicial, police and parliamentary allies, have all indulged in what amounts to the most outrageously malicious cover up in the history of the Irish Republic, merely to protect the interests of a family of devil worshippers. The story was never reported. The murder case never went to trial. The coroner's inquest into the ritual slaughter by Lorcan Bale of little John Horgan was adjourned periodically by Judges for thirty five years to prevent the public knowing what had happened. The devil worshipping Bale family were assisted by Irish government services in obtaining a new home in Dublin. The Bales' new neighbours were never warned of what was moving in next door to them. The child murdering devil worshipper was facilitated with a new identity and helped move to Britain. The British were not warned of what we were turning loose in their midst. No Irish television station investigated the crucifiction of a little boy in Dublin. There have been no Irish documentaries. No reopened investigations. So the cover up clearly extends throughout the upper echelons of Ireland's media, judicial and parliamentary ruling pseudo elites, the very people who have desperately been attempting to label the Catholic Church as a concealer of child abuse. It is interesting to note that Cathal Goan the former head of Ireland's State run television broadcaster RTE, who later became Chief Executive at Ireland's Irish language broadcaster TG4, was a work colleague in the Civil Service of Lorcan Bale's father. It is also interesting to note that the Bale family were Irish language speakers and that Lorcan Bale's father had infiltrated Christian prayer groups in Dublin as well as infiltrating the Pro Life movement.


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