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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Happiest Half Hours Of Life

Lunch with the Mammy in the Whitewater Centre cafe.
Whitewater is a new shopping development in the town of Newbridge. It's the largest in Ireland outside of Dublin. And, yes the Paddies have named it after Bill Clinton's most innocent scandal.
Whitewater indeed.
Whatever next?
Lewinski Condos?
But I digress...
"Would you like a bun?" sez I to the Mammy as we queue at the counter.
The aged parent shakes her head.
"No," sez she. "I'm trying to lose weight. I'll take some of yours."
Ah yes. Truly the mind doth boggle. Apparently the bun will have less calories if it comes off my plate.
We take our food and sit in the plush armchairs of the arboretum. The Mammy munches my bun happily.
The myriad shoppers swirl around us.
A rare stillness touches my spirit.
All is right with the world.