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Saturday, July 26, 2014

drama at innish well croagh patrick actually

Hugo and me stood on the plateau about a hundred metres from the summit of Croagh Patrick.
Hugo was wearing mountain boots, an anorak and a water proof hat.
He also had a back pack and a walking stick.
I was wearing an open necked short sleeved shirt, regular trews, and city shoes.
I carried no stick or baggage.
The wind was howling around the side of the mountain.
Rain was pouring through existence.
I gotta tell ya.
Drowned rats had nothing on me.
I was so wet I was dry.
To our left a thick mist began to advance over the rocks.
Night was falling.
The mystic mountain veritably glistened in the drenching rain.
We were so near the top I could smell it.
Ahead of us the slope steepened.
Hugo spoke gently through the downpour.
"James," he said softly. "I think we'd better turn back."
Instantly I rounded on him, howling like the wind.
"Noooo!" I roared fiercely. "All my life I've turned back. At school I turned back. In adult life I turned back. Got a job in journalism and turned back. Set up my own business, turned back. Job in government, turned back. I've always turned back. But not today. I'm sick of turning back. I'm doing this, Hugo. This is Saint Patrick's mountain. This is where Saint Patrick brought the ancient faith to Ireland. This is where Saint Patrick cast the snakes of Ireland into the sea. Here. On this mountain. This is what Irish people do, Hugo. Irish people climb this mountain. Today we become Irish, Hugo. You do what you want to. But I am climbing this mountain."
So saying I began scrambling up the rock face.
A moment later I turned.
Reality hit me.
"Hugo," I said. "I've had enough. I'm going down."
Hugo stared at me wild eyed.
I began picking my way past him back down the mountain.
"Well," sniffed Hugo somewhat reluctantly following me through the rain, mist, gale and dark, "you're after getting me all fired up."

Friday, July 25, 2014

at last some good news

Judge Yvonne Murphy has been engaged by the Fine Gael Labour government to produce its latest trumped up report designed to criminalise the Catholic Church through the retrospective ascription of limitless guilt towards people who are not around to defend themselves. (This time it's Edwardian era nuns who ran orphanages ninety years ago in a way that Prime Minister Enda Kenny today pretends to consider abominable.)
She produced the last such trumped up report as well, and the one before it, so she should have gotten her hand in at this sort of thing by now.
Start slow, a few dollops of bigotry, a smidgen of presumption of guilt, ladle in the selective blindness towards much more blatent wrong doing in the present era, and there you go.
Catholic Church guilty of every charge invented and or contrived against it.
Yvonne Murphy is veritably the go to girl of anti Catholic show trials in Ireland.
Surprisingly enough, I tend to take a critical view of her and her manipulations of truth masquerading as judicial reports.
The good news is that Yvonne Murphy, the former air hostess hoor who swanked her way to being a judge after proving tremendously popular working in the office of an innocent old Labour Party leader, the good news I tells ee, is that this collossal moralising fraud, this cosmic beyotch, this life hating atheistic marxian abortionist fembo commie pinko against the bomb, the good news I say again, is that Judge Yvonne Murphy is married to Supreme Court Judge Adrian Hardiman.
So should she ever inadvertently libel me...
We'll both be assured of a measure of justice...
As long as it's fair, as we do say in the Defending Edwardian Era Nuns trade.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a miktam of james

and the numbers we give years
are flung like chaff from the plough
and i am allowed to see
hence and thence and now
people past
or passing
or to be
come streaming from the fields
i believe

a feel good slogan to promote public awareness of the need for practical help for the children and adults being tortured, raped and murdered this evening in nigeria by al qaeda's local african affiliate boko haram

#Send in our Delta Force.

the devil and miss o'hanlon


Dear Miss O'Hanlon.
You wrote an article this week which mentioned certain internet sources making what you considered ridiculous claims about devil worship at an orphanage on the island of Jersey.
The anonymous claims you mentioned do indeed ridiculously allege that a former British Prime Minister was complicit in the abuse and murder of children on Jersey. I think you are correct that these anonymous claims about a former British Prime Minister are most probably ridiculous, criminally vexatious, crassly false and utterly without foundation.
I agree with you there.
I would ask you to consider though that the anonymous sources for such ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being involved in devil worship murders on Jersey may themselves wish to deter public attention from the very real existence of a busy and quite murderous devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and that they are seeking to deflect public interest from their very real activities past and present precisely by broadcasting those same deliberately ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being a part of their very real devil worship ring.
The Jersey case is one I have taken a modest interest in Miss O'Hanlon, and I am not anonymous.
Miss O'Hanlon my opinion is that there is in fact a devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and it does kill people for  fun, and it has done so for at least the last fifty years.
Its murderous activities were for a long period targetted on children in the Haut La Garenne orphanage.
The police officer who led the first investigation into the violations and murders by staff and unknown accomplices at Haut La Garenne seemed to share my assessment.
The ring is real Miss O'Hanlon.
There's one in Naas County Kildare too by the way. (cf Nurse Mulholland murdering, torturing and terrorising patients on the wards at Naas hospital + Larry Murphy's serial killing.)
But ah.
That's another story.
James Healy
PS: You also say that claims by social workers in the 1980's and 1990's of endemic abuse related to devil worship rings in Britain, have been disproven. I'd like to see your evidence for that. Social workers still insist to me that devil worship abuse and murder is ever more prevalent in Britain, Ireland and beyond. Their testimony is VERY specific. I would counsel you to look at the trafficking through Ireland in the year 2000 of a little African boy for slaughter in England by Nigerian devil worshippers. They gave him a bad end Eilis. The case is well documented. The sort of thing that would draw atheists like yourself and wannabe religionists like me together to fight these --------.

is the sun newspaper morally capable of framing jimmy savile

A drugs trial came to a halt this week when British Judge Alistair McCreath accused a Sun newspaper journalist called Mazher Mahmood of attempting to persuade a witness to change his testimony and then lying about it under oath.
The Judge's comments came as the drugs trial incited solely by Mazher Mahmood against television personality Tulisa Contostavios, collapsed in chaos.
Mahzer Mahmood had been seeking to create a sensational story for the Sun newspaper by entrapping Tulisa Contostavios into supplying him with cocaine.
He had successfully generated sensational stories in the past by entrapping other celebrities using a variety of similar methods and inducements.
Judge McCreath dismissed the case a week into the trial accusing Mazher Mahmood, the only prosecution witness, of lying to him.
The Sun newspaper now faces a bill for court costs. Mahzer Mahmood may be tried for perjury.
The Judge threw out the case apparently because he considered that Mahzer Mahmood's entrapment operation on behalf of the Sun newspaper against Tulisa Contostavios amounted to a frame up.
Mahzer Mahmood formerly worked for Rupert Murdock's News Of The World publication which was closed after its staff were caught routinely bribing police officers, subverting politicians and hacking into the phones of private citizens.
The Judge stated that Mahzer Mahmood had lied to him when claiming not to have pressured his own driver, a man called Alan Smith, to change his testimony that Tulisa Contostavios was in fact opposed to drug use.
"There are strong grounds," said the Judge, " for believing Mr Mahmood told me lies about his dealings with the driver Alan Smith. There are also strong grounds for believing that the underlying purpose of these lies was to conceal the fact that he had been manipulating the evidence in this case by getting Mr Smith to change his account."
In the aftermath of the trial's collapse, the singer Tulisa Contostavios spoke frankly about the Sun newspaper's attempts to destroy her career and her life.
She said that the story behind the Sun's publication of the untrue headline "Tulisa's cocaine deal shame," was horrific and disgusting entrapment.
"Mahmood got me and my team completely intoxicated and persuaded me to act the part of a bad, rough ghetto girl," she said. "They recorded this and produced this as evidence when I thought it was an audition. It was a terrible thing to do."
Mahmood's former editor at News International's defunct News Of The World newspaper Andy Coulson is currently serving a jail sentence for hacking into phones belonging to members of the public.
The Leveson Enquiry was established in Britain two years ago to investigate criminal behaviour at titles owned by Rupert Murdock.
Mahmood himself gave evidence at the enquiry but was allowed to appear with his identity concealed.
I am suggesting that the Leveson Enquiry was an existential threat to Rupert Murdock's business empire and that elements within that empire may have chosen to frame Jimmy Savile to distract public, police and political attention from the rampant criminality of News International and its employees.
They needed something big. Mr Savile was a hugely popular, conveniently dead celebrity with a reputatation as a Christian. He could not speak for himself or fight back or sue. He may just have been the perfect target.
As for Tulisa Contostavios, she was not the perfect target, simply because she was still alive.
I ask you gentle readers to consider all these things carefully before you go along with the Sun newspaper (whose sole revenue stream comes from phone sex lines) or Sky News or The Times of London, or any other corrupt (and bankrupt) British or Irish media organ, labelling Jimmy Savile as (their favourite word) a "pervert."

Sunday, July 20, 2014

the why not column

Why not put President Vladimir Putin of Russia in charge of the investigation into the Malaysian passenger jet that was shot down over Ukraine this week? After all President Putin proved such a dab hand with the investigation he led into the last passenger jet he shot down, the one carrying the President of Poland, the Polish President's wife, and a hundred other leading figures from Polish public life, veritably styled "the conscience of Poland."

would rupert murdock or his news international group or any other british or irish newspaper group be morally capable of framing jimmy savile?

Yes they would.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

was jimmy saville framed by the daily mail

Actor George Clooney has made the following comments about the Daily Mail's slanderous and false story claiming Clooney's putative Muslim mother in law objected to him marrying her daughter:
"The Mail knew the story was false and printed it anyway... That newspaper is the worst kind of tabloid. One that makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers... I want to thank the Daily Mail for its apology to me, not that I would ever accept it... What separates this from all the ridiculous things the Mail makes up is that now, by their own admission, it can be proved to be a lie... The Mail is guilty of irresponsibility and inciting violence for falsely claiming Baria Alamuddin objects to me marrying her daughter on religious grounds... The problem is that none of the explanation offered in the Daily Mail apology to me is true. So either they were lying originally or they are lying now."
I hold no brief for George Clooney.
He's spent the war on terror giving succour to the Jihadis by trying to create the impression in the public mind that President Bush was guilty of war crimes.
I am not his pal.
But look what the Daily Mail did to him.
Now tell me.
Is it possible that the Daily Mail and their fellow slanderers, phone hackers, police bribers and politician subverters, in the British and Irish press, are lying about deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile as well?

Friday, July 18, 2014

stephens green

lesser spotted yobs
spreadeagle on the lawn
a long tied businessman
whoops into his phone
golden breasted secretaries
cluster round the fountain
preening at their feathers
and cackling with abandon
whilst an elephantine matron
trumpets for her young
and a herd of student sexalopes
gambol in the sun
each creature happy
in its cacaphonic fate
save a lone jungle poet
hunting for a mate

top ten abominations in prime minister enda kenny's warm and wonderful cuddly fluffy bunny atheistic abortionist ireland

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny announced the following to parliament in Dublin last week: "What went on in homes run by the Catholic Church was an abomination."
No it wasn't.
For Mr Kenny was referring to false media reports which had falsely claimed that bodies of babies from an orphanage in the Edwardian era had been disposed of by stuffing them into the sewerage system.
All concerned have now admitted that the nonsense about the babies in the sewerage system was just that, nonsense.
Therefore, untrue.
Ergo, a lie.
No abomination there at all in fact.
Except of course the abomination implicit in Enda Kenny taking up a false Daily Mail incitement to hatred allegation about Catholics and repeating it in parliament as if it were the gospel.
It was all a Daily Mail, Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE, lie.
Or a Daily Mail, Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE rebroadcast of supposed historian Catherine Corless's original fishing expedition lie.
And now Enda Kenny has commissioned an enquiry.
An enquiry NOT into the Daily Mail's and its allies' hate speech style propagation of supposed historian Catherine Corless's original malicious bigoted nazi fishing expedition lie about nuns who aren't here to defend themselves, but an enquiry into the Catholic Church's running of orphanages.
Abominable again, what.
Let me explain to Enda Kenny what an abomination is.

1. The Nigerian mafia are currently trafficking children through Ireland for ritual sacrifice to satan in London. (A proven case has been the subject of a recent book and includes specific details of the little boy trafficked through Ireland and of what the Nigerian devil worshippers did to him before they murdered him.) The Nigerians are adept at hiding behind Irish immigration procedures and cultural sensitivities. This is an abomination.

2. IRA splinter groups have allied with at least 27 other mafias to turn Ireland into a gangland fiefdom. This is an abomination. (The Irish police admit 27 mafias are working here. I would suggest the real figure is far higher. No town in Ireland is unscathed at the moment and many towns are controlled by local gangs as proxies for the bigger mafias.)

3. Thirty young people at the Galway Mayo University killed themselves in a six month period recently. The figures relate to a comparatively rural college. Can they be true? What the hell is going on? This Mr Kenny is an abomination and a judgement upon the dechristianised Ireland you and your ilk have created. A few years ago, seven children killed themselves at two Educate Together schools in County Kildare and Dublin. The suicide cluster at Educate Together schools has been kept out of public discourse at a time when you are forcibly handing over Catholic Church run schools which have never had a suicide cluster, to the Educate Together group. That's another abomination right there Mr Kenny.

4. The Irish Police force has failed to take action against the Dalkey devil worship ring which violated Cynthia Owen in 1973 when she was eleven years old and murdered two babies they had fathered with her. This Enda  Kenny, the original crimes, and your failure to ensure the police took action both against the ring and against Cynthia's devil worshipping parents, and against the police officers who helped cover up the case, is an abomination of near cosmic proportions.

5. The Irish courts service and judiciary have released serial killer Larry Murphy and given him a passport to travel internationally. You told me personally Mr Kenny at a dinner in the town of Athy, that there was something you could do about the Larry Murphy case. You assured me that action could be taken to make him tell us how many people he killed and to avert the risk he would be released. I didn't realise your solution would be to give him a passport and turn him loose on the people of Spain. Mr Kenny this is an abomination.

6. Your failure to prosecute serial killer Malcolm McArthur for his second known murder is an abomination. The release of Malcolm McArthur is an abomination. Your failure to see to it that Malcolm McArthur would not be protected from Justice by devil worshippers among the pseudo elites of the Irish political and judicial systems, is an abomination.

7. The release of psycho killer Sean Courtney from jail is an abomination. The earlier enablement of Sean Courtney by the courts service to leave prison on temporary release so that he could father a child with a hoor from the gangster enclave of Moyross in Limerick city is an abomination. Leaving a child in custody of such parents is also an abomination. Ironic that you and your liberal social workers condemn children to such a perversion of familial existence precisely at a time when you and your media and judicial allies, are strenuously working to criminalise Catholic Church run adoption procedures carried out in the past.

8. The concealment of devil worshipper Lorcan Bail's murder in 1973 (big year for Irish Satanists) of a little boy called John Horgan is an abomination. Lorcan Bail you will remember crucified the little boy in the attic of the Bail family home. Lorcan Bail was 16 at the time. The collusion between police, judges, politicians and journalists to keep Lorcan Bail's satanic murder of a little boy out of the public domain for thirty years, is an abomination. The provision of a new identity for Lorcan Bail, and the decision to turn him loose on the British, is an abomination. The repeated adjournment of the inquest into the murdered little boy's death by corrupt judges over thirty years is an abomination. The reporting of the murder of the little boy as an "accident" by Independent Newspapers at the same time as Canadian newspapers were correctly reporting his death as a satanic killing, is an abomination. The provision of a new home and new identities for the rest of the devil worshipping Bail family without any warning being provided to their new neighbours that they are now living beside a coven of murderous satanists, is an abomination. Where did you put them Kenny? Are my sources right in suggesting the middle of the three Aran islands?

9. The impoverishment of Ireland to purchase for ten billion dollars the worthless Allied Irish Bank which just happens to belong to Lochlainn Quinn the brother of your former Minister for Education the marxian atheist Ruairi Quinn, is an abomination. I am told that Lochlainn Quinn will not be required to pay a penny for the bank he has bankrupted and that he will be keeping his thirty million dollar vineyard in France. Still. That's socialism I suppose. As well as being an abomination.

10. The ongoing looting of the treasury of the Republic Of Ireland, to cover up the collapse of other gangster banks is of course an abomination Mr Kenny. In particular we must consider the collapsed IRA Russian mafia gangster bank styled Anglo Irish Bank which through its own systematic burglarisation of itself may just have impoverished Ireland in perpetuity. (Note: Anglo Irish Bank should not be confused with Allied Irish Bank. The Anglo conspirators are a far more ruthless high octane breed of super thief altogether when compared to the relatively amateurish kleptocratic scruff at Allied Irish. To be quite clear. I'm saying that the politically connected criminals of Allied Irish Bank are mere amateurs compared to the politically connected hoodlums, terrorists and murderers at Anglo. Not hyperbole folks, I assure you.) Here's a rum fact. Anglo Irish Bank was not in the top three Irish banks and there was no need for anyone to pour public money into it. It could have been let stand or fall on its merits without any cost to the nation. Not in the top three Irish banks in terms of citizens with deposits in it or in terms of any legal requirement by government to guarantee its operations. It was however the single greatest loss making bank on the planet earth, with larger losses even than the American gangster bank Citibank. Why? I'll tell you why. Anglo Irish Bank went record breakingly bust because its Chief Executive Sean Fitzpatrick, his assistant David Drumm, and their henchmen in senior management, were systematically robbing their own bank by giving each other unsecured multi million dollar loans which they had no intent of repaying, and by giving their accomplices including the IRA mogul Sean Quinn and his odious sons and relatives and front companies, multi BILLION dollar loans which they had no intent or capacity to repay either. The Quinns were also given yet more billions of dollars by Anglo Irish in further fake loans to enable them to become 25 percent shareholders in Anglo Irish, the very bank that was burglarising itself by fraudulently giving them these fake loans in the first place. Clever eh! (Fake loans and fraud by the way, because all involved knew this was organised mafia theft on a grand scale with the plan being from the beginning that nothing would be repaid and the gang's contacts in government would ultimately force the Irish people to pick up the tab.) Anglo's corrupt management was also working directly with poltically connected financiers from the Fianna Fail party, which was then in government, to conceal the bank's imminent self destruction as long as possible through yet more organised share propping schemes. Fianna Fail financiers were given multi million dollar loans from Anglo Irish to buy more shares in Anglo just as Sean Quinn was doing, and thereby conceal the underlying worthlessness of both the bank and its shares. Meanwhile the Quinns were laundering their stolen billions through their IRA associates and the Russian mafia into fake property deals and other rackets in Russia. So get this. The Fianna Fail government and its now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, placed Ireland in the Third World overnight in order to bail out the Russian mafia, and the IRA. Oh, and the Quinns, and Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm. Lovely, lovely people. You Mr Kenny, in the equally corrupt Fine Gael party have upheld the exponentially corrupt policy of your Fianna Fail predecessors by continuing to throw good money after bad into Anglo Irish Bank, and by continuing to allow Anglo staffers to draw ridiculously inflated salaries for running a bank that does not exist, and by failing to bring to justice a single member of that corrupt cabal of hoodlums which bankrupted Anglo in the first place, ie Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, Sean Quinn, all the other Quinns, their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, and cats Tiddles, along with the bloody IRA and the f--king Russian mafia. I kid you not. And let us not forget Mr Kenny, it was your own Fine Gael party colleague Alan Dukes who gave a veneer of non partisan respectability to the whole Anglo Irish bail out blagg by agreeing to become Anglo's Chairman when Fianna Fail was impoverishing the nation in order to pretend Anglo was anything other than a mobsters' wet dream. All this is an abomination Mr Kenny. But I'm not finished. Your own Finance Minister Michael Noonan commented in the midst of the mess: "I feel sorry for Sean Quinn." To allow your Finance Minister Michael Noonan to express sympathy for IRA and Russian mafia frontmen who have burglarised not only their own bank, but effectively every house in Ireland every day for the next hundred years, is quite the most appalling abomination of our era Mr Kenny. (Naturally in that statement, I do not include the devil worship murders mentioned earlier which Mr Kenny you are also still covering up.) Might I add, that your allowing a mafia judge like Judge Martin Nolan to judge cases involving a bank controlled by the IRA, Russian mobsters, and other mafias, is an abomination. Allowing Judge Martin Nolan to release convicted gangster bankers without a jail sentence is an abomination.

11. Allowing atheistic Marxian former air hostess Judge Yvonne Murphy to conduct serial investigations into the Catholic Church while according her manipulative and propagandistic investigations the veneer of governmental approval, is an abomination. Let me be clear. Allowing a Labour Party apparatchik who despises life and Christianity in equal measure, to sit in judgement on the ancient faith is an abomination. Concealing the deaths of hundreds of children in state care in Ireland over the past twenty years while allowing Judge Yvonne Murphy to contrive guilt for Edwardian era nuns for their running of orphanages is an abomination Mr Kenny. It's worse. It's farcical.

12. Allowing Irish pharmacies to give abortion pills to children is an abomination Mr Kenny.

13. Promising the Irish people you would not legalise abortion and then legalising abortion is an abomination Mr Kenny.

14. Al Qaeda operations chief in Ireland Ibrahim Buisir living high on state benefits in Ireland while his accomplices commit murder all over the world is an abomination.

15. Irish based Moroccan Muslim rackateers are now the leading importers of certain drugs into Ireland. Anyone who questions government policy in giving Irish citizenship to Muslim Jihadi drug dealers, is labelled a racist. This selling of our country to the scum of the earth, is an abomination.

16. The Russian Mafia and Chinese Triads are abominations Mr Kenny. Your failure to stop their expanding power bases in Ireland, and their alliances here with the IRA and Al Qaeda, is an abomination.

17. The release of Judge Brian Curtin on a technicality after he was caught red handed paying to see children raped on the internet is an abomination. Allowing Judge Brian Curtin to quietly retire on full pension was an abomination. Allowing corrupt police officers to enact a search warrant a day late on Judge Brian Curtin so that his corrupt fellow Judges could release him was an abomination.

18. Your failure to investigate Irish Health Board staff who rape children in their care and then bring those children to England for abortions is an abomination.

19. Your acquiescence and complicity in police corruption in Ireland is an abomination. Your extensions of police powers at a time when people are in fear of the police is an abomination. Your failure to expedite public enquiries into your disgraced former police chief Martin Callinan and your  similarly disgraced former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is an abomination.

20. Your facilitating through official State channels of a thoroughly invidious ongoing media and judicial free masonic style marxian atheistic culture war against  the Catholic Church is an abomination.

21. Your failure to do anything about Nurse Mulhollands's murders of patients at Naas hospital is an abomination. Your failure to initiate any follow up investigation at Naas hospital is an abomination. Your failure to instruct Irish police officers to reopen the cases of murder at Naas hospital and to bring appropriate charges is an abomination.

22.  The concealment of the identities of the devil worshippers in Roscommon's two recent house of horrors cases (parents systematically raping and torturing their own children over ten year periods while social workers, police  and judges who knew about the situation left the children in their care) is an abomination. Your failure to take direct and decisive (or indeed any) action against the social workers, police and judges in these house of horrors cases is an abomination. Easier going after nuns from the Edwardian era, eh Mr Kenny? The recent release after a pattycake six year sentence of one of the mothers in one of those cases who had raped and tortured her own children, is an abomination.

23. Your failure to appoint a strong anti corruption police chief at a time when the Irish police force is breaking all records for its endemic individual and institutional criminality, is an abomination. Your appointment of a weak little girl as interim police chief during this crisis period, is an abomination. Your allowing the little girl to shuffle corrupt police chiefs from precinct to precinct is an abomination. The little girl's statement at a time when mafia gangs, Triads, Nigerian people traffickers, Russian psycho killers, and Muslim Al Qaeda mobsters, are terrorising the citizenry, subverting our democracy and laying waste our cities, that most cases of violence arise in domestic situations rather than at the hands of the gangs, is an abomination. (It's also exceedingly silly.)

24. Your failure to stop the world's leading provider and disseminator of images of child rape (yes he's based in Ireland, my country and yours Kenny) hiding behind Ireland's corrupt Judges in a bid to avoid extradition to America, is an abomination. This isn't an Edwardian era nun Kenny. This is Eoin  Marques who, in concert with various mafias and people traffickers mentioned above, arranges for the filming, rape and murder of children in Ireland, right here, right now, today, on your watch and mine Kenny. By the way, I'm not using hyperbole. He actually admits to arranging the rape of children and broadcasting these child rapes on the internet from Ireland. And it's the FBI who say he's the worst in the world.  But it is me, and me alone, who's saying he's murdering the children he rapes. One way or another Kenny. I don't think he's letting them grow up to go to college, do you. But the world's leading provider of child rape Kenny. Here in Ireland. Hiding behind our liberal woolly marxian politically correct (politically appointed) anti Catholic judges Kenny. This is an abomination Kenny. No really it is. Little hand wringing child raping Eoin Marques delaying his extradition because he wants to stand trial in Ireland. Listen. He's confessed his crimes here because he wants a soft sentence in a soft court and a soft jail cell and a soft early release. In America things would be a little rougher for the poor little self confessed child rapist. (I am asserting that his role in distributing images of child rape makes him guilty of each rape, the images of which he distributes.) Kenny, if you do nothing about anything else I've written, do something about this one. Send him home. Pass an executive order. Go direct to the Irish people. They will support you in this. Tell the liberal judges to f--k off and send that evil bast--d home.

strangers on a train

Last week a train derailed in Dublin Ireland. Someone had placed rocks on the tracks.
A few days ago a train derailed in Moscow, Russia, killing twenty one people.
Tonight a high speed train has collided with another train in France.
In December and January there were train derailments around Boston and Massachusetts in the USA.
In March this year a  commuter train in Boston derailed. (The derailment was blamed on the driver.)
Last year a train in Canada carrying oil, inexplicably broke free of its moorings and exploded at night.
In July 2013, a high speed train came off the rails in Spain killing 79 people. (The driver was blamed. By coincidence the tragedy occurred at the Spanish pilgrimage site Sant Iago De Compostela, dedicated to a saint known locally as The Moor Killer or Slayer of Muslims.)
Earlier last year yet another train derailment in France caused fatalities. (There was some very curious reportage at the time of Muslim youths robbing the bodies and removing evidence from the scene. The official French enquiry blamed the crash on maintenance issues at the track.)
I think some or all of these cases are Jihad.
It would be appropriate that we began to discuss this openly without labelling each other as racists.
And of course we need to put a stop to it.
That is all.

love story

Question: What can you say about an atheistic marxian abortionist air hostess who studied law, became a Labour Party hoor, and was thereby appointed a Judge of the Republic of Ireland, and who loved Bach, and the Beetles, and me?
Answer: It's f--king Yvonne Murphy. And the Irish government has instructed her to trump up yet another of her tendentious f--king reports imputing limitless guilt for limitless contrived criminalities to Edwardian era Catholic nuns no less, on my f--king dime while f--king skanger mafias are taking over every town and village in Ireland not in the Victorian era but today, right here, right now. I mean focque me pink.

results of the heelers enquiry into the fate of the two downed malaysian passenger jets

1. The Jihadi Muslim pilot downed the first one and the Malaysian government concealed the fact because they're all Jihadi's too.
2. A proxy separatist army operated in Ukraine by President Vladimir Putin of Russia downed the second.
3. Er, that's it.

a light interlude

Coffee with the prof in the Stephens Green Centre Dublin.
"Listen Prof," I begin, "the Irish government and its atheistic satanist abortionist free masonic mafia puppet masters in the shadows of the civil service, media and judiciary, are about to launch a new pogrom against the Catholic Church. This is going to be worse than anything you've seen before. These monsters are determined to stampede the peasantry away from the Christian faith. This is a key moment because they want to copperfasten the abortion culture they've just established here. Look. The government is deliberately and mendaciously propagating a misinterpretation of medical symphisiotomy operations as having been carried out by evil Catholics to discourage women from using contraception when in fact those operations were carried out during a brief period when doctors believed they were safer than Caesarian sections. The government has also allowed feminist and leftist activists in tandem with the bankrupt (morally and financially) Daily Mail, Irish Times and Independent Newspapers to falsely claim that nuns in an Edwardian era orphanage were bunging babies into the sewerage system. Just a complete lie. No truth in it. No apology. But based on the lie the government has announced an enquiry into the practices of Edwardian era nuns in the homes they were running. Not an enquiry into the Daily Mail or Catherine Corless who invented the initial fishing expedition lie. No. The church is to be on trial again. And the government is still propagandising that other utter lie beloved of abortionist atheists to wit, that most sex abuse cases occur at the hands of Catholics. The truth is that the vast preponderance of cases occur in the broader community of non believers and in schools and hospitals at the hands of devil worship rings and organised people trafficking drug dealing paedophilia mafias. But time and time again the government and its atheistic controllers declare new enquiries designed to create a presumption of guilt for the church in the minds of ordinary people. You've got to believe me. This is an era of worse persecution of the church than the Penal Laws."
The prof digested my words.
Then he shook his head.
His voice was not without kindness or respect for me.
"This is your fight Heelers. Not mine."
My voice remained as gentle as his.
"You're wrong," I said. "It is your fight. One way or another you must pick a side. There are no neutrals in this war."

my primary concern re pope francis

He looks like the dictator from the 1973 Woody Allen film Sleeper.

the journalese of paddy duggan

Journalist Paddy Duggan had an article in the Irish Independent newspaper today about the murder of a Latvian woman called Baibite Saulite.
She was murdered several years ago in Dublin where she lived.
Mr Duggan's article was capable, incisive, detailed and professional.
It described how a Limerick based crime gang run by the Dundon family and their associates had helped facilitate the murder of this young woman.
He left out only one detail.
Baibite was murdered with the help of the Dundons on behalf of her husband a certain Hassan Hassan.
Hassan Hassan had previously kidnapped the two children he had fathered with Baibite.
The children were sleeping in the house while Hassan Hassan's agents slaughtered their mother.
These details are important for two reasons Mr Duggan.
Firstly because they're true.
Secondly because they show that Muslim mobster scum are now routinely collaborating on murder and intimidation exercises with Irish mobster scum.
We must fight them or surrender to them.
They have not left us any other choice.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A children's home called Haut La Garenne on the island of Jersey is under investigation.
Allegations have emerged of serial sexual abuse, ritual violations, rapes and murders, taking place at the home.
The large number of allegations along with several other items of evidentiary information which have come into the public domain, point to many decades of violation, abuse, rape and murder of children at Haut La Garenne.
My analysis is that Haut La Garenne was used by a satanic cult for the ritual abuse of children.
My analysis is that this cult involves many levels of society on the island of Jersey, including political and law enforcement figures as well as prominent members of the business community.
I am disquieted by the manner in which the investigation is being handled.
I am disquieted that all members of staff who have at any time worked at Haut La Garenne have not been arrested, detained and interrogated.
I am disquieted that the senior officer investigating the case has been removed from the investigation.
I am disquieted at the manner in which the new senior officer investigating the case has dismissed many of the more serious allegations.
I do not believe the current investigators are seeking the truth.
I call on all men and women of good will to boycott the island of Jersey.
I call on all men and women of good will to boycott the products, people, industries, and holday resorts of the island of Jersey.
I call on David Cameron Prime Minister of Great Britain to take personal responsibility for the investigation.
I call on Queen Elizabeth the Second to intervene directly in this case, so that the murdered, raped, violated and ritually sacrificed children of Haut La Garenne will at last receive some form of justice.
There is no excuse for acquiescing in the child murders, rapes, ritual satanic sacrifices and sundry other tortures and violations, which have taken place at Haut La Garenne on the island of Jersey before the eyes of the world.
End this.
Bring the murderers to account.
Do it England.

the rocky murdocks picture show

The screen is dark.
A disembodied male voice sings as the opening credits appear in the blackness.
The voice is plaintive, poignant and oddly beautiful.


The Voice: (singing)
"I remember the chill
The day Newsweek stood still
Claiming US troops flushed Korans down the jax
And Piers Morgan was there
In silver underwear
Cheerleading the Jihadi attacks.
Then something went wrong
For Rupert Murdock and his son
They got caught in a phone tapping jam
And at a deadly pace
It came from outer space
And this is how the message ran.
Science Fiction
Ooh, oooh, oooh
Double feature.
George Bush is a liar
Tony Blair's his creature
See Jihadis fighting
Not terrorists but insurgents
And lots of talk about quagmires
It's all so urgent
Woh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show
Woh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
At the late night
Sky News feature
Surrender show
I remember the sorrow
When the New York Times had to borrow
Five hundred million from a Sanchez named Slim
And the Washington Post
Soon gave up the ghost
And told us that Al Qaeda would win
Then something went weirder
For Piers Morgan at the Mirror
He published fake torture photos just to pay his bills
But I really stepped back
When Lukwesa Burak
Got a haircut that spits poison and kills
In a
Science Fiction
Wooh oooh oooh
Double feature
Rupert Murdock
Oooh oooh oooh
We'll build a creature
See lawyers fighting
At the Leveson Enquiry
And Adam Bolton wondering
Why the hell don't they fire me
Woh oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture Show
Woh oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show
At the late night
Woo ooh ooh
Sky News feature
Picture show
Woh oh oh oh
I wanna go oh oh oh
To the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show
Oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show


(Camera cuts to the interior of a Starbucks cafe in South London. It is the Starbucks where Jannat Jalil from Sky News has her morning espresso. James Healy is at a table eyeing Jannat. She, being a fan of the Heelers Diaries, knows well he is stalking her. He approaches her table tentatively.)

James: Jannat.
Jannat: Yes James.
James: (awkwardly) I really admired the elegant way,
                               You read the evening news,
                               On Sky the other day.
Jannat: Yes James.
James: Jannat.
Jannat: Yes James.

(Music starts. Other diners sing the part of the Chorus.)

James: The road was long but I ran it.
Chorus: Jannat!
James: The river was broad but I swam it
Chorus: Jannat!
James: I've one thing to say
           And that's dammit Jannat, I love you.
           Here's the ring and now you'll never look back
           True I may have a pot belly and a saggy butt
           But my love for you is deeper than for Lukwesa Burak
           She spoilt her chances with that haircut, tut tut
Jannat: This ring is flashier than Kay Burleigh's mind games.
Chorus: Oh James
Jannat: It fills my heart with passion and sultry flames
Chorus: Oh James
Jannat: And I've one thing to say, and that's James, I'm insane for you too.
James: Dammit Jannat.
Jannat: Oh James, I'm insane.
James: Dammit Jannat.
Jannat: Oh James, I'm insane.
James: Dammit Jannat.
Jannat: Oh James, I'm insane.
James and Jannat: (together) I love you.


(Camera cuts to a country road on a dark night. James and Jannat are driving through the rain. The car runs out of petrol. The two sit for a moment in silence.)

Jannat: What kind of man doesn't fill his car with petrol before a long journey?
James: I never put more than ten Euro's worth in the tank.
Jannat: Why?
James: Well I wanted to punish the government for imposing punitive taxation rates on petrol. And I wanted to punish the garages for failing to organise an effective lobby to stop the government imposing this tax. And I wanted to punish the oil conglomerates for trying to corner the market in oil through forward buying, thereby driving the price of a barrel of oil to 100 dollars when it should be less than ten, and perpetually gambling that the price of oil will rise and then forcing it to do so through their astonomical borrowings from collapsed idiot banks. And I wanted to punish the Arabs and the OPEC organisation for operating an illegal oil cartel against the rest of humanity. All of these corrupt vested interest groups have traded on the notion that we will never respond to their price gouging. They have waxed fat on the idea that oil is not a price sensitive commodity. We have allowed them to believe that we will buy their oil no matter what they charge. This is a very negative delusion to encourage in governments, garages or Arabs. It is apt to confuse them.
Jannat: So you punished them by stranding us.
James: Er yes.
Jannat: Oh James.
James: Oh Jannat.
Jannat: I think I might be Muslim.
James: What's that?
Jannat: Nothing. Let's go search for help.


(Camera cuts to the two now walking along the roadside in the rain. They are making their way towards a castle in the distance which has a light shining in a single window. The music kicks in.)

Jannat: (singing)
In the velvet darkness
Of the blackest night
No matter where
There's a guiding light

James & Jannat: (singing together)
There's a light
Over at the Murdock place
There's a ligh-igh-igh-ight
Burning in the fireplace
There's a ligh-igh-igh-ight
In the darkness
Of every night

(Camera cuts to the window of the castle. Sky News Overseas foreign affairs correspondent Tim Marshall is sitting at the window watching the rain. Tim Marshall has in the past year been sent to report from Libya, Egypt, Syria, in fact from every trouble spot in the world where there is even the remotest chance he might get killed. An uncharitable observer might conclude that someone at Sky is trying to kill him.)

Tim Marshall: (singing)
The darkness must glow
Down the river of my dreaming
Until Kay Burleigh goes
The sun cannot come streaming
Into my life
Into my ligh-igh-igh- ife

(Camera returns to James and Jannat)

James & Jannat:
There's a light
Over at the Murdock place
There's a ligh-igh-igh-ight
It's burning in the fireplace
There's ligh-igh-igh-ight
In the darkness
Of every night


(Camera cuts to James and Jannat knocking on the door of Castle Murdock. The door opens to reveal Kevin Murdock (son of Rupert) dressed as the character Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Behind him we can see Rebekkah Wade, formerly Managing Director at News International, dressed as a sexy maid.)

James: Our car broke down.
Riff Raff: You've come on a very important night. The master is having one of his affairs.
James: You mean now he's cheating on Wendy Deng?
Jannat: Shhh.
Riff Raff: I think perhaps you'd better come inside.


(Scene: Castle interior. A group of garishly dressed guests have congregated. James and Jannat stare as without warning Riff Raff bursts into a most infectious musical number. The other party guests join in at just the right places.)

Riff Raff:
I remember
Doing the Truth Warp
Those moments when
People gave us direct debit access to their personal bank accounts
To pay for Sky Channel
Let's do the News International again.
Let's bribe the police force again.
It's just a jump to the left
And a step to the righ-igh-igh-ight
You put your hands on your hips
And bring your knees in tigh-igh-ight
But it's tapping people's phones
That really knocks you insa-a-a-a-ane
Let's do the Truth Warp again
Let's do the News Corp again
It's just a jump to the left.
And a step to the righ-igh-igh-ight
You bribe the Chief of Police
And bring your knees in tigh-igh-ight
But it's owning the law
That really knocks us insa-a-a-a-ane
Let's do the News Corp again
Lets bribe the police force again

(Riff Raff and the partygoers collapse in an exhausted heap. James and Jannat don't quite know what to do. Although James has appreciated the verve of the performance and is clapping vigorously.)

Jannat: Let's get out of here.
James: Nonsense. It's just getting good. Let's stay and see what happens next.
Jannat: This is not the Athy Chamber of Commerce James.
James: (With infinitely smug middle class political correctness) They're probably just Muslims with ways different from our own.
Jannat: I'm cold. I'm frightened. And I'm just plain scared. Oh. And I think I'm a Muslim too.
James: (Still infinitely smug and middle class and not really taking anything in.) Don't worry darling. We all are. Now stop being frightened. I'm here. Nothing can possibly go wrong. If we're lucky, in a moment maybe these simple country folk will perform some more shameless parodies from the Rocky Horror Picture Show for our amusement.


(As James and Jannat are talking the other party goers and Riff Raff have slowly revived and risen to their feet. Suddenly, a door bursts open behind Jannat's shoulder. Rupert Murdock struts in. Jannat faints. James looks enthused. Rupert launches into his trademark song.)

Not another wordo
I'm Rupert Murdo
And he's... (indicating Riff Raff)
My faithful maitre delice
He's a little brought down
Because when you knocked
He thought you were the
Chief of Police
Don't get strung out
By the way I look
Don't judge a company by its corrupt corporate management
I may look 86 years old
By the light of day
But at night I look positively indigent
I'm your sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly Ineffective

James: (rapping and breaking any number of copyrights held by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien)
I'm glad we caught you at home
May we use your phone
We're both in a bit of a hurry
We'll just say where we are
And then get back to the car
We don't want to be any worry

Rupert: (singing)
So you got caught with a breakdown
In the middle of my shakedown
Don't you panic
Even if Jannat dumps you
I'll find a more exotic broad to hump you
I'll get you a satanic Hispanic
Cos I'm your sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly Ineffective
Sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly ineffective

(Rupert pauses to drink a cup of water. A man emerges from the chorus and throws a pie at him. The pie is neatly deflected by Wendy Deng who quickly hustles the would be assailant away while whaling the living tripe out of him with a metal dish.)

Rupert: (rapping)
Why don't you stay for the night
You could both have a bite
I won't tolerate any... dissension
I've been building a corrupt corporate media monopoly
You know with fake oversight from a board of directors who are all related to me
And they're good to relieve my... tension
I'm your sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly ineffective
Sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly ineffective
Don't get strung out
Because I bought the police
Don't judge a corrupt police buying company
By its corrupt corporate management
I may seem to buy a lot of cops
By the light of day
But at night
I get positively extravagant
Because I'm your sweet Chief Executive
From sweetly ineffective

(Rupert changes tack suddenly and incomprehensibly)

Rupert: (singing)
The transducer will seduce ya.
You're a sensual attapensual
When we tapped your phones
Did you hear a bell ring???
You better wise up
Lord Leveson
You better shape those thighs up
And close those eyes up
I've got a gun
And I'm launching a Sunday Sun

Charles Grey: Until she cried out...

Jannat: Allah U Akbar.

(The music stops. Everyone turns and stares. Some of the more ghoulish extras cower a bit. Jannat somewhat guiltily puts her hands over her lips and looks apologetic. By the way, I challenge anyone to discern what those lines about a sensual attapensual were in the original Rocky Horror Show movie. Not since Peter Sarstead sang about lowly bontags in Where Do You Go To My Lovely, has there been such an incomprehensible vaguely obscene lyric. Or how about the bit, again in the original Rocky Horror, when Rupert sang: "How do ya do, I'm... Field Mabs Meim... faithful handyman." What the heck is Field Mabs Meim? The enigmas endure.)


(The awkward moment following Rupert's song and Jannat's exclamation is brought to a halt by Riff Raff drawing a ray gun and vapourising Rupert. Rebekkah Wade is upset by this turn of events.)

Rebekkah: Why did you do that? I thought you liked him. He liked you.

Riff Raff: (With infantile fury) He never liked me. And it was time for him to go. Heelers has clearly run out of steam. He's just lifting lines from the Rocky Horror Show. There aren't even any jokes.

(Riff Raff and Rebekkah turn slowly and threateningly towards James and Jannat)

Riff Raff: (With preternatural menace) You two had better leave us. My beautiful Rebekkah get ready. We return to Tasmania immediately. Prepare the transit beam.

(James and Jannat, having seen the Rocky Horror Show, know it's time to flee the building.)

Scene: Castle exterior. James and Jannat fall in the mud and continue scrambling towards the gate. Behind them a spectacular Truth Warp bathes the News International HQ in mystic police investigations. Presently the entire building vanishes. Gone. On a voodoo wind. Back to Tasmania. For a moment on the cold night air it is almost as if you can hear the voice of former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie hissing: "A hundred and seventy police officers investigating us. That's more than investigated Lockerbie. Cor blimey. Worra waste. Cor Bliiiiiimmmmmaaaiiiieeeee." James and Jannat are left alone in the dirt. A voiceover kicks in. It is Charles Grey whom we met very briefly and inexplicably during the last song, now reprising his career best performance as the Criminologist in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Charles Grey: (intoning)
And crawling
On the planet face
Some insects
Called the human race
Not members of the Board of News International
And not entitled to any dignity or respect or grace
Or indeed help from the police in the event that Rupert Murdock's staff, agents or companies assail, assault, violate, transgress, phone tap, kill, rape, burglarise, conduct posthumous show trials (like they did with Jimmy Saville to distract public attention from the Leveson Enquiry), or otherwise mitigate our rights in any way before the law
Even though
Cor blimey
We don't even let the police hack the phones of Jihadis
And Murdock's crew were doing it as a matter of course
To all of us
Cor blimey
We're all lost
Lost in time
And lost in space
And meaning


The screen goes dark. The plaintive male voice from the opening credits returns to sing over the closing credits. The lyrics of the closing refrain are even more poignant than before. If that's possible.

The Voice: (singing)
There was once something rare
About Lukwesa Burak's hair
It made me want to grab her and kiss
I dreamed that we might
Run away in the night
But now I think I'll give it a miss
And Lisa Holland drove round
Old Tripoli town
With Saif Gadaffi sitting on her knee
And Rebekkah Wade
Was a sexy maid
She was
At least she worked for me
In a
Science Fiction
Double Feature
Rupert Murdock
We'll build a creature
See Alistair Campbell fighting
With Adam Bolton
Who's turning puce
And now quite molten
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show
I really was there
For Adam Bolton's live melt down on air
When Alistair Campbell straightened his tie
And young Wendy Deng
Had developed a yen
For a billionaire 86 year old man
Then something went wrong
For Osama Bin Laden
He was caught in a special forces commando raid
And at a deadly pace
He got shot in the face
And this is what his last message said
Science fiction
Oooh oooh ooh
The Leveson Enquiry
Corrupt policeman
Massive bribery
See Freemasons fighting
James and Jannat
And the Murdock Family stars in
Forbidden planet
At the late night
Sky News feature
Picture show
I wanna go
To the late night
Sky News feature
Surrender show
To the late night
Double feature
Sky News movie
Picture show