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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

the lake isle of inish freebie

i will arise and go now
and go to to inish freebie
and a small drugs gang build there
of skunks and skangers made
nine audi a4's will i have there
a safe house for growing hash
and live alone in the murder loud glade
and i will have some Triads there
and the IRA and Cosa Nostra  and Al Qaeda
and the Russian Mafia too
for mobsters come dropping low
dropping from the veils of the morning
to where judge liberal gives them all irish passports and Get Out Of Jail Free cards
there midnight's all a glimmer
and noon a purple glow
and evening full of the audi a4 gang revving up their engines
i will arise and go now
for always night and day
i see IRA mentored teen militias dealing drugs to children in our schools
whether standing on the roadway
or on the pavement grey
they really have taken us for complete and utter fools

sense and sensibility

The Tearman cafe on a winterishly sunny Saturday morning.
A lilting tenor voice soothes souls in the stillness of the traditional wood panelled eatery.
It is a young old voice singing with all the sorrow and joy of ancient Ireland,
Me of course.
I am singing a new version of the Whistling Gypsy.
"The whistling gypsy came over the hill
He was wearing barely a stitch
He whistled and he sang
Till the green woods rang
And he briefly won the heart of a..."
Before I can make the money shot I am interrupted by an exclamation of my name.
"James! If you're about to say bitch, you'd better not."
Araminta Baines my dining companion has emerged from the lethargy that normally accompanies my singing to assume the mantle of censor deptutatis.
"What's wrong with bitch?"
"It's a very wrong word. It has all sorts of connotations."
"Yes really."
"I can't say bitch?"
"No you can't."
"I can't even sing it."
"James you can't even sing anything. But that's beside the point. You can't use that word. The word is a hate word. A hateful word."
"I like it."
"I know you do."
"You're joking about not using it right?"
"I'm serious."
The noble Heelers goggles his handsome head.
"I was going to sing it at the charity fundraiser."
I goggle again.
Could I be wrong?
Or is this a case of the grand fembo pandjandrums of the Republic of Ireland ruining another perfectly good word by making it unsayable just like they did with fanny? Yes bold readers, Ireland is the only country in the Free World where a cute dialect word for bum has been deliberately misinterpreted as a synonym for the female genitalia. I kid you not.
Time to try a little rational empiricism with Araminta.
"But, but, but..."
"No but's."
"Look for crying out loud. Bitch is a rich and colourful, nay historic word, that cannot and must not be eschewed from the language."
"It's already gone. You're too late to save it."
My no was a bit like the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeaaaiiiiiiiiaaaa in the music to The Good The Bad And The Ugly.
When the dust settled I resumed in more debaterish vein, list off the irresistable bullet points on my fingers, and also singing a bit more when the mood took me.
"Joan Collins had a film in the 1970's called The Bitch. She's a feminist like you. And the theme tune to The Bitch by the Olympic Runners is a classic. You can't ban a classic. Let me demonstrate:
There are good girls, and there's bad.
The bad are all I've ever had.
I can't tell you which is which.
but trust me to choose the bitch,
Ah ha,
God help I got the bitch.
She will ruin me I know.
But I love her and I can't let her go.
She's like a wicked wicked witch.
And I God help me I chose the bitch.
God help me I chose the bitch.
They sang it at my brother's wedding. Araminta you can't just arbitrarily ban a part of our heritage like that."
My friend stared at me with something beyond disapproval.
I essayed boyish innocence on my handsome preraphaelite forty nine years old and eleven months features.
"Thumbs down to the Joan Collins song?"
"Joan Collins is more of a feminst than you are."
"Not the point."
"What about Sigourney Weaver? In that opprobriously violent James Cameron film Aliens. She goes after the boss alien and at the end she snarls: You bitch. You going to ban James Cameron's Aliens too? Well I wouldn't mind if you did because it's dysfunctionally violent but I mean, you know, where are you going to draw the line? And Sigourney Weaver is more of a feminist than you or Joan Collins. She got into films by marrying the head of a Hollywood studio. You don't get more feminist than that. Then there's Grandad."
"Grandad never said bitch."
"He did yeah. When I was a teenager I stuck a pitch fork in his face and he looked at me with quiet dignity and said 'Ye bitch.' That was Grandad to a tee. He might be angry for a moment but once he'd said what he had to say it was all over. There was no more about it after that. Anyway I didn't mind a bit. I thought he showed a lot of restraint actually."
"James how did you do that?"
"We'd been stuffing bushes into gaps in the fence on his farm and I'd picked up a bush on the fork, turned around without thinking, and shoved before I aimed and got him right in the face."
 Araminta was looking distant.
"Don't sing it James."
"You know I once wrote a play called Lady Windermere's Fanny. Think what the world would be like if I'd listened to the Paddy Whacks who cried foul. Remember John Coleman in the chemist shop and his: Don't perform it James, It's the last taboo James. And the postman was looking at me as if I'd two heads for years afterwards. But the censorious pharmaceutical and postal service nay sayers did not prevail. If they had Lady Windermere's Fanny would never have happened."
Araminta tried a different tack,
"Okay sing the song but put in a different word."
"Such as?"
"Well how about wench. Or wagon."
I weighed her words and warbled experimentally:
"The whistling gypsy came over the hill
He was drinking out of a flagon
He whistled and he sang till the green woods ran
And he briefly won the heart of a wagon.
No. It's awful. The bitch stays in the show."
"James you're not really going to do it are you?"
"Araminta old pal, I have a strong yearning to break another taboo. It's been years since the last last one. And hey. It's for charity."

heelers goes churchilly

And as the tidal wave of blood subsides from the latest Muslim massacres of innocent people in the streets, once again the dreary steeples of climate change and gender politics loom out of the mist over Europe to stifle any decisive response to our enemies.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

to a wild rabbit

(prince of the fields)

words are mine
no words take from his eyes
the breeze blown beauty of the woodlands
nor the silver scented sight of evening glories

manhood mine
a prince of the fields is he
even in the terror of flight
a strange high ecstasy
spirits to delight

age is mine
he will not grow old
nor fear the passing of his world
the lure of yellow gold
the bitterness of friends becoming foes

today they said

President Barack Obama of the United States: "It is against our values to refuse entry to Muslims because of their religion."

James Healy: "Not at all. It is sound good sense to exclude people who are seeking to kill us from living among us. A world wide Muslim terror army is attempting to enslave all humanity. So you don't allow them to over run our countries. It is not unprecedented that we would ask such infiltrators whether they are Muslim or not. During the Cold War, the American immigration services routinely asked anyone coming to America whether they were members of the Communist Party. Those who were members of the Communist Party were routinely excluded from entry. Today Islam is the ideology of our enemies. Their Quran is their Das Kapital and their Mein Kampf. The Prophet Muhammed is their Karl Marx and their Hitler. There is absolutely no point in bombing Isis in Syria and then allowing five million or five hundred million Jihadis to move from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakisan and every other hell hole country that Muslims have used their Islamic ideology to make unliveable, into Europe, Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland and the US. If you let them in, they will do here what they have already done to every other country where Islam became predominant, that is to say any other country that permitted Muslim immigration. There are no exceptions. If you let them in, they will turn us into what they are. Barack unrestricted immigration dates only from Russia's ending of her communist war with humanity in 1991. It was never an integral part of Western Society or the Free World to allow third world gang bangers a right of residence in our countries. Think what it would have meant if the Brits had allowed Germans a right of refuge in Britain during the bombing of Dresden. Sure Hitler wouldn't even have needed an invading army. Barack this has to stop. You lefties have nearly buried our culture and our freedoms in the sh-t of Arabia. It has to stop Barack."

cafe life

Hatching a cup of tea in the Drunken Leprechaun in Newbridge.
(The name is an artful attempt to protect my sources. Usually I'd just call it Something Baines but I'm making more of an effort this week. I think the Drunken Leprechaun would be a good name for a cafe.)
The manageress beetles by my table.
"What do you think of the attacks on Paris Eveline?" I ask her.
She pauses and a dam bursts.
"They Muslims have gotten very aggressive," she exclaims. "I mean ordinary Muslims not just terrorists. I was in Paris on New Year's Eve a while ago and my family went to the celebrations at the Eiffel tower. And we were surrounded by young Muslim men. You know it was just ugly. The atmosphere. There was a sense of threat. My little boy started to cry. We just left."
The mighty Heelers resists the urge to ask her how she knew they were Muslims and had she seen their Qurans.
Instead I say: "You're a left wing pro abortion liberal. I'm the opposite of you. If we're both saying these things, how long before our leaders say them? I'll tell you how long. They'll never say them. Not these leaders. Our leaders would have us bleeding in the streets and would still be calling us racists for saying put a stop to Muslim immigration and expel all Jihadis. Don't have our police following them around the streets. Expel them, If there's any reason to follow them in the streets, that's enough reason to not let them live here."
Eveline sighed.
"You're right James, but no one will say that."
"More of us are saying it now. But we're going to have to replace our leaders with people who will answer to us rather than to Amnesty International and the Muslim Brotherhood."
She sighed again.
"You know James I wasn't surprised that the ones who attacked Paris came from Brussels. I used to work in Brussels and I knew the city really well. Then I went back for a visit three years ago and I could see the changes. The Muslims have become really powerful there. They hav
e tremendous power on the city council. And there are parts of the city that they are running as Muslim zones. Do you know for hundreds of years the Belgians put a huge Christmas tree in the Brussels town square in December. I went there expecting to see it. But there was just this huge white concrete structure. The Muslims had insisted that Christmas trees were an insult to them, So this country that had a Christmas tree every Christmas for hundreds of years, now doesn't have one."
Her voice shook as she finished.
I smiled but not as sultans smile.
I was thinking a tad ruefully about how in Ireland the liberal atheistic abortionist Fine Gael politician Alan Shatter, since resigned as a government Minister in a corruption scandal, had forced the Irish army to cease its annual Christmas display at headquarters.
No Christmas trees. No Cribs.
By Ministerial order/
I was thinking also that at this stage maybe God himself wouldn't want a Christmas tree in Belgium or Ireland,
By a strange irony God might be with the Mussies on that one.
After all Belgium has legalised abortion, Belgium has legalised euthanasia, and Belgium has legalised assisted suicide for teenagers.
And the Irish government has just legalised aborting having promised the electorate it would do no such thing.
Why on earth would God let such countries associate with him.
But I didn't say this to Eveline.
I didn't say that we cannot be sure of victory over the Muslims who are at war with us, we can only deserve it, and at the moment we do not deserve it.
I didn't say any of this.
I said: "Will your politician friend do anything about this?"
Eveline replied: "She's never mentioned it. She doesn't want to be called a racist."
That old gag.
The hour is getting late,

a charter for the defeat of the muslim terror armies currently besieging humanity

1. End Muslim immigration to our countries.

2. Expel all Jihadis, their relatives, friends and connections.

3. End immigration generally and destroy the people trafficking drug dealing IRA, Triads, Cosa Nostra, Russian Mafia and Nigerian Devil Worshippers who have collapsed immigration law by flooding our countries with Jihadis.

4. Secure our borders.

5. Er that's it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Jonah Lomu is dead.
He was a man.
Anyone who facilitated him in the use of steroids or other drugs in order to improve his musculature is complicit in his early death.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

no truth in the rumour

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Sinn Fein is to change its name to Sinn Skang The Mobsters Party before the next election in homage to its paymasters' success in the IRA as an international drug dealing people trafficking mafia. No hang on. That is true.

Copy this to: Sinn Skang election candidates Sorcha O'Neill and Thomas Redmond.

the anniversaries

Some of the housing estates in my town have been celebrating their anniversaries.
Forty years.
Fifty years.
What have you.
I didn't celebrate.
The whole thing sickened me.
There is a stink of death in my town.
Too many suicides.
Too many young men taken early.
Too many people fleeing for their lives.
One fellow killing himself by self immolation.
A second fellow doing the same thing just outside of town.
Drug overdoses.
Unexplained accidents in mysterious circumstances.
All that death.
A lad thrown from a moving vehicle.
A man who was at school with me, jumping off the bridge. (He survived and is in a wheelchair and institutionalised.)
This is happening for one reason.
Because our town is ruled by drug gangs.
Because our town is ruled by the IRA.
I ask you.
Why should children in this town have to grow up being offered drugs every day of their lives?
Why should children in this town have to negotiate their way down Main Street past the skanks who offer them drugs, skanks who command a militia that can kill or simply make life unliveable if any child gets the wrong side of them?
On the estates there are plenty of good people.
But there are four gangland families.
And these gangland families have terrorised the town and the region for forty years.
Somebody said to me: "Ah James, they never had a chance."
But no.
That's just it.
They have had a chance.
They've had forty years of free houses, free money, free education, free health care, free legal aid and free everything else.
They've had forty years of a chance.
For forty years we've forgiven them, greeted them, patched them up, prayed for them, and tried to wish them well.
And for forty years they have terrorised, poisoned, burgled, raped, violated and killed with impunity.
Here is the news.
Selling drugs to children is murder.
Causing anyone to suicide themselves is murder.
Whenever I hear of someone from my generation killing themselves, I say quietly: "You deserved better than this."
Why do we have suicides in our town?
Here's why.
Because a drug dealer in a big house in the hills wants to have a big house in the hills and nice cars for his porn dealing housebreaking jailbird brothers, his skanger children and his decrepit mistress, without ever doing a day's work in his life.
That drug dealer has corrupted the estates, voluntary organisations and everything else in this god damn town.
Our prayer group is like an encounter group for Rah mobsters.
I'm not joking.
And now he's drawing other drug dealers from Dublin to live here.
Evil drawing evil to itself.
That is why our children die young.
From now on, when people kill themselves in this town, don't shed any crocadile tears, just look up at the drug dealer's big house and remind yourself:
"Looks like you got another one Butch."
Next time you see the corrupt cop walking down main street, the one who ran the town on behalf of the drug dealer for fifteen years, say to yourself: "How many murders is that now Skang?"
Our town is not a lovely place with a great community spirit as the newspapers tell us.
Our town is a place of  malicious evil, raw fear, poison and early death.
When tinker gangs ran Portie Lawler, a vulnerable elderly man living alone, out of town on behalf of the local drug dealer, we did nothing.
When hoodlums stabbed Mr Jackman (an attack they staged as revenge for his beating off an earlier robbery attempt) and forced him to sell up his supermarket and flee town, we did nothing.
Some people cowered a bit more than usual, that's all.
Our town is enslaved by drug gangs and the Rah and a satanic hoodlum who's getting older and will soon have to give an account of himself to God.
As will we all.
But the old mobster will just have to explain why he was a murderer and why he poisoned a generation of children in our town.
We'll all have to explain why we did nothing to stop him.
He's not that impressive a fellow.
He could have been easily stopped.
He could still be easily stopped.
The photographs of the anniversaries featuring grinning gang bangers were an insult to the memory of all those who have died because of them or been terrorised by them over the past forty years.
I ask you again.
If our town and its housing estates are so wonderful, why are so many good people killing themselves to get out of here?

obscenities 2

(More obscenities in the wake of the latest Muslim attacks on Paris)

Obscenity 1. It's been revealed by the Irish Independent newspaper (no friends of mine) that the organiser of Al Qaeda's Isis franchise in Ireland has been allowed to stay in our country. The government attempted to deport him through ministerial order but an unnamed Judge in our court system ruled that the Muslim psycho killer could stay in Ireland on the grounds that he had already fathered a child here. This even after the Isis kidnappings of Yazidi, Iraqi and Christian children for sex slavery, torture and murder.

Obscenity 2. Showboating Muslim leaders pictured with Ireland's maoist atheistic abortionist President Michael D Higgins after the Paris bombings pretending to sympathise with the French. It's a toss up what's the more obscene. The Muslims pretending to sympathise over jihad or the maoist Higgins preening as the President of a democratic country.

Obscenity 3. The British have arrested a woman who wrote on her website that she would no longer serve Muslims in her beauty shop. They're not arresting Jihadis mind. They're inventing laws in order to arrest citizens for daring to speak our mind. Cowering in fear to Muslims is expected to remain legal though. It may even become compulsory.

Obscenity 4. Something styled Sheikh Halawa, head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Ireland, yet another Al Qaeda franchise, is still organising international Jihad from something styled the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin. The Irish government on foot of representations from left wing journalist Mary Fitzgerald has been using my money to try and get Halawa's son Snodgrass released from jail in Egypt where he was arrested a few years ago on Jihad tourism.

Obscenity 5. The revelation that French security had been following various Jihadis who took part in the Paris attacks.

Monday, November 16, 2015


(Aftermath of the latest Muslim attack on Paris)

British Prime Minister David Cameron giving his usual trite history lesson as he informed the world: "This is the worst atrocity on French soil since World War Two."
The media omitting to report (apparently for fear of feeding awareness about the extent of the Jihad threat) the still unexplained train derailment outside Paris which occurred within a day of the 128 murders in Paris and killed an additional 16 people.
Irish left wing journalist Mary Fitzgerald warning: "The main danger now is the rise of right wing groups opposed to immigration."
James Healy commenting on all of the above: "What the Muslims did to Paris was obscene. But the real obscenity happened after."

Delenda est jihadis

the guns of november

(Ireland in the aftermath of the Muslim attacks on Paris)

Al Qaeda has guns.
The IRA has guns.
The drug dealer who lives near me has a house full of guns.
The corrupt cop who ran my town on behalf of gangland for fifteen years has guns.
Irish citizens have no guns.
Drug scum and tinker gangs are armed to the teeth but the Irish people are not allowed to carry weapons.
Hilarious no.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

apologia pro guffaws mea

Sitting in the half light of ye olde Tearman cafe.
I've been sitting here for the past two hours.
Every now and then I pause to chuckle heartily.
The reason for my amusement?
News has reached me that Mugs Baines an old friend from school days, is returning to Ireland after a few years working overseas. Nothing to laugh about there. But wait. It's the circumstances of his journey home that I find somewhat rum. Mugs has been working in Sarajevo, and as the job has finished up, his plan apparently was to drive home across Europe in a new car he'd purchased. The Irish government has an incentive for citizens returning home from overseas that allows them to bring back cars tax fee. Mugs' brother Frederick had flown out to Sarajevo intending to drive home with him. So Frederick arrived and Mugs locked up the office door and the two piled into their new automobile and headed from Bosnia to the gates of Europe, ready for a cross continent trip to remember. Only they arrived at the border at precisely the same time as a hundred thousand Muslim immigrants who were also seeking to enter Europe by that route and at that moment.
This is why I've spent two hours laughing to myself in the cafe.
I can picture it and it makes hilarious picturing.
Oh come on.
Mugs and Frederick in a new car surrounded by milling Iraqis, Aghans and Syrians.
You'd laugh if you knew them.
Mugs and Frederick I mean.
Not the Iraqis, the Afghans and the Syrians.
But no.
There's more.
There's another reason for my levity in this matter.
Some years ago I told this same Mugs about certain trivial vexations I had been experiencing courtesy of certain peaceloving adherents of a certain peaceloving religion, with certain ways different from our own.
My punchline ran: "I gotta tell ya Mugs, it's a sobering moment when four Muslims sit at different tables around a cafe, take out their mobile phones, and start filming you."
Mugs had become all austere and cold and pseudo moral.
"How do you know they were Muslims?" quoth he. "Did they show you their Qurans?"
Fast forward to this week.
I'm imagining Mugs and Frederick stuck in heavy Muslim traffic at the gates of Vienna.
Frederick is a congenial family man. He's acted on stage. He can play the gentle aesthete from central casting any day of the week and it'll be Fergus Bueller good.
I can see Frederick in the car getting a bit nervous and Mugs getting a bit annoyed with him for getting a bit nervous.
Frederick is saying: "Johnsie (the family's name for Mugs, they never warmed to the nicknames I gave him) Johnsie, the Muslims are making me nervous,"
And Mugs becomes all austere and cold and pseudo moral and replies: "How do you know they're Muslims? Did they show you their Qurans?"
Back in the cafe in Ireland I'm writing this speculative part of the scenario in my notebook and guffawing merrily at the good of it.
The car is rocking now.
And the Muslims pull the Irishmen from it.
Frederick goes: "Er Johnsie, I think the Muslims are going to kill us."
And Mugs rasps with strange high disapproval: "That's a completely stereotypical remark. You don't know these people are Muslims. Have you seen their Qurans?"
And now the two are being strapped to ancient pillars in the ruined city of Palmyra and the Muslims are fitting explosives around them.
Frederick is seized with sudden heroic courage.
He roars: "Get your hands off me, you damned dirty Muslim apes."
And Mugs says: "How do you know they're Muslims? Have you seen their..."
And BOOOOOM!!!!!!!
Back in the cafe in Ireland, gentle friends, I have just written the word BOOM in the above scenario in my diary.
And I'm about to guffaw again frankly.
Guffaw with gusto.
Guffaw like I mean it.
But before I can emit the merest squeak of mirth, the cafe falls silent and the radio starts up.
Litterally instantaneously after I wrote BOOM.
On the radio is Mr Jonah Lewie.
He is singing his poetic, magnificent, and very silly hit entitled You Cannot Stop The Cavalry which starts with a clear cavalry bugle sounding the charge and then goes without parody:
"Hey Mr Churchill come on over here
To tell us we're doing splendidly
But it's very cold out here in the snow
Marching to and from the enemy
Oh I say it's tough
I have had enough
Can you stop the cavalry?"
It is the most marvellous piece of synchronicity.
That song coming on the radio right at that moment.
Almost enough to restore my faith in human nature.

of mice and murderers

Tea with Teresa Hattershall in her plushly appointed home.
She's an activist for the Fine Gael political party who are currently governing Ireland in coalition with the Labour Party.
My opening gambit: "Teresa are the IRA and Sinn Fein infiltrating community groups?"
She says: "Oh they're very good at it."
I say: "But you all do it, right?"
She says: "Well I don't think that's true. If we join a group everyone knows who we are. And we're unlikely to use what we learn to kill anyone."
I say: "Are you really so different from them?"
She says: "James, I heard recently that Sinn Fein offered a man twenty thousand Euro to join groups and spy for them. That's the thing. He's known to be a decent man. He's known to have no time for the IRA. And he's very active in community work. So they wait until he falls on hard times and that's when they move in."
I say: "But why pay him twenty grand? Why not just join themselves?"
She says: "They don't want people to know they're being spied on by Sinn Fein and the IRA at a community meeting. And you know they don't have that many members anyway. Even when people vote for them they don't really want to join them."
I say: "I've been aware of it for a while. Up in Louth the IRA had a cop killer on the community group that was calling for more cops to be assigned to the area. By the way I don't happen to think you're all the same. I only said that for arguments sake. But up until recently I was telling people they should punish you guys for legalising abortion and not let you stampede them away from Sinn Fein."
She says: "What changed?"
I say: "I became aware of the IRA functioning as a full time international drug dealing people trafficking mafia, mentoring gangs in towns and villages all over Ireland. Since Sinn Fein are the IRA's proxies in parliament, I could no longer justify telling people to vote for them. But I think they're going to win the next election without my endorsement. You guys are in awful trouble. And these are dark days for Ireland. My only hope is that I've called every election result wrong in Ireland, Britain and America for the last ten years."
She says: "We didn't legalise abortion. The people legalised it. The people vote for their representatives."
I say: "Your leader promised he wouldn't legalise abortion before the election. And then after the election he legalised it. He didn't allow us a referendum because he knew we would have rejected the killing of unborn babies."
She says: "We'll have to agree to differ on that one."

Saturday, November 14, 2015

today they said

(in the aftermath of the muslim attack on Paris)

Pope Francis: "This is not human,"

James Healy: "Those people are actually human. And they are here Frank because you caused the collapse of immigration law in Europe last year through your appeals for compassion towards refugees made during your visits to the refugee camp at Lampedusa. This is your work Franky baby. How about letting the real Pope have his job back?"

President Recip Teyap Erdogan of Turkey: "This is an attack on all of us."

James Healy: "No. It's an attack on us by Islamists like yourself Mr Erdogan. It is an attack on the Free World not Turkey. It is an attack by Al Qaeda's Isis franchise, which you Turks have trained, supplied, financed, and succoured every step of the way. You've allowed them free access to manoeuvre and resupply on Turkish territory. You have been complicit with them every step of the way in your eagerness to destroy the Kurds whom Isis are targetting. But even if today you are anxious to pretend to be opposed to Isis why not stop purchasing their oil to being with."

President Francois Hollande of France: "This is an act of war. We will fight this war pitilessly."

James Healy: "Words are cheap Francois. You need to stop aborting unborn babies. You need to stop dealing abortion pills to the world. You need to stop euthanising the elderly. You need to repent of your fornications with your various mistresses. You need to go to church. And then you need to get up off your fat arse and lead us."


This is what should have happened...
We should have woken up this morning to the news that the French had levelled Raqaa, that it was gone, that it was an ex caliphate. When Amnesty International shrieked "oh the humanity," President Francois Hollande should have replied: "Allez vous faire foutre  Musulmanes batardes. (Go f--- yourself you Muslim b-----ds."
All European governments should then have announced the end of funding to the Palestinian terrorist statelet.
All European governments should have announced the immediate expulsion of known Jihadis.
By midday we should have seen footage of the first mass expulsions from France of all Jihadis who had been under surveilance. If they were known Jihadis under suveilance that should have been enough reason to stop them living among us. All of them. They should have been gone by midday today.
By evening the Germans should have dismissed Chancellor Merkel whose free entry policy to Europe for Muslims had facilitated the latest Jihad murders in Paris and other Jihad attacks.
By nightfall the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny should have announced the recall of the Irish navy from the Mediterranean where it has been shipping Jihadis from Libya into Europe.

Here's what actually happened...
An awful lot of hand wringing.
Oh and late in the evening a French high speed train derailed with ten dead.
I would suggest the derailed train is more Jihad.
The irony is screaming.

Delenda est Jihadis