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Thursday, September 08, 2016

considerations vis a vis the next american presidential election

I don't think Donald Trump can win.
On a State by State basis he's holed below the waterline.
His insults to Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and former President George Bush have probably cost him Florida.
His insults to Ted Cruz and his wife and again to President Bush have possibly cost him Texas.
Yes he indeed may lose Texas where it's all but impossible for a Republican candidate to lose in a Presidential election.
Trump is dead in the water.
He's gone.
There's nothing left.
Yet still I wonder.
Can anything happen now that would hand him the Presidency?
Principled voters whether Democrat, Republican or non aligned, won't have him at any price.
We won't have him because of his business partnerships with mafia members.
We won't have him because we believe his fortune is based solely on borrowings and we have serious questions over how a man who refuses to repay a multi billion dollar loan, can get another multi billion dollar loan, and then refuse to pay it, and then get another billion dollar loan and refuse to pay it, and then get yet another billion dollar loan and refuse to pay it, and then get more billion dollar loans which maybe he'll repay or maybe he won't.
Let me be precise.
Companies controlled by Mr Trump have gone bankrupt, that is to say he has refused to repay the billion dollar loans he obtained using those companies, on four separate occasions.
And banks still give him billion dollar loans.
This too reeks of mafia.
Mr Trump will not be saved by the apparent vulnerabilities of his main rival Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.
I would contend that principled voters regard the various partisan attempts to criminalise Mrs Clinton via a fishing expedition trawl through her emails, as a supremely unmerited politically motivated piece of game playing.
Email is a comparatively new technology, the modern equivalent of office memos.
There are no established procedures for handling it.
And we don't want any procedure to be established that would make sending an office memo an exercise in legalistic neurosis.
If every politician had to work in the knowledge that their emails over any period might be seized and perused with a view to retrospectively interpreting and ascribing wrongdoing to them in order to sabotage that politician's career five years down the line, the business of government would cease.
The only politicians we would have would be people who say and write and think nothing.
The merest exchange between any politician and a third party would be lawyered up, that is to say, it would be carried out only after advanced legal consultations obsessively and exhaustively neutering anything that might be communicated.
My analysis is that most Americans will remain dismissive of the obviously opportunistic and blatantly partisan attempts to criminalise Hillary Clinton through inuendo regarding her email procedures.
Those of us who disagree with Mrs Clinton on policy and who have questions regarding her competence and who are repelled by her endorsement of the abortion of unborn children, are also singularly unimpressed by the attempts to ruin her reputation because of her email procedures.
But I ask again.
Are there any circumstances in which Trump might win?
I suppose if the specious attempts to criminalise Mrs Clinton result in prosecutorial charges, he might win.
Or if the unworthy and increasingly desperate attempts to label her as "frail" gain traction in the public mind.
Or if the mafia controlled trade unions, the Teamsters et al, decide to withdraw their traditional support for the Democratic Party and gerrymander a few key constituencies for their more directly controlled candidate.
Or if the Jihadis nuke an American city.
I am hoping these things will not happen.
And even if they did happen, principled voters might still refuse to endorse a candidate they believe is fatally flawed in terms of his character, values and personal integrity.
My prediction is that Mr Trump will suffer an historic defeat.
Which begs another question.
Will he bring the Republican Party down with him?

Monday, September 05, 2016


A children's home called Haut La Garenne on the island of Jersey is under investigation.
Allegations have emerged of serial sexual abuse, ritual violations, rapes and murders, taking place at the home.
The large number of allegations along with several other items of evidentiary information which have come into the public domain, point to many decades of violation, abuse, rape and murder of children at Haut La Garenne.
My analysis is that Haut La Garenne was used by a satanic cult for the ritual abuse of children.
My analysis is that this cult involves many levels of society on the island of Jersey, including political and law enforcement figures as well as prominent members of the business community.
I am disquieted by the manner in which the investigation is being handled.
I am disquieted that all members of staff who have at any time worked at Haut La Garenne have not been arrested, detained and interrogated.
I am disquieted that the senior officer investigating the case has been removed from the investigation.
I am disquieted at the manner in which the new senior officer investigating the case has dismissed many of the more serious allegations.
I do not believe the current investigators are seeking the truth.
I call on all men and women of good will to boycott the island of Jersey.
I call on all men and women of good will to boycott the products, people, industries, and holday resorts of the island of Jersey.
I call on all fund managers, investment comptrollers, and banking executives to divest immediately from the island of Jersey.
I call on Teresa May Prime Minister of Great Britain to take personal responsibility for the investigation.
I call on Queen Elizabeth the Second to intervene directly in this case, so that the murdered, raped, violated and ritually sacrificed children of Haut La Garenne will at last receive some form of justice.
There is no excuse for acquiescing in the child murders, rapes, ritual satanic sacrifices and sundry other tortures and violations, which have taken place at Haut La Garenne on the island of Jersey before the eyes of the world.
End this.
Bring the murderers to account.
Do it England.

Friday, September 02, 2016

book review

On Writing
By Stephen King

Did you murder that man Stephen?

Thursday, September 01, 2016


hark i hear the music come
sweet attendant of the dark
not bitterness nor yet regret
but bathos pathos listen hark
a certain call to greatness
chimes upon the midnight air
poems i have yet to write
arise and bid me hear them there
sweetest softness of the dark
haunted melodies of night
that whisper in the silences
now up now weep now write
a certain call to greatness
it chimes upon the midnight air
how dared i hope for triumph
till first i knew despair

Monday, August 29, 2016

triumph of a raconteur called horse

Dinner with the Murphys.
The noble Heelers is holding forth.
"I was sitting in the Tearman cafe with a friend," quoth I, "and I asked her did she believe in God. And she paused and then said: Yes, yes, I do believe in God. And right that moment a beautiful blue butterfly flew down from the rafters and landed on the lip of her cup. We both stared at it. It flew over to the window and fluttered there beside us for a few minutes. Then it flew off. What do you think that means?"
"It means," said Tom Murphy, "that the Tearman is a very unhygienic cafe. The place is full of feckin butterflies."

Saturday, August 27, 2016

subtle intimations of light

The Italian journalist Oriana Fallacci stood up, eyes blazing.
She leaned towards the Ayatollah Khomeini.
In a single fluid gesture she tore off the chador, a Muslim head covering she had been compelled to wear to obtain the interview, and flung it on the ground.
"I hate this medieval rag," she shouted, "and I'm not going to wear it."
The Ayatollah Khomeini's son took her arm and hustled her to one side.
He stared at her.
"That is the first time in my life," he told her, " that I have ever seen my father laugh."

(Source: Christopher Hitchens book 'And Yet.')

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

this sporting life

There has been widespread relief in Ireland tonight at news that the government is taking immediate action to address gangland infiltration of the Irish Olympic Committee.
At a packed press conference, the Irish government has announced the immediate appointment of IRA mafia capo Gerry Adams to head up the Olympic Committee.
Mr Adams will be assisted by former hitman Martin McGuinness and a committee of drug dealing people trafficking child abusing IRA skang gang mobsters including Gerry Hutch, Christopher Kinahan and Slab Murphy.
"It's the best way of dealing with corruption," commented Sports Minister Shane Ross. "We're bringing it into the open. Any attempt to remove the IRA and its associated rackateers from control of the Olympic Committee would have left us all facing charges before the courts which are themselves controlled by the IRA. At least now there is no longer any secret IRA mafia infiltration of the Olympic Committee. It's all above board. If you can't beat them join them. Oh Mummy! Helllllp!"
To allay public concerns about unofficial IRA infiltration of the Olympic Committee of Ireland, the organisation will henceforth be officially known as the IRA Olympic Committee of Ireland.
The incoming IRA Olympic Committee have already announced some of their draft picks for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
"We've picked our equestrian team this evening," announced a pleased Gerry Adams. "Cian O'Connor will ride Michelle Smith in the showjumping event. We accept that in the past there have been allegations that Cian O'Connor's horses used drugs but no allegations were ever proven against Cian himself. He's just been unlucky with the sort of horses he chose to hang out with. We also accept that some of Michelle Smith's blood samples came back as one hundred per cent Johnny Walker whiskey but these tests were carried out subsequent to her three gold medal wins in Atlanta in 1996 not before, and anyway it has never been illegal to have urine that tests positive for whiskey. In spite of all that's been said about Michelle and other IRA Olympic drug cheats, you have to remember that she was allowed to keep her three OIympic swimming gold medals. You should also remember that she's a qualified barrister and practices law in the Republic of Ireland. Amid all this media obsession about our drug cheat Olympians, the perfect compromise is to have Michelle as Cian's horse in the showjumping events. That way no one will ever be able to prove anything and even if they could prove it, they'll be too scared to say anything in case she sues them or we shoot them."
There was further surprise at the press conference this evening when Sports Minister Shane Ross told reporters that he was dealing with the current ticket fraud scandal by appointing another IRA drug dealing faction known as the INLA to handle all future sales of Olympic Games tickets in Ireland.
"The INLA will sell Ireland's Olympic tickets from now on," commented a grim Mr Ross desperately trying to conceal his British accent. "And they hate touts."