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Thursday, August 22, 2019

to the overthrow

the worm things of the soft earth
in the rainfall crawl forth
onto pavement doorstep or road
into the concrete certainty of death

they do not think but they know
that in a darkness yet to fall
there will be an overthrow
and those who rule will crawl

and those who crawl will rule
though tonight in their impossible thousands they die
crushed under wheel trampled underfoot
conquered by a nation that knows them not

rum reflections

Without the literacy and numeracy that came from the Bible, there can be no science.
Without the university system established by the Catholic Church, there can be no science.
Without "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour," there can be no science.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

porch light

creatures of the wing
crowd the haloed glass
chained by lightning
to darkness

i kill the light
they fly away free
to chase new dreams
to embrace new slavery

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

the ira a users guide

The IRA (or Rah) is a patriotic association of like minded individuals dedicated to the proposition that Irish children should grow up with a ready supply of cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and heroin available on their doorstep at competitive prices.
It is a core IRA belief that all men are created equally capable of being addicted to saleable narcotics.
Hence the IRA's motto is: Life, liberty and a larger share of the drug trade than that held by any other comparable mafia in Europe or North America.
Opium is the opium of the people, goes the famous Rah dictum.
And they mean to supply it.
In a bid to avoid being pigeon holed as drug dealers, the IRA also robs banks, engages in people trafficking, and violates children on an industrial scale with images thereof sold on the internet by Eoin Eric Marques for profit.
The favoured method of bank robbery is no longer the old fashioned caveman approach with hirsute mumbly joe Rahmen bursting in to banks with shotguns bellowing: "This is a stick up."
This method had caused endless confusion when bank tellers and customers failed to understand the Rahmen's incomprehensible attempts at verbalising until they had been shotgunned to death.
Today the favoured IRA method for robbing banks (as used at Anglo Irish Bank) is much more civilised.
First the Rah buys the bank.
Then it subverts the management.
Then it gives itself billion dollar loans for fake business ventures until the bank collapses.
This method was borrowed from the Cosa Nostra who used it to rob the Banco Ambrosiano in Italy during the 1980's.
The IRA is a forward thinking, progressive organisation with a healthy sense of irony and a fine flair for humour. In spite of decades as a KGB Soviet Communist run operation answering to its Marxian masters in Moscow, the Rah still claims to be the legitimate representative of Catholic people in Northern Ireland.
The irony is screaming.
As were most of the IRA's thousands of victims (from murder, suicide and the drug trade) over the past forty years.
One might note that the IRA represents Catholicism only in the way that mass murderer Chairman Mao represented Chinese Buddhism, that is to say, not at all.
If you are fortunate enough to meet a Rahman be careful not to criticise his rancid hypocrisy as they don't like this.
The IRA nationwide is built around a scattering of clans, often the only heroic ne'er do wells and reporbates in a given village willing to make a living by poisoning their neighbours children with drugs.
These clans give themselves distinctive names, such as the New IRA, Continuity IRA, Independent IRA, Real IRA, Official IRA, Provisional IRA the INLA and what have you.
What Have You is considered the most dangerous IRA faction of all, just after the INLA a Rah faction set up to carry out atrocities that the Rah didn't want to be associated with, ergo its cunning non use of the much loved IRA acronym.
In 1991 the IRA decided to focus full time on its drug dealing, people trafficking and child abuse divisions, abandoning what it euphemistically called "the armed struggle" in Ireland.
This change of Rah strategy away from armed struggle with the British army, the Irish army, the police, the public and anything non Rah that moved in Ireland, coincidentally occurred as the Soviet Union collapsed and the KGB informed its Rah operatives that Russia would no longer be financing their attempts to murder Northern Ireland to freedom.
It would be churlish to suggest that the IRA abandoned the armed struggle simply because the Russians pulled out of the freedom fighting scam.
But let's be clear.
The IRA abandoned the armed struggle simply because the Russians pulled out of the freedom fighting scam.
Happily for all concerned, desisting from overt terrorism has left the IRA free to focus on its other beneficial community oriented activities.
This change in IRA strategy away from armed struggle terrorism towards a policy focussed solely on drug dealing, people trafficking and child abuse is known in Ireland as The Peace Process.
For all its faults the IRA continues to hold a pre eminent position in Irish cultural, public, political and commercial life.
Street front businesses are usually Rah fronts financed by Rah banks.
Politicians from all parties campaign at the Rah's behest for the legalisation of drugs. (The subverting of politicians from all parties is another trick borrowed from Cosa Nostra.)
Respected singers like Christie Moore immortalise the IRA in monumental works such as: "Let The Wicklow Boy Go Free," "La Quinta Brigada," and the more subtly elegaic "Oooh ahhh up the Rah."
And who could forget WB Yeats masterful poem:
"Simple Simon met a Rah man,
Going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon to the Rah man,
---- off out of my country you evil  drug dealing -----."

pardon me but your kumquat is in my eschatological discourse

Debating with a woman I've met in Lidl supermarket.
She's greeted me.
She recognises me because she once worked for my uncle.
She has the notion that I am some sort of religious maniac.
She tells me she is now worshipping with a group of non Catholics.
She's mentioned the claimed apparitions at Medjugorje which she has visited and is sceptical of, and which I am careful about, but still interested in.
Ooopsies, she's taken a side swipe at the Catholic Church.
And away we go.
I'm rather enjoying her challenges.
"You Catholics let the priests come between you and God," quoth she. "There's no need for any priests. Go directly to God."
"I agree with you that people can and should go directly to God," sez me. "He's there for us. I'm with you a hundred percent on that. But I'm saying to you that the priests are a glory of the human race given by God. As is the mass. As is the celebration of communion. Why would we throw his gifts back in his face?"
"How can you say that after what they've done?"
"I stand with them. If they'll have me. I stand with them. Proudly."
"Oh James. After all their crimes."
"You're judging everyone by the slanders you've heard on RTE and in a few bankrupt Bolshevick freemasonic newspapers. In every generation the forces of hell try to murder the Catholic Church from human history. In 400 AD it was the Vandal invasions. From 700 to now, it's been Islamism. For the last 150 years the Communists have given it a whirl and they've outkilled even the Islamists. For a few decades in the 1930s and 1940s the Nazis had a go. Why would you be surprised that in our generation when two millennia of murdering priests has failed, evil would now try slander in its attempt to erase the church from human experience?"
"But you Catholics allow priests and saints and symbols and rituals to come between yourselves and God. It's not just priests. You have all this nonsense about the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints praying for you in heaven. There's no need for any of that. Go directly to God. Why would you need anyone or anything else?"
"Because has loaded reality with riches intended for us. I still agree with you that we can and should go directly to God. But the Blessed Mother and the saints are real. Like the priests and the nuns they are a glorious part of reality. Why cut ourselves off from something so beautiful?"
"If you really believe in God there is no need for saints and blessed virgins."
"Well, you say you believe in the authority of the Bible. Okay. The Bible records Peter and Paul healing people on earth as well as the Lord saying: If you believe in me you will do greater miracles than I have done. There is ample testimony from experience and from tradition that people on earth can and should pray for each other. That it works through God's power never through our own power. So why not people in heaven? I'm suggesting that somehow we become who God wants us to be when we care enough about each other to pray to God for each other. We know that here on earth sometimes God will heal a person when another person prays for him or lays hands on him. It is indeed as some Protestant believers say: God honours prayers. We also see that some people who live among us are a bit like Saint Peter and Saint Paul, ie they get quite good results from prayer, who knows why, maybe they're somehow closer to the Lord than we are. Okay then. If God has told us to pray for each other on earth as most believing Protestants and Catholics profess, and if God has made us immortal souls, why would we doubt the reality that holy people after death who go to God can still pray for us in heaven? That's the Catholic understanding anyway. My testimony to you is that it is true."

if my jack russell had been lead singer with the doors

There are things known.
And things unknown.
And in between are the biscuits.

Monday, August 19, 2019

brexit bawls

It takes a certain category of genius to continually plumb new depths.
I am rarely surprised by the depths to which Independent Newspapers routinely sinks, the depths of their nihilism, their paganistic hedonism, their atheism, their arrrant unthinking conformism in the guise of pseudo radicalism, their hatred for Christianity, their detestation of the dignity of the person, their loathing for our past, their worship of amoral kleptocratic billionaires such as their former owner Tony O'Reilly or their current white collar criminal owner Denis O'Bribe... it's all so wearisomely predictable.
Today I admit I was a little surprised at an Independent Newspapers headline.
It seemed to reach a new low.
Bear in mind that Ireland's Fine Gael government under Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has just announced a ban on motor cars that use petrol (ie ones that work) from 2030.
Here's the headline in the Irish Independent on page 7:
"Slump In New Car Sales As Buyers Turn To Used Imports In Face Of Brexit Uncertainty."
Intriguing eh!
The government bans the motor car.
Motor car sales fall.
And the geniuses at Independent House tell us the fall in car sales is because the British are leaving the European Union.
You couldn't make it up.
Well folks.
There is no business model for that newspaper group.
I mean they're bust.
They can't lose any more readers because they don't have any.
They can't be any more bust than  losing a billion dollars in forty years of false accounting and having the government write off their billion dollar debts to Allied Irish Bank by purchasing the bank with public money and cancelling the debt.
Yet through the endless largesse of the government, Independent Newspapers has found an undefeatable business model.
They don't need readers as long as the government is cancelling their debts and slipping them the odd million under the table through the Prime Minister's illegal media unit which has been paying Independent Newspapers and other publications to print government press releases disguised as news.
Hence in the world of Independent Newspapers, nothing is Varadkar's fault nor will it ever be.
It's all Brexit.
Hilarious no.
The readerless Indo was in fact full of Brexit Bawls government press releases masquerading as news today.
On the front page  we had the coy enough Bawls headline:
"Brexit Risk To 5 Euro Pension Hike."
On page five we had a more saucy Bawls angle about the status of the Irish border with Northern Ireland being adversely affected by the British leaving Europe. Apparently the IRA mafia find borders very upsetting and may do something worse than poisoning a generation of Irish children and adults with drugs if the border is enforced. Bless. I mean Bawls.
On page 7 we had the previously mentioned Classic Bawls Surprise about car sales.
On page 23 we had an editorial headline Bawling: "We Will All Pay A High Price For A No Deal Brexit."
On page 24 in the Business Section, the Bawls reached fever pitch: "Buoyant Economy Under Threat From Brexit And World Slow Down."
The world slow down comes in second place.
And the excessive pay rates with which Prime Minister Leo Varadkar routinely bribes the public service and the rackateer run trade union sectors, don't even merit a mention in an assessment of the Irish economy's health or ill health.
Everything is coming up Bawls.
Perhaps there is some employee at Independent House, perhaps one of O'Bribe's drones in Sector Seven Gee, reading this right this moment, within whom still flickers a vestige of conscience.
If so he might ask himself:
Is it really wise to continually tell the Irish people that they bear no responsibility for the condition of their country or the invidiousness of their governments?
Is it really wise to force the citizenry through taxation to finance newspaper and media groups that the people are unwilling to support deliberately through choice by purchasing their titles or listening to their programming?
Is it really wise to train the populace to blame all their ills on Brexit, Climate Change and the past generations while the country is engulfed by suicide, abortion, drug dealers, gangsterism, and murder?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

expostulation and reply

"I understand Ireland has to change but I don't understand why they have to hate what came before," expostulated Bill Baines.
I lowered my coffee cup portentously.
"You're a bit of an innocent Bill," I said. "Chairman Mao killed massive amounts of people before he took power. But he killed a hundred million after he took power when there was no longer any need to kill anyone."
"What has that to do with Ireland?" asked Bill.
"This," said I. "The whole vision of the Varadkar/Zappone government, the media and ruling pseudo elites in Ireland is like the vision of Chairman Mao in China. It's based on hate. Like Chairman Mao, even in victory they can't switch it off. Hate is their only fuel. They couldn't have legalised abortion in Ireland, without hating the unborn. They couldn't have told children that they might be one of 57 different genders and signed them up for  mutilating sex change operations at the age of 15 which don't work, without hating children. They couldn't seek to legalise drug use on behalf of the IRA and associated mafias, without hating humanity, freedom and the dignity of the person. They couldn't tell adults that mutual masturbation by people of the same gender amounts to a marriage, without hating marriage. They couldn't seek to legalise assisted suicide without hating life. They couldn't seek to legalise euthanasia, without hating the elderly. They couldn't seek to conceal the vast rate of suicide in Ireland by removing the concept of suicide from Irish law, without hating the people and indeed life itself. They couldn't have facilitated the creation of life in test tubes, without hating the act of love. They couldn't have facilitated the destruction of life in test tubes (they kill nine for every one they allow to live) without hating the human soul. They couldn't have sought to slander the Catholic Church out of existence, without hating God. They want you to hate the past because they hate the past. But acquiescing to their hatred, their murders, their slanders and their lies will not stop them hating or murdering or slandering or lying. Hate is all they know. Hate is all they are. Hate is all they have to offer. Their only love is the lie."

Thursday, August 15, 2019

towards a grand theory of everything

A bolt from the blue.
Sudden clarity.
The vapid erotomania and sensualised violence of the James Bond films is not a realistic depiction of reality.
More importantly the depiction of women in James Bond films is not accurate.
I have entered adult life burdened by a basic misconception about the feminine mystique.
In real life there are no Bond girls.
There are no girls sidling around suggestively with names like Pussy Galore, Honeychile Ryder or Doctor Holly Goodhead.
Even the Irish Bond girl Givvus Akiss is not real.
These people do not exist.
Women are not like this.
Those James Bond films have a lot to answer for.
My social awkwardness is now understandable.
Like the conformist skangs blaming the Catholic Church for their lack of happiness, I have at last found an excuse.
It's all James Bond's fault.
I wonder could I sue Cubby Broccoli's estate.
Broccoli always was my least favourite vegetable.

are certain specificities in the bible confirmed by modern scholarship

There are some eye catching discoveries of the present era which dovetail rather neatly with writings in the Bible.
Increasingly it seems we are obtaining corroborated ontological evidence that there is more proven and demonstrable truth in the Book of Genesis than in the twin mathematical fantasies of Quantum and Relativity theory which have hilariously, and emperors new clothesily, become the foundational lode stones of modern science. (Quantum and Relativity are mutually incompatible by the way, they contradict each other, so one is false, and both may be.)
But is there specific truth in the Bible?
Consider the following.
In Chapter 2 of the Book of Genesis we hear of the first humans, the parents of all mankind, who are named Adam and Eve.
Current studies emanating from the University of Basel in Switzerland and the Rockefeller University in the USA assert on genetic grounds that a single male and female couple are the ancestors of all mankind.
Interesting, what!
In Chapter 7 of the Book of Genesis we hear of a a world wide flood sent by God to punish humanity.
Anthropologists of the present era note that flood myths containing identical salient details to the account of Noah and the Ark exist in cultures scattered all over the globe.
Even sceptical and atheistic scholars now accept, arising from multiple cross cultural attestations, that the flood in Genesis was a real event. Some scholars still insist it was localised to Mesopotamia or Turkey, and not world wide.
Would none of the ancient tribes who left a record of this event, have noticed it had boundaries?
Were there no tribes located at the boundaries to leave us a flood myth where it's big but not world wide?
Bogus dudes.
Nor are the sceptics and atheists in this instance able to explain why Australian aborigines, South American Indians, Chinese tribes, Africans, Greeks, Summerians, and Europeans would have flood legends agreeing on so many major points, ie that God punished all mankind with a flood, that a chosen man was warned to build a boat in order to survive, and that the same man was told to bring males and females of the animal kingdom onto the boat so that the earth would be replenished with animal as well as human life when the waters subsided.
The detail included in many of the dispersed cultural accounts that most gets my attention is when the man sends out a dove to check if the waters are receding.
When I read that in the different versions, I feel I'm hearing about the same event.
In Chapter 11 of the Book of Genesis, it is recorded that at one time the whole earth had a single language but that God scrambled it into different languages as a rebuke to humanity for its arrogance,
There is significant linguistic evidence in the present era that every language on earth descends from a single language. This evidence includes identical vocabularies existing in widely dispersed languages whose antecedents had no known historical contact with each other when the vocabularies arose. My own statement of the case is somewhere on this website..
Finally in considering whether the Bible contains truth of this extraordinary nature, let us recall the words of Nobel Prize winning scientist Arno Penzias whose discovery of back ground radiation in the night sky led him to affirm the postulation that the observable universe began from a single point:
"The best data we have are exactly what I would have predicted had I nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, the Bible as a whole."

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

the story of my quarrel with mark zuckerberg

Today they said...

Mark Zuckerberg: "We want parents to feel safe when their children use Facebook."

James Healy: "In that case tell the Irish police who murdered Darren Gibson and Nicole Fenton."