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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dublined in the afternoon. The city swept by Summer rain. Strolled through streets diamond wet. Ah life you bauble, come to me.
Italian lesson with villainy Angela.
She is still the most beautiful girl I know.
And as always I trust her as I would adders fanged.
Well you know.
We had a new plot twist this afternoon. Over the course of the lesson Angela mentioned her boyfriend no less than eight times.
Just slipped him into the conversation as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
"My boyfriend loves the world cup." "My boyfriend voted communist in the Italian election." Et cetera, et cetera and so on ad infi blooming nitum.
Once would have been a signal.
Eight was like bludgeoning me to death.
Subtle it wasn't.
I've known Signorina Angela for a year. No previous mention of Ruddigore.
And now eight mentions in an hour.
What does this mean?
Perhaps she's no longer trying to get her hands on the Heelers fortune.
Or could it be a double bluff? Could she be trying a new approach to get me to lower my defences?
Or what if it's a triple cross? What is she's seen this website?