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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Kilcullen Incident


Blogger heelers said...

Hi all. Paticularly Schnee and Gen.
Here's a few shots to give an overview of what we saw. Plus one enlarged shot.
Four possibilities I can think of.
1. Hoax. (A new UFO book has just been published. The lights on the cover look like ours. Would someone trying to sell a book stage a thing like this? Could they?)
2. Technical explanation but not a hoax. (Some piece of equipment, or some weather condition producing the effect.)
3. The Divine or supernatural.
4. Vistors from another world, dimension.
Schnee the Dad answered your question about unexplained excitement exactly the opposite to the way I answered it. He said he WAS aware of an excitement he could not explain or control.
I'll post again tonight 4am Irish time.
Cheers, James

10:16 PM  

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