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Friday, September 25, 2009

a day of ten graces

1. Email from Anissa.

2. Running late for an appointment. Instead of driving off in a hurry, I stopped in the garden to praise God. A squirrel emerged from the hedge. He moved like a wave of the sea across the lawn. His motion was beautiful. I stood stock still. He paused once or twice to look at me. He reached the gable edge of the house and retrieved a small fallen apple from the grass. He held it in his hands and nibbled. Then he clutched it in his mouth and moved back the way he'd come. Still in wave motion. Apple and all. He was within ten feet of me. He exited onto the avenue by the front gate.

3. Coffee with Giovanna at the Cafe Aroma.

4. Aljona in Lucan.

5. Grand Duchess Anastasia in Costa Cafe, Dawson Street.

6. Phone call to Doctor Barn. I said: "Anything to talk about?" He said: "Sweet feck all." I found his answer immensely cheering.

7. Text from Medbh Gillard to say she'd tracked down some cartoons that had gone missing in the post.

8. Nearly drove into the back of a car near Lucan. Braked just in time. Any day when the accident doesn't happen is a good day.

9. My little nephew Tom arrived at the house exclaiming: "Oh good, James is here."

10. Pork chops for supper which I shared with Paddy Pup and MC Hamster.


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