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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

from battlefields afar

Last week British special forces launched a raid in Afghanistan to rescue New York Times journalist Stephen Farrell.
The British fought with typical heroism.
They are still lions.
Albeit lions led by Millipedes.
They went in, wiped the floor with Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and rescued the idiot Farrell.
Farrell is a Paddy Whack.
I am ashamed to say he is Irish.
He has spent the War On Terror attempting to undermine the Allies.
I mean the good guys.
I mean the Americans and the British without whom the rest of the world will sink into dark Islamic night.
Interestingly enough, Farrell had previously been taken hostage by Islamic fascists in no less a country than Iraq.
That was back in 2004.
For some reason Al Qaeda released him that first time.
I wonder why.
Maybe they thought he was on their side.
An understandable mistake because the New York Times is on their side.
In Afghanistan last week the Brits taught Al Qaeda and the Taliban a few more lessons.
In the midst of the fire fight a British soldier was killed.
I salute this hero.
While the bullets were flying, the half witted Farrell, and his Afghan translater attempted to make a run for it from the Al Qaeda Taliban safe house where they'd been imprisoned.
The translator was cut down probably by the fleeing Muslims.
I would not wish such a death on anyone.
But I will not salute him.
He and Farrell had been warned by the Allies not to go into the area where they were kidnapped.
They had gone there anyway, seeking to discredit the Allies for an airstrike on the Al Qaeda Taliban army in that same location a few days earlier.
They had gone there hoping to sing the usual Quisling song about innocent civilians among the Al Qaeda Taliban dead.
That song is getting kind of old.
No, I won't be saluting Farrell's dead translator.
Or Farrell.
The useless bastard and his useless traitor newspaper are claiming at the moment that no rescue attempt should have been made because negotiations with the Muslim Nazis had been underway.
It's the price of them.
But the Brits went in anyway.
And they did the job.
In spite of having their hands tied behind their back with ridiculous rules of engagement which ensure that in every encounter with the enemy they'll lose a hero or two.
I don't like these rules of engagement.
I don't like our heroes being forced to take bullets from Islamist scum.
I think Prime Minister Gordon Brown should put a stop to these rules of engagement.
He should tell Afghanistan's newly re-elected President Karzai in no certain terms to start acting a bit more grateful when our heroes kick Islamist ass.
And he should tell Stephen Farrell and the all but defunct New York Times to go **** themselves.


Anonymous Mary said...

Your words here make my heart sing....f%^K the New York Times indeed!

10:03 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

You and I will give the people back their heroes.
And their F words!

4:02 AM  

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