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Saturday, October 17, 2009

moderately annoying fellows

The three main writers at Independent Newspapers are Paedophile Ian O'Doherty (so called because he falsely maliciously and malignly referred to the Catholic church as a paedophile ring in a recent article), John "Boycott The Sacraments" Cooney (he called for a boycott of the sacraments in a recent article) and Kevin "Piss" Myers (he sneered that there is no God in a recent article).
Of these the most cowardly and mendacious is Paeds O'Doherty.
The most paradoxically honorable is Piss Myers.
And the most odious is Sacraments Cooney.
Sacraments Cooney had an article in the Irish Independent this week in which he claimed Ireland had "reeled" at revelations in something called the Ryan Report which purported to be an investigation of abuse in Catholic Church run schools.
The Ryan report featured atheistic liberals recycling old allegations of abuse, broadening the definition of abuse to include anything they wanted it to be, and creating an illusion of generalised abuse in the Ireland of the past in order to deliberately distract people's attention from the abominable levels of child abuse, child murder, child violation, child rape, and child sacrifice to satan, in the Ireland of today.
I say more.
The Ryan report was a blatent attempt to stop people seeing the atheistic tide of drugs and porno poison currently sweeping our country and our culture back to the dark ages.
Ah yes.
So according to Sacraments Cooney the Ryan report caused Ireland to "reel."
It didn't.
The only ones reeling were journalists employed by a company styling itself Independent Newspapers.
Why, they positively danced in the street.
While their sales figures dipped a little closer to absolute zero.
They are sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Still parotting the same anti Catholic clap trap.
Here is the news.
Here is the news that genuinely does make Ireland reel.
Health Boards in Ireland are smuggling children who have been raped by Health Board staff over to England for abortions.
At least twenty children have died in Health Board care in the past few years.
These deaths have not been explained or investigated or properly reported in the piously hypocritical Irish Independent.
Michael Neary violated hundreds of women on the operating table at Drogheda Memorial hospital.
Neary's legal team devised a defence statement for Neary which claimed Neary had carried out his clandestine violations of these women because the Catholic ethos of the hospital prevented him from sterilising them legally.
Bear in mind that none of these women had requested sterilisations and that none of these women medically required sterilisations.
Neary was violating them because he liked it.
I wonder did a man like that figure he owed it to himself to kill a few.
An accomplice is currently hiding out in the wilds of Scotland.
Neary's violation of hundreds of women on the operating table, his pathetic anti Catholic defence for his violations, and his continued freedom and pension rights, have not been properly highlighted, focussed on, or reported in the Irish Independent, The Irish Times, RTE or any of the liberal media who pretend to be so shocked by the Ryan Report.
Meanwhile a group of twelve year old children have been questioned by police after forcing some four year old children to perform sex acts and filming the sex acts on their mobile phones.
Children are murdered by their parents and the coroner's office deliberately obfuscates about the cause of death in order to allow the murdering bastards attend the funeral.
The State pathologist Marie Casserley has an unfortunate prediliction for saying people beaten to death in the streets may have died from underlying heart conditions or because they had alcohol in their system.
A spate of child suicides across the Republic is all but ignored in the liberal media.
Crime gangs have taken over our cities.
And two hundred thousand Muslims who smuggled themselves into the country in the back of lorries, are now clutching freshly minted Irish passports, every one bought and paid for, and biding their time for the civil war they know they will soon wage for ultimate power here.
And the Irish Independent thinks Ireland is reeling on account of the Ryan Report.
It. Is. Time. For. Us. To. Put. A. Stop. To. This.


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