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Friday, December 11, 2009

a satire on the reporting style of independent newspapers with regard to pope john paul the second

the pope looked old
the pope looked very old
the pope looked very old and walked with a stick
the pope looked old very old walked with a stick and is going to die soon
soon the pope will die
the pope is reeeeeeeeeaaaalllly verrrrry old
soon he will be an ex pope
the pope is decaying
the pope is ancient
the pope is decrepit
bye bye popey bye bye
come on we're waiting
surely he'll be dead soon
he is soooooooooooooo realllllllllly verrrrrrrrrrrrry old
not like tony o'reilly
that gay young thruster
with his shock of golden hair
glinting in the sun
like a field of ripe corn
and his fascinating stories about rugby players
and his amazing stack of cash
and his beautiful plummy accent
and his school tie
and his newspaper group
and and and
loved by millions


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