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Friday, February 05, 2010

who closed carluccios

Carluccios cafe on Dawson Street in Dublin has closed.
I know why.
I went in there a few months ago with Giovanna.
It was a moderately well run place in the Italian style.
Interesting food.
Passable ambience.
Only one small drawback.
A little thing.
A trifle.
Hardly worth mentioning.
After five minutes I had spotted at least three members of staff whom I recognised from the Black Jackets Muslim crime gang.
The Black Jackets currently control Grafton Street and other city centre locations through an array of sign holders who stand on the pavement from dawn to dusk.
The sign holders are pretending to advertise businesses located nearby.
In actuality holding their signs allows them to monitor the street and carry on their dealing and enforcement activities in plain view.
No less than three of them were working in Carluccios.
No business on earth can keep its clientele with three Muslim gang members on its wait staff.
That's why Carluccios has closed.
The owners say they're closing because of high overheads, rates and rent.
Rates and rent in Dublin are foolishly high.
But I say it again.
I have been in Carluccios once and would never go back because I saw three gang members on the staff who had previously hassled me in the streets.
I've been hassled by this gang up and down for the past nine years after complaining about a Muslim waiter called Amhrasser in Bewleys Cafe.
I kid you not.
I've been reluctant to avoid Grafton Street though.
I don't want the Muslims to get confused.
They might start thinking they own the place.
Over the years I've recognised other Black Jackets working in city centre cafes.
Terrorism and waitressing seems to be their major calling in life.
A Pakistani member of the Black Jackets has been appointed manager in the Kylemore Food Court at the Stephens Green Centre. His male friend who wears the improbable name tag Vicky is another Black Jacket and is also employed at the Food Court.
I don't ID them lightly.
Only when I know it's them do I point out who and what they are.
Muslim street thugs.
Dim lights.
And not invisible.
Do not be surprised when the Kylemore Food Court goes out of business like Carluccios.
The Black Jackets use another Kylemore Cafe, the one on O'Connell Street, as a meeting place. They coordinate their daily activities from there at window tables in view of the Spire monument outside. Security staff at the Kylemore turn a blind eye to them.
There are two Black Jackets working as trainees in the Costa Cafe on Dawson Street.
They use fake names.
Alejandro is one of them.
Ha, ha, ha.
His real name is Mohamed Al Psycho Al Rude Waiter Al Bashir.
Alejandro indeed.
The Costa on Dawson Street will be scratching their heads about a mysterious down turn in business right up until the moment they go crash bang wallop bust.
Another Black Jacket works in the Westbury Hotel.
Black Jackets work in security at both the Stephens Green Centre and in the Ilac Centre on Henry Street and at takeaways, pharmacies and businesses all along Grafton Street.
A veritable menagerie of Muslim Black Jacket gang members work at Bewleys cafe on Grafton Street.
Bewleys is like the elephant's graveyard for Arab and African Muslim street thugs.
Bewleys went bust a few years ago because of its policy of employing gang members.
Some idiot journalists in the Irish Times prevailed upon our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government to throw tax payers money at Bewleys in order to help keep Arab and African Muslim gang members working as rude waiters in the style to which they have become accustomed.
Bewleys is open again.
I'd wager not for long.


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