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Thursday, April 22, 2010

waiter there's a jihadi in my soup and i think he's about to self detonate

Best Muslim Stories Currently Being Ignored By The Media Groups Of The Free World.
1. The recently released army report into Al Qaeda agent Malik Hassan's murder of 15 soldiers at a base in the continental United States contains no mention of Islamic terrorism. I kid you not.
2. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles, the Qatari diplomat who terrorised passengers on an internal flight in the United States two weeks ago, has been released without charge. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles terrorised the flight as part of Al Qaeda's disruption strategy, aimed at creating panic on airplanes and when possible downing them. Mohammed Motadi Al Giggles was on his way to visit an Al Qaeda agent currently being held captive at an American prison. His explanation to authorities, that he terrorised the passengers on his flight simply for a joke, has been accepted by Barack Obama's security officials. Al Giggles will retain his freedom up until the moment after he commits mass murder. There is no other way he's going to be held accountable. Barack likes to make sure there's a body count of American citizens before any of these Jihadi's face even the vaguest of punishments. Al Giggles is being permitted to leave the United States to "take up a new diplomatic posting." I kid you not.
3. In early April, during Holy Week, a group of over 100 Muslims infiltrated the Catholic Cathedral in the southern Spanish city of Cordoba and began chanting Islamic prayers. The Muslims were Austrian passport holders, thus allowing them to carry out their intimidation activities in Spain without risking the loss of Spanish citizenship. Their facilitators and co-conspirators were Muslims holding Spanish passports. The Muslims had chosen to launch their provocation during the holiest season of the Christian calendar. A policeman and a security guard were hospitalised trying to remove them from the Cathedral. Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Jorge Luis Zapatero has given Spanish citizenship to over four million Muslims in the aftermath of the Muslim bombing of Madrid which killed 200 people. I kid you not.
4. Gert Wilders, Prime Minister in waiting in the Netherlands, is currently on trial for daring to tell electors that if he wins the election he will be ending Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. Pym Fortyn, the last Dutch politician who stood on a similar agenda, was murdered by Muslims. This time the Muslims are being facilitated in their hijacking of a European country by the left wing political pseudo establishment and Judiciary of that country. This blatent attempt to criminalise a political party for its manifesto is being ignored in the newspapers of the Free World. Apparently we don't need to know. Move along folks. No Jihad here. I kid you not. 
5. Colonel Gadaffi has just declared a Jihad against Switzerland. I kid you not.


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