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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the monica leech laugh in

The Managing Director of collapsed financial services company Allied Irish Bank last year paid himself a sum well in excess of three million dollars. This was for running a bank that lost thousands of millions (billions) of dollars that same year. All AIB's declared profits over the past twenty years were contrived using sleight of hand accountancy tricks. Like Ireland's other corrupt banks, it was never making money. As per usual with gangster banks, it has now been taken over by the Irish government. That is to say successive Irish governments have signed up present and future generations of Irish people, without our consent, to paying AIB's gambling losses. Several years ago AIB Board member Lochlainn Quinn bought a vineyard in France for thirty million dollars. Nothing Lochlainn Quinn has ever done in his useless incompetent corrupt tenure as a Board member at AIB or anywhere else, should have entitled him to have thirty million bucks in his back pocket for buying vineyards. These people have bankrupted the nation and they're still living large on the proceeds. Interestingly enough Lochlainn Quinn is the brother of  government Minister Ruairi Quinn. Ruiari Quinn, a Labour Party parliamentarian in coalition with a party called Fine Gael, is at present attempting to seize Catholic Church Secondary Schools and put them under his own administration. What sort of administration would that be? Ruairi Quinn is a self styled atheistic humanist, essentially a rebranded communist. You can expect him to bring all the inspirational enlightened insights to children's education of his former  heroes Vladdie Lenin, Joe Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Robert Mugabe, and Chairman Mao. A few years ago I heard him telling a group of peasants in the South Kildare town of Athy that "Ireland is a seriously rich nation." Ah yes. The bright shining lie. It wasn't just corrupt Fianna Failers who were spinning it. Every two bit socialist with a penchant for bribing the citizenry into permanent dependancy culture slavery was saying the same thing. So far worse than being an outdated Bolshevick with a bigoted hatred for the Catholic Church and the brother of an evil super rich villainous banking mandarin who has bankrupted the nation, far worse than both of these, Ruairi Quinn is also... unlike his lies... not too bright.


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