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Saturday, November 26, 2011

watching the defectives

The great moralists of Independent Newspapers today called for heads to roll at Irelands national broadcaster RTE.
RTE had attempted to ruin, nay murder, a Catholic priest (and his family, and friends, and church) by promoting false claims that the priest had raped a little girl in Africa and fathered a daughter with her.
Yes bold readers.
I do indeed maintain that what RTE did amounts to the attempted murder of Father Kevin Reynolds.
There was a significant chance that the public broadcast to the nation of these utterly false claims might cause this aged priest to simply kill himself.
RTE knew this full well.
There have been many previous suicides of priests, and victims and supposed victims, following RTE broadcasts.
RTE did what it did in spite of the priest's willingness to take a paternity test.
The RTE journalist Aoife Kavanagh who was central to the team of RTE malefactors promoting the malicious falsehoods against Father Reynolds, is looking dapper and unworried by it all.
Aoife Kavanagh will be well aware that the head of Ireland's Journalists Trade Union, a certain Mr Seamus Dooley, has already warned against any attempts by one the official Boards of Enquiry into the debacle currently underway, to make her reveal her sources.
According to Seamus Dooley it is a crime against probity to attempt to compel a journalist to reveal her sources.
Yes Seamus.
Unless of course the source in question has been trying to ruin and/or murder a man and his church by falsely claiming that the man has raped a child and fathered a child with the child he raped.
In those circumstances Seamus it is absolutely incumbent on Aoife Kavanagh not only to reveal her source, but also to confirm beyond all reasonable doubt, that she actually had a source.
Cos you know what Seamus.
I don't think she had.
But Aoife's sitting pretty.
She knows the cavalry in the form of Seamus Dooley and others of his ilk will soon come to her aid.
There ain't nuthin goin on but the rent.
The RTE programme producer responsible for the attempted character assassination on Father Kevin Reynolds has effectively fled the country to take up a top job offer at CNN.
I'm not surprised.
Like I always say.
There are no consequences for these people.
RTE disseminated its malicious and false allegations about Father Reynolds on television and radio to an audience touching on a million people while refusing Father Reynolds the chance to take a paternity test in advance of its broadcast.
Additional reportage in the print media meant that RTE's attempt to destroy the priest, which I regard as part of its ongoing attempts to dechristianise Ireland over the past forty years, effectively reached the attention of every citizen in the Republic.
That's some bit of slander right there.
The murder of a reputation.
With the aforementioned possible pay off that they just might manage to murder him for real as well.
The priest was exonerated only because he was (a) fortunate enough to still be alive and vigorous enough to defend himself, and (b) because the left wing activist group styling itself the Association of Catholic Priests obtained a supervised third party blood test which apparently proved that Father Reynolds was innocent.
I'm not accustomed to praising the left wing activist group which styles itself the Association of Catholic Priests.
In this case the nation owes them a debt of gratitude.
As do I.
You see, the crimes perpetrated by RTE against Father Reynolds were financed by us all.
And because we're financing RTE, we too are implicated in their bigotries.
Let me explain.
The anti Catholic Bolshevicks of RTE are each remunerated annually to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars at public expense.
In Ireland we are compelled by law to finance through compulsory taxation the anti Catholic televsion channel RTE regardless of whether we watch it or approve of it or not.
We are also prevented by law from setting up television stations at our own expense to compete with it.
The wheel is rigged and it's the only game in town.
And so to Independents Newspapers.
Today, Independent Newspapers through one of its hagette journos a certain Alison O'Connor, attempted to salve some journalistic credibility for itself arising from the RTE debacle by issuing a few mild criticisms of its putative anti Catholic ally RTE.
The reason the two thousand million dollar indebted Independent Newspapers might want to salve credibility for itself in this instance is because Independent Newspapers has cheer-led the anti Catholic pogrom in Ireland of which RTE is only a part.
And the readership of Independent Newspapers' loss making titles has as a result sunk to nothing.
Oh they blame the internet.
Every pornographer in Western Europe is blaming the internet.
But this is a reality check.
While sneering at the Catholic Church for the past half century, Independent Newspapers and its allies have most assuredly all but sneered themselves out of existence.
They live now only on borrowings from corrupt collapsed idiot banks and corrupt collapsing idiot governments.
So Alison O'Connor of Independent Newspapers in righteous high dudgeon holier than thou mode, as though she wasn't herself an atheistic abortionist anti Catholic bigot, proclaims in the pages of the Irish Independent that... heads must roll at RTE.
I'll have to ask for a Judge's ruling on this one.
Hey Judge Liberal.
Got a minute.
Alison O'Connor thinks people should be fired from RTE over its malicious attempt to destroy Father Kevin Reynolds.
Yet Alison O'Connor works for the most vicious, vile, invidious and venal anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe.
More precisely she works for the newspaper group that recently facilitated Paedophile Ian O'Doherty in his casually invidious libelling of the entire Catholic Church.
Independent Newspapers disseminated nationwide Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's egregious, malicious, vicious, malign and utterly false assertions in a newspaper column claiming that the Catholic Church is itself a paedophile ring.
Clearly Independent Newspapers had decided in attaching the name paedophile to more than a billion Catholics, that we are all fair game in the Independent Newspapers pogrom against the ancient faith.
And since the word Paedophile may now be so casually attached to me and a billion other noble servitors of humanity, ie the Catholic Church, we must presume the law has absolutely ceased to function in protecting our good names.
Of course there are no consequences for the bigots who traffic in these lies.
No consequences for Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
No consequences beyond collapsing newspaper sales.
No consequnces beyond the fact that since the law has ceased to function to protect a billion people from Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's most casual semi literate incitements to hatred, clearly there is no longer a prohibition on any of the rest of us casually attaching the term paedophile to a disgusting opprobrious drug using lout like Paedophile Ian O'Doherty.
But here's the rub.
Independent Newspapers fired no one after Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's outrage.
Independent Newspapers continued with its anti Catholic pogroms just as it had done before.
There were no consequences for Independent Newspapers staff or editors over the publication of Paedophile Ian O'Doherty's attempt at incitement to hatred.
So it goes.
Let me this way put it.
Independent Newspapers calling for heads to roll at RTE over RTE's anti Catholicism is like the master of whores calling the kettle an Albanian prostitute.


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