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Friday, September 28, 2012

enda kenny meets the pope

Enda Kenny, an otiose county councillor who became Prime Minister of Ireland through the happy accident of every other candidate for the job dying of syphilis (Every other candidate for the job dying of looting the treasury to bail out gangster banks surely? - Ed note) announced last week that he was about to meet the Pope.
The bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent, the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Times, and the bankrupt anti Catholic Daily Mail colluded with Councillor Kenny in the propagation of his lie about meeting the Pope.
In fact Enda Kenny was due to attend a meeting of European politicians.
The meeting of politicians was to be addressed by the Pope.
There was never any meeting scheduled between the Pope and Enda Kenny.
At no time in fact did the Pope meet Enda Kenny.
The bankrupt anti Catholic newspaper groups of the Republic of Ireland have spent the few days since the non meeting pretending they never really thought that an actual meeting with the Pope would take place and that it was always clear from their false reportage that this would in fact be a general audience.
Incidentally the bankrupt anti Catholic Independent Newspapers group along with the similarly bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Times and the rather pathetically bankrupt hind tit anti Catholic Daily Mail each publish one photo of Enda Kenny every day while routinely disseminating his lies in their propaganda pieces masquerading as news reporting.
They do this because they are hoping he will corruptly finance them with public money as he has done Ireland's collapsed banks.
That is all.


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