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Saturday, October 20, 2012

arrant plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

The bankrupt anti Catholic Daily Mail newspaper and the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Indpendent newspaper and their associated titles are this week full of stories (good ones and honorable ones) about the corrupt (they did not use this precise word or the deliberately incriminating words that follow) sentencing practices of Judge Martin Nolan, the mafioso atheistic Marxian Judge in the pay of gangsters, famous in Ireland for maliciously and wrongfully throwing family man Paul Begley in jail for six years over a quarrel with the tax man about European Union mandated Value Added Tax on garlic (Mr Begley was repaying everything the Vat man claimed he owed), while the very same Judge Martin Nolan and his equally malign colleagues within Ireland's corrupt devil worshipping free masonic Labour Party Fine Gael voting Marxian Judiciary, were releasing rapists, assaulters, drug dealers, rackateers, arsonists, embezzlers, grievous bodily harmers, murderers et al (particularly al, I hate him) with no jail sentence at all.
So the Daily Mail and the Irish Independent have finally discovered the malign corruption of Judge Martin Nolan and his pals.
At last.
The solution offered by these debased and defunct newspaper groups is to suggest our government passes laws requiring judges to impose mandatory sentences on hoodlums. The newspapers believe that theoretically at least this would remove Judge Martin Nolan's freedom to err in these matters might help.
The only problem is gentle readers that a few years ago we already actually passed such laws relating specifically to drug crimes, and our liberal atheistic Judges, (free masons, atheists, devil worshippers all, or else the sons, daughters, wives, mistresses or cat Tiddles of kleptocratic passport selling Fianna Failers, Labour Party scuzz, or Fine Gael parvenus), these very Judges I say, simply ignored the laws we had passed on mandatory sentencing for drug dealers, and continued to release the drug dealers, who were in fact their bosses, their partners in crime, their allies in the destruction of law in the Republic of Ireland, yes these same judges, simply ignored the laws we had passed and continued to release their drug dealing friends into the community with gay abandon.
Hoo baby.
The only thing that will help resolve the Judge Martin Nolan problem is if the public remove Judge Martin Nolan and his corrupt pals from the judiciary.
Anything else leaves us as their slaves.
It's a long road that knows no turning.
In a way, while excoriating the corrupt judges, I've just praised my two greatest media enemies.
I admit it.
The crassly evil Daily Mail and the hedonistically evil Irish Independent have this week done some good in lifting their story angles from this blog.
Bu hey lads.
You're arriving a little late at this party.
I say it here.
It comes out there.


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