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Sunday, May 25, 2014

from the heelers memos

To: Leaders of America, Britain and France.
Barack, Dave, Francois.
Yowsa and c.
Are you actually serious about letting Vladimir Putin attend the D-Day commorations? I mean really? You're going to sit there plush bottomed and smiling with a psychopathic resovietising Russian Communist Nazi who's doing now to Ukraine precisely what Hitler did (with Communist Russia's help) in 1939 to Poland? I mean are you guys really going to play it exactly the same way Neville Chamberlain played it in the expectation of obtaining a different outcome? Here is the news. If we let him take Ukraine, we will be unable to stop him taking everywhere else. Look, I know the cretinous Daily Telegraph is saying that the Russians are sensitive to comparisons with Hitler because Putin's Daddy and Mammy died when Hitler invaded Russia. But Putin is not Russia. He is a gangster who has hijacked Russia much as Lenin and Stalin did before him. And the way you deal with his feigned sensitivity to comparisons with Hitler is by referring him and his ambassadors and the Daily bloody Telegraph to the above secret pacts between the Nazis and Communist Russia (and Putin's parents)(and Joe Stalin.) For crying out loud. The secret pacts between Hitler and Communist Russia are the only reason Hitler was ever in a position to invade anyone in the first place. And Russia only survived his invasion because the Americans and the Brits came to her aid in spite of her earlier treacherous alliance with Hitler. Yes, I admit it. Following Hitler's secret pact with Stalin (who always believed Hitler would remain a problem solely for the Free World), Hitler went on to kill exponentially more Russians than he did anyone else, just as I assure you, the Muslim Jihadis of Al Qaeda, Iran and Syria will do to the Russia of today following their secret pacts with Putin (who remains childishly confident that the Muslim Terror Army which threatens humanity will never ever turn on Moscow. Boy has he got that one wrong.) Putin is vicious. But he's not that bright.. I know Mussies. And I know they hate Russians as much as they hate the rest of us. Fellahs, fellahs, fellahs. You've got to get uppity with this psychotic sonofabitch and his preening Gestapo emissaries. You've got to look the Russian ambassadors to your countries in the eye and say: "F--- off you evil b-----ds." Do it. Before it's too late. Disinvite him. Do not tolerate him at your ceremonies. Do not let him hijack our glorious dead in order to smirk in pious grandeur on the graves of the Ukrainians he has so recently murdered. This is your only chance to avoid World War Three. We stop him at Ukraine. It's not rocket science. Prince Charles will explain it to you if you ask him nicely. America! England! France! Remember yourselves. For f---'s sake. That is all.


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