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Sunday, May 17, 2015

de re publica

Denis O'Brien is the billionaire who has recently taken control of Independent Newspapers. I ask you to consider the following which may be of relevance to the continued existence of Ireland as a democracy with even vestigial traces of the rule of law.

1. Denis O'Brien's billion dollar fortune was founded on a bribe to famously corrupt Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry who gave Denis O'Brien Irish mobile phone service provision contracts for a few million dollars when the things should have cost a few billion.

2. A Judicial enquiry has confirmed the criminal behaviour of Denis O'Brien in this matter.

3. The present Fine Gael government has refused to take any action against Denis O'Brien who has a substantial and ongoing relationship with the Fine Gael political party.

4. Denis O'Brien has every day for the past three years published adulatory articles and photographs of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny in the bankrupt Irish Independent newspaper which Denis O'Brien now controls.

5. Fine Gael Prime Minister Enda Kenny has nationalised bankrupt gangster bank Allied Irish Bank using public money. This worthless newly nationalised entity has following nationalisation cancelled half a billion dollars of Independent Newspapers debts. This is the only reason Denis O'Brien's bankrupt Irish Independent newspaper is still trading. By the way, a senior board member of the worthless Allied Irish Banks at time of nationalisation was Lochlainn Quinn the billionaire brother of Enda Kenny's then fellow government Minister Ruairi Quinn. Both socialist Quinns are cousins of billionaire supermarket owner Fergal Quinn. Isn't socialism great? All those billionaires. And all those Quinns. And not a whiff of the Rah. (Read on.)

6. Denis O'Brien is currently suing the Irish National broadcaster RTE to prevent RTE broadcasting a documentary on Denis O'Brien's criminal collusion with Fine Gael in the purchase of a company called Siteserv from yet another collapsed gangster bank this time the IRA shell bank styled Anglo Irish Bank. (There they are!)

7. Denis O'Brien is currently embroiled in scandals in America regarding his contributions (ie bribes) to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

8. Denis O'Brien is further implicated in corruption in the Carribean where he obtained mobile phone service contracts for the nation of Haiti no less by again bribing Bill and Hillary Clinton who were involved in reconstruction work there following the Haitian earthquake of 2005. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good, eh Denis? One man's earthquake is another man's chance to repeat the bribe to Michaael Lowry, eh. Eh? What's the matter, cat got your crotch? And so on.

9. I call on the Irish people to jail Denis O'Brien and seize his assets. (I mean the money he has stolen from all of us through his initial bribe to Michael Lowry.)

10. That's all.


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