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Monday, July 13, 2015

ooh ahh up former prime minister brian cowan


Brian Cowan (former Prime Minister of Ireland reading from a statement prepared by his lawyers); I know the crisis brought with it difficulties and problems of all kinds to many people throughout the country, and as Head of the country I accept full and complete responsibility for my role and our response to that crisis... The human cost of dealing with this crisis, which we sought to mitigate as best we could, was the most difficult aspect of the decision we had to make."

James Healy: "Mr Cowan you give thirty thousand million dollars of public money to Anglo Irish Bank which was an IRA terrorist mafia shell company (quite literally a gangster bank) in order to facilitate the IRA in covering up its systematic burglarisation of its own bank. Yes. You bankrupted Ireland in order to cover up the IRA's burglarisation of an IRA bank styled Anglo Irish Bank which was being burglarised systematically and institutionally from within and without through illegal billion dollar loans being granted by IRA agents on the bank's board of management (ie Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm and their accomplices) to IRA proxies masquerading as business people among the general populace, to wit one Sean Quinn (two Sean Quinns would have been ridiculous) and his odious IRA mafia gangland family who then laundered the money through IRA associates in eastern European mafias into Ukraine and Russia. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns. Mr Cowan, when you say you accept you were responsible for putting Ireland in the Third World in order to fund this IRA smash and grab on the nation, does that mean you're going to confess everything, pay back the thirty thousand billion dollars of public money you stole on behalf of the IRA, and go to jail?"


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