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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

nobody shouted rah

At a press conference today Mr Brendan Ogle announced that the Irish government had caved in to his lobbying efforts and would create two new homelessness shelters in Dublin.
Brendan Ogle heads up an activist group which purports to campaign on behalf of homeless people.
The group is cutesily styled Home Sweet Home, a title belying the somewhat sinister full time mob connections of many of its members.
Brendan Ogle and his fellow activists recently seized control of a building in Dublin and began using it as a shelter for homeless people.
He noted today that the campaign had not been expensive as he wasn't paying rent for the building he seized.
The assembled journalists and lackeys at the press conference laughed appreciatively at his attempted witticism.
And nobody shouted Rah.
It has been suggested by some of us that Brendan Ogle of the IRA is an IRA associate of the drug dealing IRA mobsters who run the Irish trade union movement on behalf of the IRA.
Incidentally the IRA causes most of the homelessness in Ireland by hooking citizens on its drugs in order to keep them in penury for life scraping whatever money they can get together to pay the IRA for drug poisons that are killing them so that IRA skang gangs can drive around in free Audis and BMW's.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
The IRA has also infiltrated two left wing political parties in Ireland, ie the People Before Profit group and the Anti Austerity Alliance.
An Irish parliamentarian who is part of those left wing groups, one Gino Kenny, (two Gino Kenny's would have been ridiculous) has introduced legislation in parliament to legalise what he calls medicinal marijuana.
Gino Kenny's legislation is an IRA gambit to turn dirty drug money into clean money.
The IRA mafia is supplying the drug poisons which cause homelessness.
The IRA is setting up homelessness charities through Brendan Ogle.
And the IRA is using Gino Kenny to move Ireland into a situation where drug dealing will be legal.


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