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Saturday, January 20, 2018


The singer Delores O'Riordan was a genius sprung from the heartland of Ireland.
By a providential twist of fate, she found a unique combination of talent in her musical collaborators and produced with them in her performances and studio recordings an extraordinary meshing of contemporary music trends with the ancient rhythms of old Ireland.
She sang fearlessly and uniquely, as she lived.
Her singing voice is instantly recognisable and utterly inimitable.
Nor in gaining super stardom did she restrict herself to the conventions of credibility or popularity.
One of her most striking songs is called Salvation.
It warns in uncompromising terms of the drug cult that is stealing lives from all age groups across the world.
Another of her songs simply eulogises her family and indeed any families in the most vulnerable and poignant expository style.
Soon after finding fame, she spoke publicly against the killing of unborn children.
Many of the media hacks from Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and the Stalinist Irish State monopoly broadcaster RTE, who are today clustering in onanistic adulation around her coffin, many of these cravens I say, were the very ones who tried to destroy her for daring to oppose abortion when as a young woman she first became famous on both sides of the Atlantic for her warbling trill of an ordinary little love song that yet manages to be somehow unlike anything else you've ever heard, called Linger.


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