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Monday, February 05, 2018

considerations of lourdes

Doctor Patrick Theillier chief of the Lourdes Medical Bureau until his retirement nine years ago, recounts a story about a woman who contacted him claiming to have had some sort of experience of God at the apparition site in Lourdes.
According to his account, the woman was aged 32 when she visited Lourdes in the year 2004.
She was suffering from haemorrhagic recto colitis with internal abscesses and other complications.
As she entered the pool at Lourdes she says she became instantly aware that God loved her.
She left the pool with no symptom of her illness.
Doctor Theillier says he asked her was she continuing her treatment.
The woman said: "There's no need."
Doctor Theillier asked her was she going to visit her own doctor.
The woman said: "No. I'm cured."
Doctor Theillier asked her was she going to talk to a priest.
The woman said: "I am a Muslim."


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