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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Byzantine Simplicities

Dinner last night at Killishee Castle. A goodly portion of family members there to wish me a happy birthday.
Earlier in the day the Mammy warned me not to be late, and I harrumphed pleasantly about her fussing.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
Cometh the half hour, cometh the man.
For I arrived at the dinner just half an hour late.
The various family members, knowing me as they do, had already ordered their meals. Nurse Marie, being keener than the others to have the birthday boy present at the birthday party, had gone out to organise a search.
I ordered a steak.
The evening took a highly favourable turn when brothers, sister and mother began to hand over the presents.
Including a nice wodge of cash from Jackiedoodle and Doctor Barn.
My little heart thrilled. Truly I am a man of simple pleasures. If only I could turn 40 every year.
And hey.
I'm meeting Aunty Marie tomorrow for lunch. She's definitely going to divvy up a few readies.
Things are looking up, I tells ee.
Thanks be to God, for his love and his mercy and his cashflow.


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