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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Greetings

Happy Saint Valentine's day. Bloody bifurcating boring Saint Valentine. Of all the saints in the martyrs calendar he's the one who deserved what he got.
For those of you who've been asking about Argentinian artist Mariana Gabor whose picture appears below, well, check this out:
and just be careful while you're doing it.
As for me I'm full of the joys.
Meeting with the little tin gods on Thursday. The Flying Haggis (aka the Managing Director) and his acolyte the Head Idiot (aka the editor) have demanded my presence for tea, crumpets and a cunning twist in the plot.
I have no idea what they'll say.
More worryingly, I have no idea what I'll say either.


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Heelers your work is the non pareil. Heelers

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