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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Half an hour after seeing our lights in the sky, I tentatively asked the Dad did he think we should go to the media.
"Sure why not," sez he.
At 3.30am in the morning I began to ring newsrooms.
Fox News in New York: "I'll put you through to a voice mail and you can leave some details and your number."
Sky News in London: "I'll give you the number of our Dublin office."
Sky News in Dublin: "There is no one here at the moment but you can leave your name and number after the tone."
The Irish Independent newspaper: "I'm a security man. There's no one here. Ring back in the morning."
The Irish Times: "I'll take your number and call you back later."
The Sun (Irish Edition): "You're through to our London office. Maybe if you give a ring in the morning."

It's a rum world.


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