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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

enigma variations

Just to recap...
On Friday 23 June at 2.20am myself and my father filmed a series of white lights in the sky to the east of the town of Kilcullen. The lights were stationary. They appeared in various permutations. The most we saw was eight.
Many people in the towns of Naas, Athy and Kilcullen reported seeing the lights.
On Tuesday 25 July at 10.45pm my father received a phonecall from businesswoman Nessa Dunlea. She said she had seen lights minutes earlier as she drove home, that seemed similar to what I had reported in the newspaper. Myself and my father went to the window but saw nothing.
At 11pm after Nessa rang off, myself and my father again saw the lights from our house. They were located in the same patch of sky as the previous sighting. I thought they were brighter. We did not manage to film them. I went into the field at the back of our house and took one picture which shows a red light. I was more excited by this second sighting in July than by the June sighting even though my experience of the second sighting only lasted five minutes. This was because I had never expected to see them again. The most I saw the second time was four.
On Wednesday 26 July at 11.45pm, a day after the second sighting, myself and my father witnessed a light phenomena, again in the same patch of sky. This was different from the previous sightings but also quite distinctive. There were no orbs of light. Only a block of continuous luminosity seemingly stretching for miles.
At the time my father was convinced this sighting was related to the previous phenomena we had witnessed.
Subsequently my father concluded that the luminosity was not a proper sighting, and was explainable as a weather phenomenon.
I have not concluded this. I consider the luminosity to be a potential third sighting. I filmed it on video.

For completeness I will mention two other incidents. Soon after the first sighting a framed photograph fell off the piano at home and smashed on the ground as I passed it.
Just a week ago I was showing the DVD version of the first sighting to friends in Dublin. (Giovanna and Mareen the sexy German.) While we watched it a collection of books and cooking utensils fell off a shelf in the adjoining kitchen. This shelf was in full view. None of us were near it. We were all sitting down.
I do not believe the falling items have anything to do with the lights phenomena or the supernatural. I mention them only to keep the record complete.

Yesterday Sunday 13 August I received an email from a senior military man in the Irish army. He said he believed he had an explanation for the lights. His explanation was that the lights were parachute flares used by the Irish army during manoevres. He suggested the distance between us and the flares might explain the apparent motionless state of the lights.
This afternoon Monday 14 August I phoned Brigadier Berrigan. I asked him had he heard the theory that the lights were flares. He said he had. I asked him did he think it was possible. He refused to answer. I said: "I know over the course of your military career you've seen every parachute flare known to man. I know you already have an opinion whether our lights could be military flares. I just want to hear you say it."
Brigadier Berrigan refused to comment further on the lights.


Blogger Schneewittchen said...

why the hell would they be playing soldiers with military flares at 2am ? That doesn't make sense to me, no wonder the good Brigadier declined to comment.

6:49 AM  
Blogger chamki said...


9:37 AM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

Flares don't hover in the air, blip in and out of each other, and ebb and grow (though Brigadier Berrigan isn't going to say it.) Had the senior military man seen the video or was he just offering an opinion from still photos?

8:26 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

Schnee the Brig may also have held his whisht because the officer behind the new explanation is his son.
Oh Chamki!
Lentenstuffe, personally I feel pretty strongly that the flare theory will not hold up. But it's still the best conventionally rational explanation we've had. If the best conventional explanations all prove to be duds, we are heading into some very interesting waters indeed...
Hi Genevieve. Both the Brig and the senior military man had seen and studied the video.
I was pleased with the theory because it was the real deal from a high ranking and very able professional. In Ireland he would be considered one of the best of the best. I was also rather pleased that the theory doesn't seem to stand up.
Thank heavens we got the video. Without the video we'd have nothing.

3:28 AM  

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