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Thursday, September 17, 2009

today they said

Tim Marshall, Sky News: "The man who threw his shoes at President Bush is a hero across the Arab world."

James Healy: "This cowardly Islamist shoe thrower is not a hero across the Arab world. He is not even a hero across the Muslim world. He is in fact almost universally despised by the millions of Arabs and Muslims who wish to live as partners with other nations and at the same time to live free. He is not a hero to the vast majority of Iraqis who regard the Americans as the only hope for their country. He is not a hero to the Kurds who recognise that the Americans are the only ones to ever offer them dignity, protection and justice. He is not a hero to the Iranian people whose governing Ayatollahs recently slaughtered them in the streets in order to steal back an election from them. He is not a hero to anyone worth mentioning at all. Because many many Arabs and Muslims now know precisely what he is. He is a hireling of the bigoted Iranian Ayatollah dictatorship's Al Qaeda alliance who was paid to throw his shoes at President Bush but who had previously sat through twenty years of Saddam Hussein's murderocracy without ever once throwing a shoe in anger or indeed committing any other deed we might mistake for an act of courage or defiance on a dark night. Only Sky News could call this vile creeping toe rag a hero. Only Sky News could propagate such a blatent lie about such a craven coward. It is interesting to note that Sky News is owned by Rupert Murdoch the proprietor of the supposedly pro American Fox News. Whichever way the War On Terror pans out, apparently Rupert expects to have backed the winning side. The wheel is rigged but it's the only game in town, eh Rupert? Yeah. Sky News is now dancing to the tune of its sponsor Qatar Airways, the airline of the country which gave the world the Nazi channel Al Jazeera. How much are they paying you Rupert? I mean, what's the going rate for treachery these days? Hoo boy. Sky is really moving in illustrious circles. Sky U Akbar. Long live Sky News. Victory to the shoe throwers of Skybollah. Bring on the dark Islamic night.


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