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Saturday, September 26, 2009

the unnecessary recession

None of this was necessary.
Not in America.
Not in Europe.
Not anywhere.
Recession indeed.
In America most of the population was going to want to buy another car at some stage within the next five years.
All the car companies had to do was hunker down, wait and be ready for when the buying started again.
By "hunker down" I mean they had to stop spending money they didn't have, on people who hadn't earned it, ie their management and their workforces.
All the car companies had to do was stop giving their Chief Executives a hundred million dollars a year.
All the car companies had to do was stop giving their management free jet aeroplanes.
All the car companies had to do was stop paying their Autoworkers Union staff 75 dollars an hour.
Nobody had to get fired, downsized or thrown out on the side of the road.
All that was necessary was for people to begin living in the real world again.
That would have been it.
No recession.
The recession is cancelled folks because wiser counsels have prevailed.
Didn't happen.
Instead President Barack Obama has given the three main American car companies limitless sums of money to continue living in the fine style to which they had become accustomed.
He has done the same thing with America's corrupt bankers and stock exchange companies.
He has thrown good money after bad.
He has given billions of dollars to corrupt bankers who have simply squandered it on ridiculous bonuses for themselves.
Yes, I admit that the Bushwhacker, a President I esteemed, showed a similar predilection for bailing out the banks.
But every small businessman will tell you, if the company isn't making money, the Chief Executive doesn't draw a salary.
That's how it's done.
The guys Barack gave the billions to are mafiosi.
There is no economic success story based on government propping up idiots who like having their own personal aeroplanes and don't know how to sell cars or run banks or administer stock exchanges with even a modicum of integrity.
This one is gonna crash and crash big.
Hey Barack.
Favour the small tough honourable business people and the sturdy independent minded self reliant farmers and anyone else with a genuine desire to serve the country.
Stop favouring the super rich incompetents, the free booting trade unions, and the oleaginous environmentalist victim culture wannabees.
The small business people will beat the recession for all of us.
They've got the values.
Hard work.
Love of country.
Love for one another.
Faith in God.
They can win this thing.
If you let them.
Just a thought.
Do with it what you will.
Meanwhile in the Republic of Ireland our most corrupt and incompetent political leaders and economists remain keen to blame America for our own corruption and incompetence.
Our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has similarly entangled the general public in an unnecessary recession.
Boy howdy.
Gotta love those corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Failers.
The Irish people are being forced to finance our corrupt collapsing financial services companies.
The Irish people are being forced to finance ridiculous pay deals for State sector employees.
The Irish people are being forced to watch our politicians paying themselves telephone number wages for doing no work.
The Irish banking system has collapsed.
The general public are being compelled to bankroll the banks.
Limitless sums of money are being borrowed against future generations of Irish people, simply to allow incompetent corrupt bankers to continue to be incompetent corrupt bankers.
Up to now Irish banks had spent twenty years declaring astronomical profits through accountancy tricks.
During this time the Chief Executives paid themselves a lifetimes wages for each year of work they claimed to do.
They paid themselves millions.
Overnight the banks went broke.
The twenty years of billion dollar profits were illusory to say the least.
They were fiction.
Fianna Fail should have fired every single board member of every single bank in the Republic of Ireland.
Fianna Fail should have identified the property developers responsible for crashing the banking system.
Fianna Fail should have ensured that every single board member of every single bank in Ireland went to jail, went directly to jail, did not pass go, and did not collect multi million dollar pensions at the expense of the Irish citizenry.
Instead Fianna Fail has once more sold Ireland into debts we can never repay, in order to protect its corrupt high finance cronies.
Fianna Fail has bailed out the main banks who had lately been engaged in a corrupt attempt to corner the property market through an alliance with corrupt Fianna Fail supporting property developers.
Those corrupt incompetent banks are still run by the same corrupt incompetent people who ran em before the Irish reality check kicked in which most economists here now call a recession.
Throwing money at criminals is an interesting solution to the problems Ireland faces.
But Fianna Fail had been throwing money everywhere.
By giving ridiculous unearned pay rises to teachers, nurses, health board workers, bus drivers, police officers, soldiers, and the Civil Service, Fianna Fail have effectively corrupted Ireland.
Our commercial sector, our small businesses, the bedrock of our democracy, are ceasing to exist because the whole economy is geared to servicing the State Sector's uncivil servants who produce nothing, do no work and generally specialise in foully and egregiously mistreating the public any time they can get their hands on us.
And the money Fianna Fail used for pay rises to buy elections from teachers, nurses, bussies, cops, soldiers and pen pushers, that money was all borrowed.
It wasn't money that Fianna Fail actually had in the State coffers.
It was money they got by running up a limitless tab on the national debt.
The nonsense talk in Independent Newspapers, RTE television, and The Irish Times about Ireland being a Celtic Tiger was a lie.
In the end it is not the low life bankers who have broken us.
It is the amoral middle classes.
The State sector employees.
The ones so ready to sit in judgement on previous generations of Irish people.
Where will it end.
Look at little Iceland.
That tiny Viking principality surrounded by stormy seas.
That little known frozen nation way up north.
Little Iceland never joined any military alliance.
It remained aloof throughout the Cold War and the War On Terror.
For decades it resisted all invitations to join the European Union.
It's economy collapsed last year.
Now it's looking for friends.
The people of Iceland, dessicated by abortion culture, (they were the first European country to legalise abortion back in the 1930's) initially like the Irish blamed America for the corruption and incompetence of their own society, the corruption of their own mercantilists and the corruption of their own politicians.
That was the first reaction of the people of Iceland.
Blaming America didn't stop the economic collapse.
Then they went running to the Russians.
The people of Iceland still thought communist Russia would buy them off as an ally.
Twenty years too late.
President Putin just didn't have the cash to make that purchase.
So Iceland is under some sort of international receivership.
I don't who's propping up the economy.
But the nation has all but ceased to exist.
Icelanders believed that by choosing to be a free nation they were somehow doing the rest of the world a favour. They had no deep philosophical or spiritual commitment to preserving their own country.
It's gone.
What a sorry reflection on a once proud and indomitable people.
Okay folks.
I've delighted you enough for one day.
Some day we shall laugh again.


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