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Thursday, October 29, 2009

an open letter to john fry chief executive officer of the johnston press newspaper group

What did you do with ten years of my pension contributions you thieving gypsy bastard!


Blogger ronan said...

Alas poor James,
Your pension has most likely been snorted by red nosed fund managers or inserted in a pole dancers undergarments.
PLEASE-Take some comfort in its good usage-you would most likely have spent it on pet food?
Aside,Mr Yeats,
Thank you for your time and performance last Friday 16th.
Is there no start to your talent?
Great night had by all,next day was a bit "hazy"-cheap nasty what we are used to!
Our Club raised over €1100.00..
Thanks Again to you and your Group.
Feedback (Blame Frankie!)
"Too short" (thats a bit personal)"Over too soon"-most would have liked "some More"-Of your script not the Vino.
That is surely a Good review?
I know not of "Paul Daniels" type Pensions but would like to make a small contribution to your pension fund.
But,not wanting to add to your pain I must regretfully deline.I will however invest it on a Horse in punchestown,a Lotto Ticket,real estate on the Moon.....
All may yield a better return.


10:11 PM  

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