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Sunday, December 13, 2009

murder by newspaper

My old English teacher Father Donaldson stepped off a boat into the Atlantic ocean.
I wonder why.
I wonder did the Independent Newspapers pogrom against the Catholic church cause him to do it.
A priest up on Thomas street stepped out of a bell tower.
I wonder why.
I wonder did the Independent Newspapers pogrom against the Catholic church cause him to do it.
There have been others.
Ah yes.
This thing comes with a body count.
You all realise that.
They're killing people now.
Hey Independent Newspapers.
You're the world's first newspaper group to empower itself with the right to dispense the death penalty.
I weep for you.
Yesterday The Evening Herald, which is part of the Independent Newspapers group, printed a banner headline on its front page reading: CHURCH COVER-UP MURDER REOPENED.
The Evening Herald headline is a grotesque lie.
Nearly as grotesque as the lie printed by Independent Newspapers journalist Ian O'Doherty some months ago when he claimed falsely, maliciously and malignly that the Catholic church was itself a paedophile ring.
Yesterday's lie in the Evening Herald related to the murder of Bernadette Connolly a ten year old girl who disappeared in 1970.
The Evening Herald offered no evidence to substantiate its mendacious and manipulative use of the phrase "church cover up."
The Evening Herald alleged that a priest who is now deceased and a monk were suspects. (There was a monastery near where the girl was abducted. Irish police would naturally have questioned the monks as a matter of course. If the deceased priest was as odd as he's painted, then it would have been natural to pay him particular attention. Where I live, the serial killers Crerar and Murphy, stalked South Kildare for twenty years. During that time, the police questioned half the male population in the region. All were innocent. I wonder does Independent Newspapers consider half the male population of South Kildare are implicated in Crerar and Murphy's killings? Or just the priests who lived in the area?)
The Evening Herald suggested that other monks had changed their stories. (Any of us who've given statements to the police, may remember changing something we've said, on reflection. Outside of Independent Newspapers this is not necessarily regarded as an indication of guilt.)
The Evening Herald suggested that the statements of retired Garda Jarlath Grennan indicate a cover up. No evidence or statement is offered from Jarlath Grennan that relates to the church in any way. Jarlath Grennan is quoted as claiming he was ordered by his superior officers to abandon his surveillance of a footprint and that the footprint was no longer at the scene the following day. Jarlath Grennan's claims as outlined in The Evening Herald relate only to the behaviour of those police superiors whom he is quoted as saying "bungled" the investigation.
The Evening Herald suggested that a monastery's van had been seen in the area of the child's abduction. (All of us who drove through South Kildare when Crerar and Murphy were in their hay day, will be particularly nauseated by The Evening Herald's attempt to ascribe guilt in this way.)
The Evening Herald offered no evidence or justification for its headline phrase "CHURCH COVER UP MURDER REOPENED."
The Evening Herald offered nothing at all beyond a tissue of innuendo.
Let me be clear.
Even if a monk or a priest from the monastery killed the girl, even if this happened, and if it did happen then the truth should be told, even so I tell you The Evening Herald is using the case for its own anti Catholic propaganda.
The Evening Herald has offered no evidence for its assertions.
The Evening Herald headline alleging CHURCH COVER-UP MURDER REOPENED is vile, dishonest, dishonourable, evil and untrue.
The Irish Independent itself featured the Evening Herald story on Saturday.
The Irish Independent was much more circumspect in its attempt to construct an illusion of guilt over the church for the death of Bernadette Connolly.
But it was playing the same game.
Independent Newspapers have been compelled to pay 1.87 million in libel damages for telling the truth about Monica Leech.
Yet Independent Newspapers is permitted to calumniate, slander, libel, trahaise and torture in newsprint, the millions of honourable Christians who built our country.
The law is ceasing to function in Ireland before our very eyes.
Can you hear me Independent Newspapers?
Can you hear me Judge Liberal?
Can you hear me murderers?
You will answer for every drop of innocent blood you've shed.


Footnote: Dateline, November 2013.. Several years after the above article appeared on the Heelers Diaries, cracks began to appear in Independent Newspaper's attempts to imply guilt for the murder of Bernadette Connolly to a priest and order of monks. In 2011 Irish police admitted that they had a new suspect for the murder. Officers travelled to Britain to interview Bob Reynolds, a convicted paedophile whose known previous crimes included rape and attempted murder of children in Ireland and Britain. The Irish cops then forwarded a file to the Department of Public Prosecutions in Ireland, which is a standard procedure here prior to a trial. In 2013, the Department of Public Prosecutions announced that it was not going to proceed with the case, implying that this decision was due to the advanced age of Bob Reynolds, the suspected murderer of Bernadette Connolly. The Department of Public Prosecutions in Ireland is a notoriously corrupt institution. Its previous cover ups included the failure to prosecute satanist Lorcan Bale for his 1973 murder of a little boy called John Horgan, and its continuing failure in tandem with the police, Judiciary and political executive of the Republic of Ireland to take any action against a satanistic Dalkey paedophile ring which murdered Baby Noeleen also in 1973. Needless to say, the emergence of the identity of a non Catholic, non religious, suspect for the murder of Bernadette Connolly has not led to retractions of the previous Independent Newspapers slanders and incitements to hatred, claiming a Church cover up in the case. Nor have the retired police officers who supposedly told Independent Newspapers that they thought a priest killed the girl, seen fit to publically explain themselves. Nor have these police officers been named, unlike the priest and order of monks whom they appear to have wrongly and possibly deliberately, implicated in the murder of Bernadette Connolly. The issue is this. Since police officers were members of the satanistic Dalkey paedophile ring, other police officers may also be engaged in similar activities and might for their own twisted reasons be expected to falsely implicate as many innocent priests and religious people for as many fit up murders as possible. It is therefore imperative that those retired police officers who supposedly sourced the Independent Newspapers frame up of a priest and an order of monks for the murder of Bernadette Connolly, should themselves be identified and made accountable for their unwarranted and untrue statements in this matter. If there are any genuine concerns about the priest or order of monks, ie concerns not related to the bigotries of the investigators and reporters, then these too should be brought into the plain light of day. Otherwise retractions should be issued and compensation should be paid for the reputation so blithely ruined by Independent Newspapers in seeking to stoke up yet another anti Catholic pogrom among the peasantry. Independent Newspapers itself apparently considers this story to be dead and buried. Interestingly enough Independent Newspapers, by now a financially bankrupt nay destitute newspaper group, has pushed forward with a new corporate strategy expressly attempting to portray itself as favourably disposed towards the Catholic Church. This has been done through the hiring on all its titles of journalists who forcefully and publically claim to be Christians. I would also postulate that Independent Newspapers, fearing the growing public awareness of its anti Catholic agendas, has actually engineered a reverse takeover of The Irish Catholic newspaper through the buy out of that title by poor little rich ex monk Gary O'Sullivan, himself now a regular contributor to the Irish Independent. Under Mr O'Sullivan's proprietorship, the Irish Catholic contains woeful saccharine sweet weekly articles by Sarah Carey of the Evening Herald, David Quinn of the Irish Independent, Mary Kenny of the Irish Independent and William Reville of the Irish Times. These articles are without journalistic, intellectual or spiritual merit, and serve no purpose whatsoever other than to allow Mssrs, Carey, Kenny, Quinn, Reville, et al, to market themselves and their anti Catholic employers as Catholics.


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