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Sunday, December 06, 2009

a poem by Divyavibha Sharma

greek love

this love for you I have is
greek love. Because
there isn't one word
to say what this love
for you means.
so I thought better to give away
a few more than one.

this love I have for you is
greek love. Because
you dubbed me Aphrodite
and I wished we were
this love for you is greek, definitely.

Agape, a gaping hole that
that consumes us in dark when
we are close
and shines the light on the distance.
Eros, for we love truly, only when
we are away.

this love is greek for sure, says Aristotle.
Philia, a general type love from a bottle
strong enough to suffer for,
weak enough to stay nameless.
this love is love as much love
as love in love can be
storge or thelema or khaos
this love I have for you is,
greek positively.
(because I just don't get it.)


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