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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the number of the beasts

Oprah Winfrey set up a school in South Africa a few years ago.
Oprah was new to the charity game.
But she had a billion dollars in the bank and she decided to give a little of it to those in need.
Within months her school had been infiltrated by paedophiles who sexually abused the students there.
The chief paedophile was the Principal of the school.
Strangely there has been little negative publicity for Oprah herself arising from the paedophile infiltration of the school she set up in South Africa.
Certainly no current news article or broadcast report about Oprah even bothers to mention the case.
It's gone virtually unreported.
And it's absolutely never been re-reported.
It's almost as if the media don't care.
Certainly their reporting style for sex abuse cases involving Oprah Winfrey is, shall we say, a little different, from their reporting style for any sex abuse case they can falsely represent as being linked to the Catholic Church.
It's most strange.
The Doctor Barnardos charity has existed for a century.
Doctor Barnardos is also relatively new to the charity game.
Among its various initiatives, Doctor Barnardos has operated orphanages in Ireland and Britain.
During the 1970s and 1980s it emerged that these orphanages had been systematically infiltrated by paedophile networks.
The outrages against children committed in these orphanages are among the most rancid in history.
Yet they have gone almost completely unreported in recent years.
They are never referred to in current reportage on Doctor Barnardos.
A profile of Doctor Barnardos last year in an Independent Newspapers title failed to mention that there had ever been a sex abuse scandal within Doctor Barnardos.
It was most strange.
Most most strange.
Independent Newspapers, by failing to mention that Doctor Barnardos had been infiltrated by paedophile rings who had committed abuse at homes throughout the United Kingdom, surely by omitting this most salient and newsworthy fact, surely Independent Newspapers was deliberately concealing child abuse.
But of course Independent Newspapers has always been concealing child abuse.
It's a game for them.
They've gotten quite good at it.
Independent Newspapers ignores the 99.99 percent of cases that do not involve the Catholic Church.
Independent Newspapers perpetually recycles and reinterprets the tiny 0.01 percent of cases which did involve someone connected to the Catholic Church.
All sex abuse victims are important.
But the only sex abuse victims that are important to Independent Newspapers are the ones who can be hijacked for use in Independent Newspapers' culture war with the Catholic Church.
The representation of sex abuse as a Catholic Church problem by Independent Newspapers, and their allies in The Irish Times and RTE, amounts to a monstrous concealment of the true nature and extent of sex abuse.
It is a crime as vile as sex abuse itself.
Because it condemns us to live in a society with exponentially expanding sex abuse levels, and ever more invisible victims, more and more babies being murdered by their drug addict parents, senior citizens being tortured and killed at the Southern Cross Nursing Home and similar nursing homes around Ireland, more and more sex abusers socialised into sexual dysfunction by porno, drugs and MTV, all in plain sight, none of it reported by the anti Catholic media because all of it is caused by the abandonment of Catholicism, by the triumph of the pagan hedonistic culture that has been rammed down our throats by none other than Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Irish Times themselves.
And so sex abuse rages out of control for the exact reason that the true nature and extent and cause of sex abuse in this country has never been reported by those in Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, who have propagated, nay championed, the moral collapse of our nation.
A young girl was abused by a devil worship ring in the Dublin suburban village of Dalkey in the 1970s. She gave birth to two babies who were murdered by her parents. Her parents were the ones who had prostituted her to the devil worshippers while also abusing her themselves. Both parents are since dead. They couldn't touch their daughter's soul however. The little girl never accepted the murder of her babies. She loved them. In spite of what she went through, in spite of how they were conceived, the little girl never acquiesced to the murders of her babies. Three of the girl's brothers and sisters who were also abused by the devil worship ring have committed suicide. Two of her surviving sisters are currently taking a court case in Ireland in an attempt to discredit the girl. These two have received surprisingly favourable reportage in the pages of the Irish Independent. It is difficult to understand how the Irish Independent could do this. With the best will in the world, it's difficult to understand how Independent Newspapers, a newspaper group which purports to care about child sex abuse victims, could give such favourable accounts of the denying sisters' attempts in court to have the truth about their devil worshipping child abusing parents overturned in court. (The excellent, insightful and brave reportage in The Sunday World by Nicola Tallant has brought the little girl's story something of the public prominence it deserves although it hasn't brought her justice. I should point out that The Sunday World is also owned by Independent Newspapers. And Nicola Tallant does insist on reporting the case without mentioning devil worship, preferring the term "ritual abuse" instead. But credit where credit is due. Nicola Tallant has done what no other journalist in Ireland dared to do by focussing on this little girl's bravery, defiance, heroism, and indeed on her triumphant ascent to adulthood as a most beautiful soul.) One member of the devil worship ring was a police officer. The Irish police chief this week insisted the case would not be reopened.
Judge Yvonne Murphy in her manipulative trumped up report on sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church in Ireland, says she found no evidence that paedophile rings had infiltrated the Catholic Church. Did you look very hard Yvonne? Waiting for them to phone up and confess were you? Judge Yvonne Murphy said this because in her atheistic feminist bigotry, she wished to imply that any paedophiles within the Catholic Church became paedophiles precisely because they were in the Catholic Church. Little Yvonne thinks Catholicism causes paedophilia. And little Yvonne thinks that the paedophile networks and devil worship rings who spent decades infiltrating Doctor Barnardos and who even found time to target Oprah Winfrey's newly opened school in Africa almost from day one, that these same child abuse cults whose reach extends all over the world right down to Southern Africa, that these ultra secret child abusing cabals simply never got round to targeting the Catholic Church which lets face it has been around a much longer time and presents a much bigger target having done infinitely more charitable work for children and the Third World and the fellowship of humanity than either the aforementioned newcomer Oprah or the parvenu do gooders Doctor Barnardos or even dare I say it the heroes of the liberal left wing atheistic feminist Judiciary of the Republic of Ireland, namely Yvonne Murphy and her boozy pals, all of which institutions (Barnardos, Oprah and the Irish Judiciary) all of them have been infiltrated at will by sex abusing paedophiles in spite or perhaps because of their own best intentions.
Footnote: My reference to a paedophile infiltration of the Irish Judiciary is based on the case of Judge Curtin. Judge Curtin was identified by international police agencies as accessing child abuse web sites through his computer. He escaped punishment when Irish police mysteriously enacted a search warrant on his home a day late, that is to say a day after the search warrent had expired. Let me repeat that. The Irish police, styling themselves An Garda Siochana, waited until their search warrant for Judge Curtin's home had expired before attempting to initiate the search. Another Judge generously (and with callous disregard for the very real victims of child pornography on the internet) used this mysterious Irish police failure to enact a search warrant properly as an excuse to drop the charges against Judge Curtin. To date no member of the Irish Judiciary has spoken out against Judge Curtin's activities.


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