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Friday, March 26, 2010

rancid injustice

The resignation of the Bishop of Cloyne Doctor John Magee has finally been accepted by the Pope.
For the past two years, The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE and allied atheistic media entities in Ireland, have sought to create a false veneer of guilt over this honorable man.
Today The Irish Times carried a story on its cover headlined: Gardai Spoke To Magee In Recent Weeks About Abuse File.
Again the sole intention of the story was to create a veneer of guilt.
The idea was to foster in the public mind the untrue notion that if the police interviewed the Bishop then the Bishop must be guilty of something.
A close reading of the convoluted details contained in the Irish Times report reveal that this latest attempt to discredit a Catholic Bishop is even more nebulous, dishonest and dishonorable than the media's usual pseudo intellectual pogroms.
Doctor Magee's office had informed the police in 2005 of a priest who himself contacted Doctor Magee's office in 2005 and said he had been abused while a child by another priest.
Doctor Magee's office had ensured the accused priest was no longer performing in ministry.
The police interviewed the victim and forwarded a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
The Director of Public Prosecutions decided to take no further action on the case.
That's it.
In 2009 the police received a frivolous complaint from a retired school teacher who as far as the media is concerned had no other connection to the case.
The retired school teacher complained to police, stating that in his opionion based on a Catholic Church report, Bishop Magee had somehow been remiss in his handling of the case.
In 2005 the Bishop's office had reported the abuse claim and passed on the name of the abuse victim so that the police could contact the victim directly.
The retired school teacher four years later claimed the Bishop's office should also have passed on the name of the abuser.
That was the basis of the retired school teacher's complaint to the police about Bishop Magee.
That frivolous piece of anonymous score settling is the reason Bishop Magee is the subject of an Irish Times headline today linking him to a police investigation.
The retired school teacher has not been named.
But Bishop Magee has been named.
A malign presumption of guilt has been contrived around his handling of a sex abuse case.
His reputation, his life's work, his ministry have been calumniated by scoundrels.
And to even begin to refute this we have to painstakingly go over the minutiae of dates and complaints in a case where the notion of wrongdoing on the part of the Bishop is utterly fictional, we have to do this without knowing whether the victim himself requested the case should not proceed, we have to do this without being able to examine the identities and the motivations of the police, and we have to do it without knowing who the hell this retired Cork school teacher is.
All the while Bishop Magee suffers the murder of his reputation at the hands of media shills,
He endures the humiliation of trial by media inuendo.
The punishment is the process.
It is score settling of course.
Like something from The Terror which reigned after the French Revolution.
Or the purges of Soviet Russia.
Or the Kulturkampf in Imperial and Nazi Germany.
Or even Chairman Mao's merry exterminations.
This nameless retired Cork teacher, this accuser with no known connection to, or knowledge of, the case, this craven hiding behind his anonymity, this base anonymous knave surely has a story to tell.
A story about atheism, Marxism, the Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers and cultural warfare against the ancient and true Catholic faith.
Someday we'll hear it in full.

One thing is sure.
This anonymous retired Cork teacher has no concern for sex abuse victims.
His complaint to the police was based on pure malice.
The substance of his complaint was pure legalistic spite.
Yes now you can see the persecution of the Catholic Church in Ireland is following the course of similar persecutions that occurred during the French revolution.
People are being destroyed by nameless accusers.
Anyone can be put in the dock.
Innocence is no defence.
At the moment the media and anonymous retired Cork school teachers merely murder reputations.
Reputations will never be enough for them.
They are planning greater upheavals in their quest for ultimate power.
The real violence will come soon.


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