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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

discourse and method

"Do you seriously you think the Catholic Church has done nothing wrong?" challenged X.
I weighed the question.
"When the Nazis come trying to criminalise the Jews," I said quietly, "you don't start assessing individual Nazi charges against individual Jews. You don't dignify their charges. You don't start saying, well is he a thief, is he a baby killer, is he a bolshevick. The first order of business when the Nazis come trying to exterminate the Jews, is the repudiation of the Nazis. I am telling you the Nazis are here right now seeking to destroy the Catholic Church. And bear in mind, according to British historian Michael Burleigh, himself no friend of the Catholic Church, when the German Nazis of the 1930's wanted to discredit Catholicism, one of the methods they used was to recycle old charges of sex abuse against priests in order to create the false illusion in people's minds that the church itself was an abusing institution."


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