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Thursday, April 22, 2010

aftermath of the assassination of polish president lech kazcynski and his entourage

In the aftermath of the downing of a passenger jet carrying the President of Poland, his wife and one hundred of Poland's leading citizens, reporters on various news channels made a series of very specific claims.
They claimed that the Polish pilots had tried to land at least four times in dense fog.
They claimed that Russian air traffic controllers had repeatedly ordered the pilots to divert to another airport.
They claimed that the Polish pilots had wanted to divert the plane to avoid the fog but had been instructed by Polish President Lech Kazcynski to attempt to land.
They even claimed that there had been a breakdown in communication with the Polish pilots and Russian air traffic controllers unable to understand each other's languages.
These claims were made without any verification or corroborative data being offered.
Up to this moment the Russians have not published any recordings of conversations between the Russian air traffic controllers and the Polish pilots.
The Polish President had been on his way to Russia to attend a ceremony in memory of 22,000 Poles massacred by Soviet Communist Russians at the forest of Katyn during World War Two.
Surely issuing the air traffic control tapes would lay to rest a lot of public concerns about the possibilty that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his secret service FSB have committed a new Katyn massacre.
Incredibly, the investigation into the crash is being led by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself, the very man whom I have postulated is currently resovietising Russia at the expense of nations on Russia's borders.
I have suggested that in view of the plethora of assassinations in Russia itself, assassinations in neighbouring countries and assassinations overseas, many of which are being convincingly linked to Russian secret services, in view of Mr Putin's behaviour on the domestic front and the tendency for his enemies and rivals to die suddenly, in view of this I say, there is a significant possibility that the downing of the Polish plane was a deliberate act of murder.
Mr Putin should not be leading this investigation.
He should be helping it with its enquiries.
But where are the air traffic control tapes?
Even the KGB should have been able to provide some faked up tape recordings by now.
I have some more questions.
Were Sky News and CNN merely derelict in their duty on the day of the crash in uncritically repeating the aforementioned unverified Russian claims about the attempted landing of President Kazcynski's flight?
Were Sky News and CNN crassly incompetent in failing to follow up on the Russians' sleight of hand with the air traffic control data tapes?
Were Sky News and CNN abominably disingenuous in omitting to mention any of the assassinations which have so marred Prime Minister Putin's term of office and which have given rise to the present concerns that Russia is being run by psychopaths?
Were Sky News and CNN asleep on the job?
Or were they something worse?


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