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Friday, April 02, 2010

theft of a nation

Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has over night spent the country into the Third World by bailing out Fianna Fail's personal lender the corrupt kleptocratic already collapsed Anglo Irish Bank.
During its hayday, Anglo Irish Bank provided limitless funds to Fianna Fail members, backers, developers and associated criminal enterprises, bankrolling the Fianna Fail political class without any real expectations that the billions of dollars being squandered could ever be repaid.
That's what Fianna Fail have signed the Irish nation into penury for.
To cover their own tracks and the tracks of their supporters.
This wasn't one of the big three banks.
It wasn't Allied Irish Bank.
It wasn't Bank Of Ireland.
It wasn't the Ulster Bank.
All of those are corrupt enough in themselves.
All of those have run an illegal cartel for at least fifty years whereby they got together secretly to agree prices and business strategies, ensuring the general public had no real access to competing banking services.
The wheel was rigged and it was the only game in town.
The Board members of Allied Irish Banks, Bank Of Ireland et al, all of whom are continuing to pay themselves million dollar salaries and bonuses, should be in jail and their assets sequestered.
But even so they are not in the same league as the debased criminal scum at Anglo Irish Bank.
The debts accrued by Anglo Irish Bank in giving free money to members of Fianna Fail and their criminal associates, dwarf the losses of the three largest banks in Ireland.
And Fianna Fail have forced us all to pick up the tab.
Here is the news.
Anglo Irish Bank is the financial whoremaster of the Fianna Fail party.
There is no commercial or national or intellectual or moral reason for the Irish people to take on board the forty thousand million dollars of indebtedness belonging to Anglo Irish Bank and Fianna Fail.
That's forty billion that we know about by the way.
In truth, Anglo Irish Bank and Fianna Fail owe much much more.
Their true indebtedness, and the final indebtedness with which they hope to saddle Ireland, will only become clear when their last accountancy trick caves in upon itself.
This is grand theft auto on a cosmic scale.
The Irish people have been forced to take on the near limitless gambling debts run up by Anglo Irish Bank, a financial institution that was never more than a niche player in the banking market and whose sole claim to financial aid stems from its largesse towards senior members of Fianna Fail and their friends.
This is the theft of a nation.
If we allow it to continue, Fianna Fail and their friends in Anglo Irish Bank, will destroy us all.


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