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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a day that will live in infamy

Ireland's corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government has today formally brought into being legislation compelling the people of Ireland to cover the billion dollar gambling debts of Allied Irish Banks, Bank Of Ireland, and Fianna Fail's personal lender the debased gangster ridden Anglo Irish Bank, along with a host of other invidious financial institutions from Irish Life and Permanent to Trustee Savings Bank, both of which helped Anglo Irish Bank conceal its collapse from the public by illegally transferring billions of dollars to it to enable Anglo Irish to falsify its accounts.
The board members of Ireland's bankrupt banks and corrupt financial institutions continue to award themselves million dollar salaries and bonuses.
Most disgracefully, the board members who were in power over those banks for the past twenty years are being allowed to retain the multi million dollar payments and bonuses and assets, accumulated through a life time of theft, the free money with which they rewarded themselves while their banks were declaring profits which did not exist.
If I accept the rulership of Ireland, they'll be losing all of that.
Lochlainn Quinn will not be keeping his 30 million dollar vineyard in France as his company Allied Irish Banks single handedly gambles Ireland into the Third World.
Let's take Lochlainn Quinn's vineyard off of him.
All bank profits in the Republic of Ireland for the past twenty years have been based on accountancy tricks.
We should seize the assets of all board members of all banks and put all such skanks in jail.
Meanwhile Fianna Fail continues to pour billions of dollars of public money into Anglo Irish Bank purporting to be saving this already destroyed institution, while refusing to name the Fianna Fail members who obtained 30 million dollars loans from Anglo Irish Bank, used the loans to prop up the share price of Anglo Irish Bank, and then defaulted on repayments as the share price of Anglo Irish Bank went down the toilet.
And so it goes on.
You can see how dictatorships emerge.
The currency will collapse.
The trade unionised teachers, nurses, cops and uncivil servants persist in their extortion rackets, vowing to make no sacrifice to save the country, vowing indeed that the country must crash into bloodshed, violence, degradation and desolation, before they'll give up anything of what they have stolen.
They are worse than the bankers.
And ordinary decent citizens get thrown in jail for the non payment of fines.
A total of 3500 law abiding honorable decent citizens were sent to jail last year by Judge Liberal for non payment of parking fines.
Sixty of them hadn't paid for a television licence.
One of them was jailed for non payment of a dog licence.
Clearly we have to put a stop to Judge Liberal.
Not reform him.
Fire him.
Jail him.
Here is the news.
No Irish citizen should ever have been jailed for non payment of a fine.
The most Judge Liberal should be let do, is garnish a salary or social welfare payment.
But the Liberals are slowly but surely terrorising us into submission.
They are preparing us for social dictatorship.
The honest law abiding citizenry spend their lives hoping never to fall foul of thug cops or unaccountable Judges.
And still there are enough honorable Irish people, that if we got together, we could take it all back.
We need to set up a new political party to put a stop to this.


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