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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Jesus: "Why do you grieve?"
James: "Because my light, my life, my hope, my truth, my friend, my love, my joy, my glory, has gone to you. To you who are Light Life Hope Truth Friendship Love Joy Glory."
Jesus: "Why does it hurt you so, since you know she has come to me?"
James: "It can only hurt so much because we loved so much."
Jesus: "Then this sorrow also is a gift and will be joy in the morning."
James: "Yes my Lord."
Jesus: "How will you live?"
James: "I will live by your Light, by your Life, by your Hope, by your Truth, by your Friendship, by your Love, by your Joy, by your Glory. I will defy the evil spirits who tell me life is not worth living. I know life is from you as love is. I will live in your love.I will live by your grace. I can because you are God. I reject Satan and the evil spirits. Even in grief, I love life. I claim the blood of Christ."
Jesus: "Do this and you will enter into my kingdom."
James: "Amen."


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