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Friday, October 01, 2010

war on terror chortles

1. The much awaited 200th episode of South Park has been shelved by British television bosses over fears Muslims might use it as justification for a terrorist attack. The episode featured an animated version of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed. The decision was made after Muslims attempted to bomb Times Square when the episode was broadcast in the United States a few months ago. There has been no media commentary, either in newspapers or on televsision, about the decision by television bosses to appease Muslim terrorists by deliberately suppressing a cartoon. You couldn't make it up.
2. Yet another Al Qaeda panic sowing mission took place on a transatlantic flight from North America last week. A plane bound for Pakistan was diverted to Sweden after a Pakistani Al Qaeda agent told crew members that there was a bomb on board. This is now a standard tactic for Al Qaeda in seeking to spread disruption through commerical air travel while at the same time probing airline security procedures and response methodologies. Since panic sowing missions do not result in arrests, it is a no lose situation for Al Qaeda. Until we start arresting or shooting Al Qaeda agents on panic sowing missions, these incidents will continue to proliferate. Swedish police released the Al Qaeda agent without charge, insisting there was "insufficient evidence" to hold him. Hilarious no. Presumably they'd consider detaining him if he'd actually blown up the plane. But they've let him go without so much as a slap on the wrist. Must try harder next time, eh Swedes? You couldn't make it up.
3. The Muslim strategy of using spurious hate crimes laws to criminalise anyone who opposes the Muslim infiltration of Europe is gathering pace. The show trial of Dutch politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands resumed this week even as his political party was on the verge of entering government. The charges are trumped up and purely notional. But the smear is real enough. Mr Wilders has been resoundingly elected to the Dutch parliament, promising to end Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. The court case is merely an underhand ploy by shadowy unelected terrorist activists to circumvent the public mandate he has been given and to render his point of view unspeakable. The liberal leftists of the Dutch Judiciary and Parliament are also implicated in the manoeuvre. For as their own popular mandate wanes, they have forged an insane alliance with Muslims in order to prevent the will of the people being recognised. It will all end in tears. Or at the very least conflagration. The use of the courts to advance Islamist agendas was previously seen in Canada when Muslims sought to criminalise the commentator Mark Steyn with a similar show trial. As it happened Steyn cleaned their clocks. But the stakes were high. They came within an ace of rendering the publication of Mark Steyn's writings, an illegal act. Remember folks. If the Muslims, and their ad hoc partners the Liberal Left, can control what we say, they can control what we think. Such show trials are a comparatively recent phenomenon in the Netherlands. Previously Muslims in the Netherlands simply butchered politicians they didn't like (ie Prime Minister in waiting Pym Fortyn), or else ran them out of the country, (ie Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali). You couldn't make it up.
4. Muslim terrorist sympathisers in Britain have blocked access to The Heelers Diaries from libraries in the south of England. The website has also been blocked at Muslim run internet cafes on Grafton Street in Dublin. You couldn't make it up.
5. A Police Chief in Britain has apologised this evening to Muslim communities in Bermingham for daring to erect closed circuit television cameras in public areas near where they live. The cameras were erected because known terrorists were using safe houses in the area. And the Chief of Police has just issued an apology to the terrorists land ladies for spying on them. You couldn't make it up.


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