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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Eithne Kenny is dead.
She is the mother of Enda Kenny, a vacuous, vacant, vapid hairstyle of a man, who is also Ireland's Prime Minister and chief of the most anti Catholic government in Europe.
Enda Kenny is famous for lying most foully and egregiously to the Irish parliament when he claimed recently in a pathetic misplaced attempt to please the mob, that the Vatican had obstructed child abuse enquiries in Ireland.
Enda Kenny was unable to substantiate his false and malicious claim when challenged.
Enda Kenny finally issued a statement through a spokesperson asserting that he hadn't been talking about any specific case, merely representing the anger of the Irish people.
Yet he had told a very specific very bigoted lie.
Enda Kenny is head of the government which includes his Fine Gael party chairman Charlie Flanagan.
Charlie Flanagan recently called for the expulsion of the Vatican ambassador.
Enda Kenny is head of the government which last week closed down Ireland's embassy in the Vatican.
Enda Kenny is head of the government whose Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is pushing through Stalinist legislation to force priests to reveal to Alan Shatter what is said to them in the Confession Box.
Enda Kenny is head of the government whose Minister for Justice Alan Shatter instructed the Irish police force to investigate Father Kevin Reynolds after the Irish national broadcaster RTE attempted to ruin Father Reynolds by falsely accusing him of child abuse, child rape, and fathering a child with a child.
Alan Shatter has yet to instruct the police force to investigate the RTE personalities responsible for this attempt to murder Father Kevin Reynolds' reputation and that of his family and that of his church.
Enda Kenny is head of the government which under Education Minister Ruairi Quinn is attempting to seize Catholic Church run schools.
Enda Kenny is head of the government that a month ago permitted Irish pharmacies to begin disseminating abortion pills.
Enda Kenny has overseen the introduction of abortion in a pill to Ireland for the first time in our history.
Enda Kenny has acquiesced in the pharmacies distribution abortion pills to children, teenagers and adults.
Enda Kenny inherited his parliamentary seat from his own father who died in 1975.
Classy, eh.
Enda Kenny's mother will shortly enjoy a funeral service in a Catholic Church where tame traitor priests will eulogise her, while making no remarks whatsoever about the pious hypocrasy of the assembled congregation of atheists, whore masters, bigots, racists, stalinists and kleptocrats.
Afterwards the white washed sepulchres of Ireland's anti Catholic government will emerge from the Catholic Church where the funeral service has been held, congratulating themselves on how spiritual they are.
Little do they know how close they are... to the end.


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