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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

triumph of a man called piers

A few years ago, Mr Piers Morgan of 12 Snurdlingham Villas, engaged in a series of fascinatingly corrupt practices while editor of the British newspaper styling itself The Daily Mirror.
He used the business pages of his newspaper to advise the public to buy shares in companies quoted on the Brit stock exchange which he himself had already bought shares in.
He then sold his own shares in those same companies as the public lemmings pushed up the price for him on the strength of the stock tips he himself had placed in his own paper.
This was the most minor of Piers Morgan's serial corruptions.
Perhaps his most egregious and invidious action occurred at the height of the War On Terror, when he published photos he knew to be fake, depicting fakers posing as British soldiers urinating on other fakers posing as Iraqi prisoners.
These photos helped Al Qaeda no end in motivating the slavish Jihadi masses towards ever greater barbarity.
It doesn't end there.
Slowly but surely the full truth about Piers Morgan's arrant criminality is leaking out.
Now a British parliamentarian is claiming that Piers Morgan encouraged journalists at the Daily Mirror to hack into the phones of private citizens on a routine basis.
Piers Morgan's reward for all of this?
His reward for Economic Fraud, High Treason, and Spying on the Citizenry?
CNN has made him a prime time presenter on one of their anodyne viewerless flagshit programmes.
They shoot horses don't they.
These people really look after each other.
You gorra larf.


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