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Sunday, February 05, 2012

today they said

Mark Lyall (Brit ambassador to the UN): "The Putin regime is complicit in the massacres in Syria. We must conclude that Russia and China have chosen to turn their backs on the Arab world and are supporting tyranny."

James Healy: Well, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Michael Noonan: (Ireland's Minister for Finance): "Enda Kenny is a Catholic. In fact he's a better Catholic than me."

James Healy: "Ah yes. The Mick Noonan standard of Catholicism. Here is the news. Neither Finance Minister Michael Noonan nor Prime Minister Enda Kenny nor the invidiously irreligious government of which they are a part, can in any way or with any credibility claim to be Catholics. Except in the sense that they wish people who are Catholics to vote for Michael Noonan and Enda Kenny and the invidious irreligious government of which they are a part so that their atheistic collective which now governs us may maintain their sinecures as criminally incompentent and congenitally corrupt holders of high office in the Republic of Ireland. Both Michael Noonan and Enda Kenny are leading power brokers in the most blatently atheistic anti Catholic government ever seen in either Irish or contemporary Western European history. As far as I'm concerned, Michael Noonan's claims to religiosity may be refuted simply, solely, sincerely and completely by his own recent comments on the travails of super thief gangstah thug Sean Quinn and the ferociously corrupt Quinn family, to wit "I feel sorry for Sean Quinn." This was the same Sean Quinn, remember, whose corrupt receipt of multiple thousand million dollar loans from gangster financiers at Anglo Irish Bank enabled and facilitated staff and management at that same bank to continue robbing their own coffers through loans to themselves and to Quinn, the same loans, I'll have you know, which ultimately bankrupted the Irish nation when the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party compelled the citizenry to make good on the very funds Anglo staff had stolen from their own bank. Catholics indeed. The gangster Sean Quinn and his family were a key part of this conspiracy in that they used their corruptly obtained multi thousand million dollar loans from Anglo to prop up the share price of Anglo while corrupt kleptocratic gangster Fianna Fail government Minister the late Brian Lenihan (husband of Circuit Court Judge Patricia Ryan) was emptying the treasury for the next hundred years in order to bail out the gangster. And current Finance Minister Michael Noonan feels sorry for Sean Quinn. So no hope of anything you might call justice there. The Quinn family will remain at liberty. And they'll keep they money they've stolen. Michael Noonan is no Catholic. He's a Quinnalic. He worships thieves. As does Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Enda Kenny as leader of Fine Gael was recently elected Prime Minister of Ireland. Enda Kenny was elected, I think we all agree, to repudiate Fianna Fail kleptocracy. Here's what Enda Kenny has done in six months in office. Enda Kenny has continued to compel Irish citizens to pay thousands of millions of dollars to the collapsed Fianna Fail gangster combine formerly styled Anglo Irish Bank. Enda Kenny has gone one better. Enda Kenny has compelled the Irish people to take into public ownership a collapsed Fine Gael gangster combine styled Allied Irish Bank, and worth nought pounds. Enda Kenny has purchased his gangster pals' worthless bank on behalf of the nation for the rock bottom price of ten thousand million dollars. We should note that the worthless gangster bank styled Allied Irish includes on its board of directors one Lochlainn Quinn, a brother of Ireland's current Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn. Ruairi Quinn is a member of the antic Catholic Labour Party, coalition partners of the anti Catholic Fine Gael Party. This is the same Ruairi Quinn who is currently attempting to seize control of Catholic Secondary Schools. This is the same Ruairi Quinn who this week attempted to compel religious orders to hand over their assets purportedly so that he could disburse the money to supposed sex abuse victims. Ruairi Quinn's attempt to bankrupt religious orders comes at precisely the same time as the corrupt anti Catholic Fine Gael is refusing to pay any compensation whatsoever to the vast majority of victims of sex abuse who were violated in Health Board Care, State Schools, in sports clubs, and in family homes. Fine Gael is refusing to recognise and deliberately concealing the victimhood of the vast majority of those cases which the Irish Police Force, styling itelf An Garda Siochana, now admits to deliberately shelving after those cases had been reported to it. The notion devised by radical Marxian atheists lurking within the Judiciary and Parliament, that the Catholic Church must pay out vast sums of money to anyone who claims one of its employees abused them, why this notion is being applied only as a tool for bankrupting the Church. It is not being applied anywhere else. All victims are important apparently but some victims are more important than others. The notion that the institution must compensate anyone abused by its employees is not being applied across our society. It is not being applied to the State run institutions, hospitals, schools, and police divisions, where most abuse, and the most serious cases of abuse, and the most egregious cover ups of abuse have taken place. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister responsible for the ongoing cover up of all those sex abuse cases, the vast majority of them, which are of no use to the kulturkampf being waged by Enda Kenny and his supporters against the faith of our fathers. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who has facilitated Ruairi Quinn and the Labour Party's bigot war against the Catholic Church. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who has facilitated Fine Gael Minister Alan Shatter in his attempts to intrude via legistlation into the Catholic confession box. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister elogised daily in the most virulently anti Catholic newspapers in Europe, namely The bankrupt Irish Times and The  bankrupt Irish Independent. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who closed down the Vatican embassy. Enda Kenny is many things. Enda Kenny is a weak vacuous vapid hairstyle of a man. Enda Kenny is not now nor has he ever been, a Catholic or a Christian."

Vincent Brown (Marxist broadcaster and failed newspaper publisher): "The Irish government is throwing our money at banks that have ceased to exist. Using our money to pay gambling losses."

James Healy: "Good man Vincent. I say it here and it comes out there. Eh? By the way, who gave you money to run left wing anti Catholic newspapers for thirty years that never made a profit? What sort of banks were you up to your neck in? How does it work Vinny? Did corrupt banking practices just become opprobrious to you after your read the Heelers Diaries?"


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