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Saturday, July 21, 2012

the moral bankruptcy of ruairi quinn

An Irish government Minister Ruairi Quinn has claimed before journalists at a press conference this week that he was not attempting to bankrupt priests and nuns in their old age.
Ruairi Quinn was responding to claims on this website about his visits to ageing priests and nuns and his demands to them during these visits that they pay more money in compensation to any person claiming to have been sexually abused at any time by a member of their religious order.
No other Irish journalist has troubled to critique the Marxian atheist Ruairi Quinn's attempts to extort money from ageing priests and nuns.
So he read it here.
It's surprising how word gets around.
And hence his denial this week.
Now let's look at another compensation fund a little bit closer to Ruairi Quinn's Marxian atheistic heart.
A few months ago, the Irish government of which Ruairi Quinn is a part, bailed out the corrupt bankrupt gangster bank styling itself AIB.
Ruairi Quinn's brother Lochlainn is a board member at AIB.
So it's Ruairi Quinn's brother's bank.
And the Irish anti Catholic Fine Gael Labour Party government have just forced me and you to bail it out.
They've mortgaged my future, your future, the future of the general populace, and the future of the unborn generations, to bail out Ruairi Quinn's brother's bank.
Having done this, having bailed out this worthless entity, they then purchased, purchased no less, took into full ownership, yes purchased, Ruairi Quinn's brother's worthless corrupt gangster bank on behalf of the nation, purchased it using the nation's money, for the bargain basement fee of ten thousand million Euros.
Ten thousand million Euros for something that's worth nothing.
That is to say, the government of which Ruairi Quinn is a part, spent ten thousand million Euros which they borrowed against the rest of us, to purchase Ruairi Quinn's brother's worthless corrupt gangster bank, paying precisely ten thousand million Euros for it more than it was worth.
Well Marxian atheists have destroyed countries before.
And fascist gangster bankers have destroyed countries before.
But it took Ruairi Quinn and his brother Lochlainn to create the grand alliance between Marxian atheists and fascist bankers.
How much of Ireland do you think will survive them?
I have another point I'd like to make.
Since Ruairi Quinn has been strong arming ageing priests and nuns to pay what he considers is their share of the vast sums of money being given to anyone who claims to have been abused by a priest or nun, presumably Ruairi Quinn will also have been equally concerned to ensure that the multi millionaire Lochlain Quinn and members of his Quinn family entourage, will divvie up something to go towards the squandering of public money on the purchase of Ruairi Quinn's brother's bank.
Exactly how much have Marxian atheist government Minister Ruairi Quinn and his multi millionaire banker brother Lochlainn, exactly how much have these two opprobriously wealthy and piously hypocritical characters, put towards the insane price that Ruairi Quinn's government have forced the general public to pay in order to buy Lochlainn Quinn's utterly worthless AIB?
I'll tell you.
They've given nothing.
One other thing.
While Ruari Quinn and his political acolytes have made much about their noble extortion of buckets of cash from ageing priests and nuns in order to lavish benefits on anyone who claims to have been abused by a priest or a nun, while indulging in this pogrom against Catholocism based on a contrived presumption of group guilt, while pursuing this malign and falsely motivated vendetta, I say, this same Ruairi Quinn and his cadre of atheistic Marxists and their media allies, have ignored the 99.99 percent of sex abuse victims who WERE NOT abused by Catholics.
In fact just this week, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Ireland, informed a woman who had been abused as a child, by a teacher at an independent school overseen by State inspectors and licenced to practice by the State, that the State would not be obliged to pay her any compensation at all for the abuse she suffered.
The teacher had abused her when she was eight years old.
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Ireland actually ruled that she would remain entirely uncompensated.
Apparently since her abuser wasn't a priest, the abuse didn't count.
Government Ministers in the former Fianna Fail government had insisted that compensating such victims, ie the vast majority of victims who were and are abused in State care, would bankrupt the nation. (They mean "bankrupt the nation again," since Fianna Fail and later Fine Gael and the Labour Party have already bankrupted it to rescue their brother's bankrupt banks.)
Let me try to sum this up in a single sentence.
The collective guilt that Marxian atheist Ruairi Quinn, and his Fine Gael Labour Party combo government, and the Supreme Court itself, (packed as it is with anti Catholic atheistic Marxian political appointees), the collective guilt that these political hoor masters have contrived and reserved for the Catholic Church whenever a Catholic Church employee commits abuse or is accused of absue, this guilt is apparently not going to be consistently applied to the institutions of State in which the vast preponderance of sex abuse victims were violated and in which the worst cases of sex abuse arose and continue to arise at the hands of non Catholic people.
The little vein on my forehead is throbbing.
In response to this blog, Ruairi Quinn stated this week that he wasn't trying to bankrupt ageing priests and nuns.
He added that the ageing priests and nuns possessed other assets aside from the accumulated wealth of their Religious Orders.
He was referring to the hospitals and schools that the Catholic Church has established and run in Ireland for 1500 without any compensation.
The hospitals and schools where priests and nuns worked for no wages to provide health care and education to the Irish peasantry while our governments or whatever passed for governments were busy elsewhere.
These hospitals and  schools are assets as far as the atheistic Marxist Ruairi Quinn is concerned.
And he wants to get his hands on them.
Ruairi Quinn I know you're reading this.
No one gets away with it forever Quinn.
Someday you will have to give an account of your actions to a higher court.
No not the High Court Quinn.
I know that's been packed with your supporters.
To God Quinn.
You will have to answer to God for what you are doing to his Church in Ireland.
I would counsel you to put your house in order before then.
Oh and by the way.
You're starting to annoy me.


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