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Saturday, September 08, 2012

watching the defectives

Postulations re fake celebrity fake scandals.

1. The car crash last week in Los Angeles involving British celebrity Cheryl Cole and the American pop singer who styles himself William (Just William, nothing else) was staged to gain free publicity for the duo in the idiot bankrupt newspapers of the free world.

2. British actor Hugh Grant's arrest in the company of a prostitute in Los Angeles a few years ago was similarly staged to gain free headlines all over the world.

3. American comedian Eddie Murphy's arrest with a transvestite male prostitute in Los Angeles a few years ago was staged for the same reason as Hugh Grant's arrest in an attempt to gain free publicity and revitalise Eddie Murphy's career.

4. Any argument, GBH, mass murder, or sexual pecadillo concerning impressario Simon Cowell has been staged to promote his TV talent shows.

5. Anything at all involving Mel Gibson (including his arrest in Los Angeles for drunk driving) is probably for real.


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