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Monday, October 22, 2012

watching the defectives

The bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper group continues its new and ever more surrealistic corporate strategy wherewith it seeks to reinvent itself as a newspaper in good standing with the ancient, beautiful and true Catholic Church.
After forty years championing the most bigoted atheistic whoredom (Hedonism surely? - Ed note), it's all change at Tony O'Reilly's dessicated rag.
So this is how they're going to play it.
The abortion age, the kulturkampf against the Church, the sex age, rise of the rackateers, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael Labour Party kleptocracy, none of it had a cause.
Ireland's is burning.
And now the Irish Independent wants to pretend to be Catholic.
I am disinclined to allow them to get away with it.
Of course among the three (Twee surely? - Ed note) faux pro Catholic articles the Irish Independent now publishes daily, it also always publishes an exculpatory article, ie one designed to maintain its own credibility for its previous malignly anti Catholic stance through self congratulatory quotations from some fake Catholic who is willing to sign up for such propaganda work.
These exculpatory articles are meant to allay the inherent contradictions in Independent Newspapers new strategy of posing Catholic.
The contradictions would become untenable if Independent Newspapers had any reader with a memory span of more than five minutes.
Today's edition carried a splash of stories designed to promulgate the above mentioned utterly false notion that Independent Newspapers is now favourably disposed to our eternal glorious and perfect religion.
Firstly there was the exculpatory article, to remind us falsely that the Irish Independent had only reluctantly tried to sneer the Church out of existence in past, a double bluff story featuring former Irish President kleptocratic Fianna Fail socialist Mary MacAleese feigning Catholicism while reiterating the old Irish Independent inuendos alleging falsely prissily wearisomely and with pious zealous cretinous malignancy that the Church covered up child abuse.
It never gets old does it, Independent Newspapers?
I call the MacAleese Independent Newspapers accusation against the Church re its handling of sex abuse cases, false, cretinous, and malign, because the truth is that sex abuse has exploded across Ireland and the world and that the vast preponderance of cases (the cases abjectly concealed and ignored, by MacAleese and her leftist media allies) occur outside the Church and without any Catholic component.
So MacAleese is still showboating, still claiming to be Catholic, still providing Independent Newspapers with plausible deniability so that Independent Newspapers can conceal its culture war against the Church.
This in spite of the fact that 99.99 percent of sex abuse occurs without the involvement of any Catholic and is covered up by the media (who don't report the statistic or the fact), by the Judiciary (which facilitated Judge Brian Curtin with an early retirement and an acquittal after Judge Brian Curtin was caught paying to see children raped on the internet) , by the Health Boards (in whose care at least a dozen Irish children die mysteriously every year) and by our government (which has recently closed the Vatican Embassy and which same Irish government is refusing to compensate the vast majority of sex abuse victims who were abused in State Care claiming that if they give compensation to the vast majority of child abuse victims then Ireland will simply go bust. (Againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.)
Hilariously, the above mentioned Irish Health Boards (famous for killing twelve kids a year, and at least 200 kids every ten years, pattycake government enquiries notwithstanding), yes those same murderous atheistic Irish Health Boards are commissioned by our government to draw up audits, official critiques no less, of the Catholic Church's policy's regarding interaction with children.
You couldn't make it up.
Ah yes.
Sex abuse victims are important to Mary MacAleese, the Irish Independent, the Health Boards and the government of Ireland.
But some sex victims are more important than others.
That is to say, the only sex abuse victims who are important and who are entilted to any semblance of justice, are the tiny minority of sex abuse victims who can be used as part of a liberal leftist culture war against the Catholic Church, why they are the most important of all.
The rest can go hang as far as the great humanitarian socialist Mary MacAleese and her creeping mercantilist neo feudal allies at Independent Newspapers are concerned.
(Neo feudal because Independent Newspapers is owned by two robber barons, the dying Tony O'Reilly and the young thruster goverment bribing mobile phone thief Denis O'Brien.)
But I digress.
The article about Mary MacAleese in today's Irish Independent is not typical of the Irish Independent's risible attempts to reinvent itself as a credible participant in Ireland's Catholic culture.
But it is a part of the same corporate strategy.
In this article, the Irish Independent seeks to sell us on the notion that socialist atheistic anti Catholic bigots can be loyal Catholics too.
If a thieving gypsy northern radical Fianna Fail atheistic bitch like Mary MacAleese can call herself Catholic, then why not Independent Newspapers?
Personally I'm not buying.
Several other articles appear in the Irish Independent today which are aimed at allowing the Irish Independent to pose Catholic in a more mainstream way.
There's a pattycake article about the Pope nominating new saints.
There's a quite pleasant article about the clean up underway after flooding at the Lourdes shrine in France.
Journalist Mark O'Regan seems to be a little confused about the Catholic Church's formal stance on such shrines however.
He maintains while trying not to offend anyone in his insincere anodyne pattycake style (cf Irish government enquiries) that "Catholics believe the Virgin Mary appeared" at Lourdes.
Ah yes.
Spare some pity for the liberal atheistic journos at Independent Scruffpapers who are suddenly being told to write articles favourable to the church for the first time in forty years.
The incompetent bast--ds.
Here is the news.
Catholics are not required to believe that the Virgin Mary has ever appeared at any shrine, Lourdes included.
The ancient beautiful and true Catholic Church recommends some claims of apparitions as being worthy of belief.
But since the time of our Lord, (I am referring to the time on earth of the Son of the Hebrew God, not Tony O'Reilly) no apparition has been made an article of Catholic Faith.
The Catholic Church has never insisted that Catholics believe in any apparition.
Some do believe.
Some keep an open mind.
Some think the apparitions are not genuine.
None of us are quarelling with the Church when we hold such views.
Another supposedly pro Catholic article, appears on page 21 of today's Irish Independent.
It is posited below an article on same sex marriage.
The reason it is hidden away in such a location, is because the article is about Father Oliver Brennan who two years ago was falsely accused of child abuse.
The blatent attempt by scoundrels to frame an innocent Catholic priest using fake allegations of child abuse doesn't exactly fit with the conventional Independent Newspapers narrative on such matters.
Father Brennan has been restored to ministry.
His name has been in every newspaper in Ireland but his reputation is untarnished.
I supposed page 21 was the best this scruff newspaper could do.
After all the cover was needed to print yet another photo of Ireland's vacuous vapid anti Catholic of a hairstyle of a Prime Minister Enda Kenny along with a splash piece claiming the German Chancellor holds him in high regard.
No room to trumpet the exoneration of Father Brennan.
No room to point out that sometimes thugs and scoundrels read the Irish Independent and decide there is money to be made accusing Catholic Priests of child abuse.
No room for the truth.
Best to hide it on page 21.
As for Enda Kenny.
There are three photos of the anti Catholic Irish Prime Minister in today's anti Catholic Irish Independent.
They are spread throughout the paper.
The first on the cover, the second accompanying an interior two page splash about Enda Kenny, the third on the letters page, in case we'd forgotten what he looked like.
Why does the Irish Independent print photos of anti Catholic Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny every day?
Here's why.
The Irish Independent admits to debts apporaching a billion dollards.
The real figure will be much much higher.
Prime Minister Enda Kenny has recently nationalised every bank in Ireland.
Since he's running the banks, Independent Newspapers has devised a strategy of every closer links with him.
The idea is, that with anti Catholic Prime Minister Enda Kenny in charge, the banks will never call in the billion dollar debt that bankrupt anti Catholic Independent Newspapers owes them.
Instead, we the people will pick up the tab.
We the people will keep career thieves like Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien in BMW's for themselves, their wives, mistresses, sons, daughters and their cat Tiddles for the rest of their misbegotten lives.
It is time to put at stop to this.


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