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Saturday, December 22, 2012

it was a couple of days before christmas

Paying for my coffee in the Tearman Cafe in Kilcullen.
"That's on the house," says Josephine the manageress, refusing to accept my social welfare cash.
"It's a Christmas miracle," I exclaim.
"Here's another one," quoth she warmly, "have a free Irish Times on us."
"That abortionist anti Catholic rag?" sez me. "That's more like a Christmas curse."
"No," cries Josephine with a smile, "it would be a curse if I gave you a Leinster Leader."
Mildly bemused I exited the shop.
Not for the first time I was struck by the odd harmonies of mystery and fate and comicality that chime with insistent yet melodious optimism over the winter of my discontent.


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