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Friday, December 07, 2012

it's only rock and roll

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
I discover an all music channel called MTV.
How quaint.
Here's larks, thinks I.
The channel is playing a music video from the 1980's by a group called Survivor. I knew them Horatio. This was their biggest hit. The theme tune to the film Rocky Three. Its title is Eye Of The Tiger. Even now it seems oddly presicient to my wounded spirit.
Lead singer Seamus Guevara sings;

"Rising up
Back on the street
Got a thirty year old Chinese trophy wife
Got a corrupt corporate monopoly
Shut down the News Of The World
But now I'm back on my feet
Just an 87 year old robber baron with a will to survive

Because it's the Eye Of The Murdocks
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up from the challenge of our rivals
It's libelling Jimmy Savile
To distract from the Leveson Enquiry
Or paying paparazzi to photograph Princess Diana dying in a car crash
(After they ran her off the road)
It's vomitous
It's evil
It's vile
Eye of the Murdocks

ner ner ner
ner ner nernnnnn

Face to face
I'm Number One
I own the Times of London
Sky News, Fox and the Sun
Bought them all with loans from idiot gangster banks
I'm just a thief with the will to survive

Because it's the Eye Of The Murdocks
It's subverting the police
Or having Rebecca Wade bed the British Prime Minister
It's hacking into murdered school girls' mobile phones
And blackmailing elected MP's
To put a News Corp sign above Westminster

Because you know there is absolutely nothing we won't do
Eye Of The Murdocks

Ner ner ner
Ner ner nerrrnnnnn

Eye Of The Murdocks

Ner ner ner
Ner ner ner
Ner ner nerrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnn

Eye Of The Murdocks

Ner ner ner
Ner ner ner
Ner ner nernnnnnn"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rebecca Wade didn't bed the British Prime Minister. She just gave him the use of her horse.
Avid Fan

4:22 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

Is that what you young people are calling it nowadays. Well I never. Well hardly ever.

4:23 PM  

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